Twist of fate Monday 30 November 2020 Update Zee World

Twist of fate Monday 30 November 2020 Update
Twist of fate Monday 30 November 2020 Update

Twist of fate Monday 30th November 2020 Update: On Twist of fate Monday 30 November 2020 Update, Pragya making Sarla having a soup. Sarla thinks she couldn’t tell the secret to Pragya and asks God to do something. Pragya makes her drink soup. Abhi comes and says she shall see me get well fine. Sarla smiles. Abhi says she means I am right. Pragya says you are mistaken. Abhi says at least I can make her laugh, it is laughter therapy. He says he can make her dance too with his song. Pragya asks him not to experiment on her mum. Abhi asks her to get up and says he will take care of Sarla. He makes Sarla have soup. Sarla thinks my Pragya is in front of you, truth is also in front of you, understand the truth and accept my daughter.

Abhi recalls Sarla giving his hand in Pragya’s hand. He tells her that he needs her answer and asks her to blink her eyes if it is yes. He asks her about giving Pragya’s hand in his hand. Pragya tries to interfere, Abhi asks her not to interfere between a mum and a son. He asks do you want me to accept Pragya and not to marry Tanu. Sarla thinks what she shall do? Abhi asks her to give him a sign, blink her eyes, and he will find the reason.

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He asks her to say. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya says she didn’t say yes, but she is feeling sleepy. Abhi asks her to give some sign. Pragya says her condition is not right and asks him not to force on her mind. Abhi says sorry and goes.

He thinks how can I give her stress knowing her condition. He thinks if anything happens to her again then. Purab comes and tells Abhi about Sarla’s bills. Abhi tells him that he doesn’t have money as Pragya is having his money. He tells that he is upset, and says Dadi is crying and Sarla is unwell. Purab thinks to meet Dadi. Pragya cries and tells Sarla that they can’t tell anything to Abhi and troubled him. She tells her that they couldn’t find about Tanu’s boyfriend as there were many goons there. Sarla thinks how to tell her that Tanu and Nikhil had kidnapped her. Pragya tells she will blackmail Tanu again and when she gets exposed then you can give my hand in his hand. Purab comes and asks why Abhi is tensed, and Maa is crying. He says he can’t see tears in Sarla’s eyes and says he will take her to his house. Pragya tells him that Sarla gave her hand in Abhi’s hand before fainting and that’s why Abhi is tensed. She says Abhi questioned Sarla and was pressurizing on her mind, but I couldn’t let Sarla sign him anything. Janki comes and talks to her. She jokes with her and says I brought your house papers and will get your thumb impression on those papers. Purab and Pragya smile.

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Someone knocks on the door. Aaliya asks who is there? She opens the door and finds Mitali. Aaliya asks why she didn’t tell when she asked? Mitali tells her whatever had happened with her, and says she needs support. Aaliya thinks she needs a puppet to execute her plan and asks her to sit. She says I can understand your problem, and says you have helped me always. She says I will help you. Mitali thanks her, and asks what shall I do for you. Aaliya asks her to make tea so that she can think about her life. Mitali agrees. Tanu comes to Sarla’s room and taunts her. She says I forgot that you can just hear and can’t say anything.

She says you must be feeling relieved on this soft mattress, and says your life is retired now. She says your nerves can burst if you get stressed. She says you tried to save yourself but got under the car wheels. She says you couldn’t save yourself, then how can you expose me. She says your heart talks will remain in your heart only. She asks if she needs anything, water. She says she is thinking about what to add sugar or poison. Just then Pragya comes to room and sees Sarla scared. She thinks Sarla wants to tell her something. Sarla signs her towards Tanu. Pragya is shocked.

The episode continued on Twist of fate Monday 30 November 2020 Update as Abhi thinking about his conversation with Sarla. Later Pragya thinks how to find out what Sarla sign her. She thinks to enquire and calls Tanu. Tanu thinks to torture Sarla daily and one day she will die. Pragya calls Tanu as a watchman and says I thought to call you to know about your well being. Tanu gets angry and threatens him. Pragya says will you kidnap me like Pragya’s mum. Tanu says yes, and says they have kidnapped Sarla as she saw her and her boyfriend and knew the truth. Pragya is shocked and says he is cancelling the deal with her and will deal with someone else within her family. Tanu thinks she has to do something to this watchman. Pragya feels bad and thinks she shouldn’t have agreed to Purab sayings. Tanu thinks to stop the watchman, the same way she dealt with Sarla.

She is about to go but sees Pragya. Pragya asks why she is tensed? Tanu says nothing. They have a heated argument. Tanu says she has caught small fishes till now and should have targetted her. She says she don’t want to see her in the house after marriage. Pragya reminds her that she brought her inside the house when her house was burnt and says she can kick her as well. Tanu says you have to leave the house soon and will be servant soon. Pragya says time will tell who will leave the house. She thinks her heart is asking her to expose Tanu, but she won’t have the proofs. Tanu thinks she has to do something to blackmailer else he might sell proofs to Pragya. Pragya asks her not to get stress, else she will deliver a baby before marriage, and then she has to plan the baby’s naming ceremony. Tanu gets irked.

Raj brings gifts for everyone. Taya ji, Tayi ji, Rachna get happy. Mitali asks what did you bring for me. Raj asks about Aaliya? Taya ji says she is staying in the outhouse, and it is her decision. Raj thinks about Aaliya’s revengeful words. Taya ji asks Raj why he is not returning home in nights and asks him to return home. Raj says he wants Akash to spend time with his wife and says he is taking care of Akash’s work also. He says he will meet Aaliya and leave for a meeting.

Pragya thinks Sarla can’t speak, but she can sign me. She thinks to talk to her and get a clue. Abhi comes in front of her and says he needs to talk to her. Pragya says I need to talk to her, and know answers. Abhi says are you joking? Pragya says you will not understand and asks him to move. Abhi insists to talk to her. Pragya tells him that she needs to talk to Sarla urgently. Abhi gets upset and goes.

Pragya comes to Sarla’s room and asks Nurse if she gave injection to Sarla. Nurse says no. Pragya asks her to go and says she will sit with her. Sarla sees her tensed and gets worried. Pragya asks if she wants to say that Tanu is behind her kidnapping. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya says they have kidnapped you thinking you to be blackmailer. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks did you see who was with Tanu. She says have you seen her boyfriend and her baby’s father? Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks her not to try to speak? She asks did I meet him? Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks did he come to his house. Sarla blinks. Pragya says if he came here after my change of avatar. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya wonders who is he? She says I will show you photos of functions and blink eyes if she sees that person. She shows the photos on her mobile.

Abhi thinks Pragya talked to him rudely and thinks he will not talk to her. Pragya tells Sarla that she is feeling helpless and don’t know what to do? Sarla cries. Pragya asks her not to cry and says I know that you will tell me very soon about Tanu’s boyfriend. She asks her not to cry and sign her when he comes home. She asks her not to take tension. The nurse comes to give the injection. Pragya asks her to take rest. Pragya thinks who might be that person. She thinks maybe he is a producer, agent, ad maker etc, and decides to find out.

This is the end of Twist of fate Monday 30 November 2020 Update on zee world.

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