Twist of Fate Monday 26th April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Monday 26th April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Monday 26th April 2021 Update zee world: On Twist of Fate Monday 26 April 2021, Mrs. Chaubey getting worried for Maya seeing the bloodstains and tells Dushyant. Dushyant asks them to say straight where is Maya? Mrs. Chaubey finds Maya unconscious behind the sofa. Dushyant says I know Ranbir has killed her, if he doesn’t come infront of me then I will not leave your family, I will kill them one by one. Ranbir says I am here and comes infront of him. Dushyant tries to attack Ranbir, but Aryan holds him. Dushyant says Maya wanted to marry you and you have killed her. He says we have recorded in our mobile when you said Maya that you will kill her.

He says Politics is in our blood and we know how to use the recording. He says we will get sympathy and my brother will win in the elections. Pragya says so you will take advantage of her death also. Dushyant says Maya told him that Ranbir is not marrying her because of Prachi and then I made the plan of fake murder to trap Prachi, we had decided to send Maya to our village and then will bring her back after the case ends. She would have given a statement that she left the city due to Ranbir’s rejection.

Maya says you are from a Political family, but you didn’t know that the court doesn’t accept recordings. Pragya says that is not needed as Dushyant has told it all. She says Ranbir is already accused of her murder and that’s why he can’t be arrested again. Vikram says you wanted to trap Prachi and Ranbir. Dushyant says he will prove that the body was of someone else and not of Maya, whom we had brought from the morgue. He says this dead body here is of Maya, and we have a voice recording of Ranbir’s confession, I will take breathe after he is hanged. Maya gets up alive shocking Bade Papa.

Mrs. Chaubey gets happy and says she is happy. Maya says you might be shocked that you can’t make your brother win in the elections. Dushyant says Ranbir had killed you. Maya says he didn’t kill me. Pragya says even we can do little planning and Ranbir and Maya had acted well. Meera says Ranbir ran after Maya. Vikram says you can’t figure out real acting. Beeji says this is the sauce and not blood.

Twist of Fate Monday 26th April 2021 Update Zee World: Aryan says we have made a fake murder plan in reply to your plan. Prachi says we have done this to save someone and you have done it to trap someone. Meera says we have done this for someone, Ranbir’s loves. Ranbir says he has done this for Chief who is in lock-up. Dushyant tells that they can’t lock them in lock-up for even a night, as they can’t prove that the dead body is not you. Ranbir says you have confessed with your mouth. Police come there and have heard everything. Maya says she did this for Ranbir. Mrs. Chaubey slaps her for risking their relations. Maya says I love Ranbir and have a responsibility towards him. Mrs. Chaubey asks if she can’t see how much Dushyant loves her and says he will go to jail because of her now. Police arrest Dushyant.

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Dushyant says they are lying? Police say but you said all the truth. Vikram comes to the police station. Abhi tells him that Aaliya was crying. Vikram says Constable will come and free you. Abhi says he gave me water just now. Aaliya says he said that Maya is alive and Dushyant is arrested by the Police. Vikram asks Constable to leave Abhi. Constable leaves Abhi. Vikram, Abhi and Aaliya are in the car.

Vikram tells Abhi that Prachi and her mom have exposed Dushyant. Abhi says they have saved me. Meera talks to Rhea and thinks to give her good news soon. Abhi says we are outside because of Prachi’s mom and tells her that he wants to thank her personally. Meera gets happy to talk to him. Pragya says she will leave now. Ranbir asks her to meet Chief and then leave. Pallavi asks them to stay back for some time. Sarita behen says she has to go to give thepla order to a vendor. She says he insists to marry a girl of my village, will return if we are not at home. Shahana says Mehra Sir will come soon. Pragya says we will leave.

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Meera says Mr. Mehra called and said that he wants to thank you personally. Pragya says it is not needed, I will come some other time. Beeji says he will not flirt with you seeing you. Pragya reminisces Abhi and gets emotional. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..Everyone smiles when Beeji tells that Mr. Mehra flirts with her. Meera says nobody can take his wife’s place in his life. Pragya says very few people are such who don’t let time and distance affect their relationship. They all ask Pragya to stop for some time. Shahana also asks Pragya to stay back for some time. Pragya says ok. Aryan hugs Ranbir. Ranbir asks him to keep his red gloves.

Aryan gets happy and hugs him. He then gives him gloves. Aryan asks what is the reason? Ranbir says when I was in a hotel, I realized you are my brother and I need you the most. Aryan says your sacrificing love was not there before. He says when Prachi arrested her, she also said that she has murdered and didn’t think about herself. She took the murder blame on herself. Ranbir says even I did the same. Aryan says that sacrificing nature is even there. Ranbir recalls her words that she will support him becoming a boat and will never let him fall. Song plays……tere bin ab na lenge dum…tujhe kitna chahne lage hum….Aryan says how Prachi has developed this feeling? Shahana teases Prachi taking Ranbir’s name. Prachi says tea will be boiled. Shahana says many more things will be boiled now. Prachi looks on.

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