Twist of Fate Saturday 17 April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Saturday 17 April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Saturday 17 April 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Saturday 17th April 2021 Update, Ranbir talking to a goon. Goon tells that he has to surrender due to some reasons. He tells that he doesn’t enjoy stealing as everyone has a CCTV camera now. He says you have good drugs business and asks him to do a partnership with him. Ranbir says I work alone and don’t work with partners. Goon tells that he reads faces and knows that he didn’t keep drugs. Rhea comes there.

Ranbir tells goon that his girlfriend came here. Rhea scolds Ranbir for getting arresting and asks why the hell did they do it. Ranbir says I know, but. Rhea says you are here and Prachi is out. She says you didn’t think about me, your family, and took the blame on yourself. She says I don’t want to see your face and goes. Goon looks at her. Ranbir tells that she loves him very much and that’s why reacting so much. He says what she will do when she becomes a full girlfriend and says he loves her.

Vikram and Abhi come to the security in charge’s house. Security in charge says this is your house. Vikram asks him to keep on his name then. He asks about the CCTV camera in their camera. Abhi asks did you see someone doing something being CCTV in charge. Security in charge says he didn’t see. Abhi says how can this happen. Vikram says so much happened and you didn’t know. He asks him to give water. Security in charge goes inside to get water. Abhi looks at the photo frame on the wall and sees Nishant in it. Security in-charge Ashok brings water. Abhi asks who is he? Ashok says he…and runs out of the house. Abhi runs behind him.


Pragya telling Shahana that she doubts Nishant and asks her to bring a Taxi. Shahana brings Taxi. Pragya hits Nishant on his head and takes him in the taxi. Aaliya sees Suwarni Dasi’s jewelry with Rhea and asks her. Rhea says it is not like that. Aaliya asks her to tell the truth, either it is good or bad. Pragya takes Nishant to her house. Prachi asks him why did he keep drugs in her bag. Nishant says I don’t know you. Prachi says we have seen you many times, giving money to the watchman.

Sarita behen says your name shall be Vish. He asks, how many ladies are here? He gets scared of seeing them. Sarita behen threatens him showing the knife and says they will cut the hand veins. Nishant says I am innocent and asks them not to harm him. Pragya says my daughter is innocent. They are holding knives and ask him to commit suicide. Sarita behen goes to bring something. Pragya gives him the last chance and says if you don’t tell then I will kill you. Nishant agrees to tell the truth.

Abhi reaches somewhere following Ashok and comes to the place where he is hiding. He catches Ashok. Aaliya asks Rhea why did she steal Dasi’s necklace? Rhea says I already took all money from Dad’s room. Aaliya says this is unacceptable and asks what was the need? Rhea hugs her and says I hate Prachi. Aaliya asks if she is blackmailing you and says she is in jail. Rhea says she sent her to jail and says I made her understand, but she is not understanding and gifted brooch to Dad. She says now she is trying to get close to Ranbir also, and I have decided to throw her out of our lives. She says she took Nish’s help and he deals with drugs. She says she did what her friends asked her to do.

Twist of Fate Saturday 17 April 2021 Update Zee World:  Aaliya asks then why do you need money for drugs. Rhea says my friends gave already. She says Nish blackmailed her and asked for 5 lakhs and then 7 lakhs. Aaliya says you shall not have friendship with such people and says Bhai will take out Prachi somehow and if he comes to know about you then..She asks her not to do anything and says I will do something. Rhea says Ranbir is in jail now. Aaliya says I was away from home for 2 days and this has happened. Aryan hears her and claps. He says Prachi and Ranbir are suffering because of you. He leaves. Aaliya fears that he will tell Police.

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Abhi asks Shukla about Nish. Shukla says he doesn’t know. Pragya asks Nishant did they keep drugs in Prachi’s bag or not. Nishant says yes. She asks Prachi to make a video and tells them that they have to open the rope else it will be proved that they have threatened him. She asks Shahana to stand at the door. Nishant confesses to having kept drugs in Prachi’s bag and telling that both Prachi and Ranbir are innocent. Prachi sends the video to everyone. She says they will take him to the Police station.


Twist of Fate Saturday 17 April

to his crime. Shukla runs away. Abhi catches him again. He asks Vikram to give his belt. Vikram gives his belt. Shukla says my belt is not loose. Abhi asks him to tie his hands and feet with the belts.

Another Inspector comes to the Police station. Inspector Vishal receives the video sent by Pragya and tells them that she caught the culprit. Beeji and Pallavi come there with Aryan and scold Inspector to arresting their little and innocent son. Inspector says Ranbir surrendered himself and assures that Prachi’s mum has caught the culprit and once she brings him here, we will leave Ranbir.

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Pragya is taking Nishant in the taxi with Prachi and Shahana. Driver says he is looking at Bechara. Pragya says he is not Bechara and asks him to take him home. Abhi tells Ashok that he would have stopped Nishant from doing wrong. Ashok says he didn’t know. Abhi says this matter is not about money, but about Prachi. Ashok thinks if he comes to know that Nishant blackmailed Rhea then he will kill me. Abhi sees Nishant in Taxi and looks on.

Pragya comes to meet the Principal. The principal asks do we have an appointment and says he doesn’t meet without an appointment. Pragya says there is so much written on the notice board, but nothing is followed. She scolds the Principal and says your college is prestigious as the students who come here are prestigious. He says you are upset as I rusticated her. Pragya says Prachi is not guilty and Police freed her. She asks him to take her back to college. The principal says he can’t take her back immediately. Pragya says why did you take immediate action then and rusticated her. She says I will file a case against you for rusticating her again and again and then getting her back to college. The principal says I will fix it. Nishant comes there. Pragya looks at him.

Twist of Fate Saturday 17 April 2021 Update Zee World: Abhi and Vikram sit in the car to follow Shukla. Abhi says I am with Prachi and will catch Ashok. Ranbir is having a good time with the thief and laughing. Prachi comes there. Ranbir says why did you come? Prachi says she came to talk but doesn’t know what to talk about. He asks her to go home and think. Prachi says she wants to say. Ranbir says he made an amazing friend Jagga here and tells Jagga that she is not image-conscious. Prachi asks if he is upset with her. Ranbir says he is upset as she is dumb. Prachi cries. He says you are very smart in the world. Prachi says sorry and tells that you never sat in the taxi and is here now. She blames herself. Ranbir says I made a friend here. He says this doesn’t happen due to her and tells them that he is inside for chief. Prachi says even if you have done this for chief and says she will help him. He says I don’t need your help and says I did this for chief. She says sorry for misunderstanding him and thanks to him. He says I accept your thanks but don’t forgive you for your thanks.

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Nishant gives a file to the Principal and is leaving. Pragya calls him and tells the Principal that he can’t see the bad students. She asks can I ask him something. Nishant gets worried and thinks if she will ask about Rhea. Pragya shows Prachi’s pic and asks do you know her? Nishant says no, I didn’t see her. The principal says how can you say that her news on TV since 2 days and she is the best student. Pragya says he might not have seen the news. Nishant goes from there. The principal apologizes to Pragya. Shahana asks what happened? Pragya says something is going to happen.

Vikram asks Abhi not to drive fast. Abhi says I will ask Ranbir to drive the car. He speeds the car, but it stops on the traffic signal. Abhi gets down from the car and before he could reach the car, Ashok escapes in a car. Abhi runs on the road.

Ranbir asks her to go home and says they will talk later. He says I am saying this after thinking something and asks her to go. Prachi leaves. Goon says you said that the first girl was your girlfriend, but this girl is looking at your girlfriend, you were behaving as her boyfriend. Ranbir says there is nothing between us. Goon asks are you sure?



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