Twist of Fate Monday 5th April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Monday 5th April 2021 Update Zee World
Twist of Fate Monday 5th April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Monday 5th April 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Monday 5 April 2021 Update, Prachi calling Pragya and thinks why she is not picking the call. She thinks her folder is with her. Mitali calls Rhea and tells Meera that she went following Prachi. Meera gets tensed and asks where did she go? Mitali says she will come and says she is not a kid. Meera says she went following Prachi and that means she is up to something.

Mitali says she is grown up now and knows that the event is organized by her father. Meera says she will do something and says it is her mistake to give her much liberty. Aaliya comes there and says if she becomes strict then the kids will rebel. She says you don’t have the kid nor you have the experience of upbringing the child and says she has a kid and is experienced also. She taunts Meera. Meera cries. Mitali takes her with her.

Rohit appreciates the security in-charge Sudhir for the idea. Pragya says she will not kill CM. Sudhir says he is the security head and will search about her family here and will kill them. Pragya says she don’t know how to shoot. Rohit threatens her and asks her to just aim and shoot CM. Sudhir calls security staff and asks them to shoot the lady’s husband and daughter. Pragya agrees to shoot CM.

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Rohit takes Pragya out. Rhea is going behind Prachi and thinks of Dimpy’s words. Prachi thinks someone is following her and turns to look back. She collides with Disha and sees her name on her file. She asks if she is from Media. Disha says I instruct my team what to do. Prachi apologizes to Disha repeatedly. Disha says if you apologize to anyone then the person will think you are guilty. Rohit takes Pragya out and tells her that if she doesn’t kill CM then he will kill her and her family. Ranbir tells that he is searching Bharti as CM asked. Rohit says he will send Bharti. Ranbir says your daughter is there. Pragya asks him to go fearing Rohit will shoot him.


Mitali asks Meera not to feel bad about Aaliya’s words and says she made all of us scared even though the house is run by Abhi. She says Aaliya loves Rhea more than her own son and says if you show more love for her, then she will get angrier. She tells her that Purab lost Disha due to Aaliya and Abhi lost Pragya. Meera asks why you are telling me this. Mitali says Aaliya loves Abhi and Rhea whom you love too.

Twist of Fate Monday 5th April 2021 Update Zee World: Purab comes to the event. Abhi says I thought you will not come. Purab says I saw your performance, even now same magic. Abhi asks why didn’t you meet me. Purab says you was busy and was attending guests. Abhi asks him to come and says he will make him meet the guests. Sudhir tells the goons in commandos uniform to stand with Pragya and she will shoot CM. The commandos says ok boss. Pragya is very worried. Abhi makes Purab introduced to CM and says he has a big hand behind him. The commandos come and stand in front of Pragya. The cameraman gives earphone to Pragya. Sudhir asks her to shoot CM when he counts 10. Pragya is tensed.

Meera says I can’t do anything if Aaliya has a problem with me. She says I regard Rhea as my daughter and says nobody teaches her bad things infront of me even if she is Aaliya. Mitali asks why you are thinking to fight with Aaliya. Meera says I will fight and win also. Aaliya hears them and tells that Rhea didn’t do any crime. She says but you think otherwise. She says I have changed your dressing sense, but couldn’t change your mentality and says Rhea’s class is high and asks her not to tell or teach her anything. She says Rhea’s dad and I are there to handle her and tells Mitali not to forget that Meera is not a family member but works for us. She asks her to be wise with her words.

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Sudhir asks if she saw CM. Rohit asks her not to cut the call else how she will hear the counting. Sudhir starts the countdown. CM tells Abhi that just like he has Purab and Vikram in his life, she has Rohit and he is her big support behind her becoming CM. She says I trust him blindly and he made me CM. She says if he asks me to leave CM’s chair then I will leave it, if he asks me to leave this world then I will leave. She says I am going to announce after the speech that I am retiring and the next CM will be Rohit. Rohit is shocked. Sudhir is counting the countdown. CM says I want to give this news to you on your birthday, but today I got emotional. She says I talked to party workers to make you CM and they all agreed. She asks him to make her rest now. Rohit excuses himself. Sudhir is counting the countdown.



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