Twist of fate Monday 3 August 2020 Update On zee World.

Twist of fate Monday 3 August 2020 Update

This is the written episode of Twist of fate Monday 3 August 2020 Update On zee World.

On Twist of fate Monday 3rd August 2020 Update, Abhi hearing Daadi’s voice calling Pragya and getting nervous. He gets up from bed and tries to run when Daadi comes there and he hides behind pillar. Pragya sees Daadi and she also gets nervous. Daadi says she wants to speak to her. Pragya says she will speak to her after getting water from kitchen. She sees Abhi and asks where is he going. He says to kitchen. She says then why they both are going in opposite direction. He then says commissioner has come and wants to meet them.

They both go down and meet Commissioner. Commissioner tells he wants to catch kidnapper soon and asks who is it. They both say corporator. He asks if kidnapper shot Abhi. Pragya says he shot her, but Abhi came in between. Commissioner says they both love each other a lot. Daasi says they are made for each other. Abhi says commissioner he can understand now why he could not search them and says he wants corporator arrested in 2 days. Mitali gets tensed hearing this and prays god to save her.

Purab comes Abhi’s room and happily hugs him. Abhi writhes with bullet wound pain, but says he loved hugging him. Purab says he has thrown a party in his honor. Abhi says he will drink like anything today. Purab says he cannot drink and says he proved that when two people love each other, they will do anything to save each other. Abhi asks what does he mean. Purab asks to forget. Abhi starts his nervousness. Purab asks him to get ready and come down.

Twist of fate Monday 3 August 2020 Update : Sarla’s family get busy getting ready for party. Sarla subconsciously asks Purvi to get her red suit, gets sad thinking about Purvi’s mistake. Janaki asks her to forget Purvi. Sarla asks what will they tell Pragya. Bulbul says we will tell her when time permits but not now. Biji says Bulbul is right.

Party starts. Guest discussed that they heard Pragya saved Abhi’s life, Abhi is very lucky. Abhi enters wearing white suit with Pragya. Girls throng around him and request selfies. Tanu comes there. His old fan in a chirpy voice says she was worried about him and lost weight, now she will put on 4 kg in party. Tanu pushes him on chair and sits on his lap and says she was missing him and asks to come with her. Abhi old fan asks her to stay away from Abhi. Tanu says she is Abhi’s girlfriend. Fan says irked. she must be joking and says everyone knows Abhi is married.

Abhi says she is right. Tanu asks what does he mean. He asks her not to create a scene. She says go to hell and leaves. He says if she dies, how will he go to hell. Fan drags him to dance floor and starts dancing wit him on Darling aankhon se ankhon ko….song.. Tanu gets irked. Fan asks him to continue dancing. He says he got a bullet on his chest. She asks him to show it. Tanu drags fan from there and asks her not to come near Abhi.

Fan says when Abhi’s wife does not have any problem, why is she overacting. Pragya sees their fight and thinks fan took her words seriously. Tanu pushes fan on floor and fan leaves yelling at her. Pragya says she was tried to do this from a long time, but she did it instead of her.

Twist of fate Monday 3 August 2020 Update : Guest tells Daadi she is lucky to have a bahu like Pragya who saved Abhi. Pragya hears that and gets shy. Bulbul comes there and asks Abhi to tell what happened between them in jungle, during valentine’s day, holi day, etc. Abhi says he will tell her right now. Pragya gets nervous. Bulbul says he can tell in front of Pragya. Pragya runs from there. Purab says Prayga left.

Pragya hides behind curtain and thinks she came from there on time, else bulbul would have caught her. Bulbul shows Pragya to Abhi and asks him to go there. He asks why should he. She says she is asking to go and not hug Pragya. He says he has bullet wound and cannot walk. She says something is wrong with him. He says he is not and Pragya is his wife, so she will come if he signals. She asks to try. He loudly kisses and signals Pragya.


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