Twist of Fate Monday 27th September 2021 Zee World

Twist of Fate Monday 27th September 2021 Zee World

Twist of Fate Monday 27th September 2021 Zee World: On Twist of Fate Monday 27 September 2021, The Episode starts with Abhi whistling and walking past Pragya’s house. Pragya tries to look at Abhi, but couldn’t see him as the scarf flies and falls on his face. Pragya thinks she shall not think about him and thinks the detective will find out about him. She thinks tomorrow in the newspaper, Tanu and his pic will come. She waits for the morning. Tanu comes back home and asks Dadi if Abhi returned home. Dadi says no. Aaliya asks Tanu to talk to him like a wife sometimes. Tanu says he said that he will celebrate his birthday with his friends as he has no family. Dadi thinks he means Pragya. She asks Tanu to come to her and asks her to talk to him nicely and don’t taunt or curse him, being his wife. Abhi comes there and asks if everyone is waiting for him. He comes and hugs Dadi. He says all his friends went to their homes. Dadi asks him to sit and says today I have a surprise for you.

Abhi calls Tanu. Tanu asks him not to talk to her and says she is in bad mood. Dadi brings cake and sings happy birthday. She asks Abhi to cut the cake. Aaliya asks from where did you bring the cake? Abhi asks her to tell from where she got money? Tanu says she might have stolen from the kitchen. Abhi asks Tanu not to say this. Tai Ji says that Dadi saved her medicine money and brought this cake. She scolds Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya says from next month, medicines will not be brought for Dadi. Abhi says I will bring medicines for my Dadi.

Aaliya and Tanu ask him how he will earn money? Tanu says you take wine in exchange of money, where you work. Abhi says he returns for Dadi. Dadi says she wants them to stay together happily and says she trusts Abhi and knows that he will bring her medicine. Aaliya says let him feel bad, we have talked to him nicely. Tanu says what Abhi can give us? Abhi says I don’t want anyone’s love or sympathy, and says he has no interest to return home, he returns home for his Dadi. He goes out. Dadi says you people didn’t let him celebrate his birthday. She brings the cake out and asks him to cut the cake. Abhi is sleeping. Tanu comes there and takes the cake with her. Dadi thinks if Pragya would have been with him, then she would never have made love lessened for him.

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Pragya checks the newspapers and says there is no news about his birthday celebrations. She gets upset. Sushma tells her that Mr. Thappar is coming with his son and tells that this is the reason that she doesn’t want her to return to India. Pragya says I think that he is not in India. Sushma says if you want then we can postpone the meeting. Pragya says no. In the morning, Aaliya wakes up Abhi and tells them that they have no respect for this chawl because of him. Abhi asks her to go and fetch water. Dadi comes and sits with Abhi. She asks how is your mood? Abhi asks why are you asking? Dadi says everyone ate the cake without you and asks him to eat the cake and make her eat too. Abhi says you didn’t eat the cake and says it is fun to eat cake by birthday boy’s hand. He asks a neighbor Manoj to sing a birthday song for him, as he makes Dadi eat the cake. Dadi makes him eat too and asks how is it? Abhi says your medicine smell is coming in it and asks why do you love me so much? He says I don’t deserve anyone’s love. Dadi says my love is not selfish and asks him to come inside and have coffee. Pragya thinks she took morning coffee with her and left this wine, which is not leaving him. He takes her scarf and looks on.

Twist of Fate Monday 27th September 2021 Zee World: Prachi tells Ranbir that she has a meeting and will be going. Ranbir says I will make food for you. Prachi says that’s why I don’t make you get up. She says you do all my work. Ranbir says what did I do? Prachi says you gave me this house and loves me so much, that I don’t miss anything. She says this is my world and says you made me learn to be happy, love, etc. Ranbir says even you have taught me many things and says you have taught me how to think big standing on the ground. Prachi says you have left your home for me. Ranbir says I didn’t leave the family members, but the house where you were not respected.

He says you know how my family behaved with you, we just wanted their blessings. A FB is shown, Ranbir and Prachi touch Pallavi’s feet. Ranbir asks her to bless her. Pallavi says she couldn’t see her bahu here and tells that she can’t be her bahu, never. Ranbir says you can’t talk to her like this. Pallavi says I am not talking to her, if you want to stay with her then leave from here with her. Prachi asks Pallavi not to treat him like this. Pallavi ends her relation with Ranbir. Vikram says you have ruined us, and breaks his relation with him. Beeji asks what are you doing? Pallavi says we are giving your place to Siddharth and asks him to leave. Fb ends. Ranbir says he has no regrets. Prachi asks if I don’t deserve their blessings. Ranbir says I will bless you and blesses her. Someone knocks on the door. Prachi says Siddharth must have come.

The detective meets Pragya and tells them that either they have left India or something must have happened to them. Pragya says nothing can happen to Mehra and his family and says I will search for him myself. The detective thinks if he is so important to him, then he might be searching for her somewhere. Abhi misses Pragya and hopes to meet her. Pragya thinks he will be surprised and yearn to know how she stood alive.

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