Twist of fate Monday 21 September 2020 Update

Twist of fate Monday 21 September 2020 Update

Twist of fate Monday 21st September 2020 Update: On Twist of fate Monday 21 September 2020 Update, Pragya thinking about Dadi’s decision while going to a concert in the car. She thinks she can’t tell Abhi to talk to Dadi. Abhi thinks why did Pragya not come till now? He calls her, but the call remains unanswered. Aaliya thinks Abhi is tensed about Pragya and thinks to disturb him. She sends a message to him from a private number that Pragya met with an accident. Abhi thinks someone might have joked with him and thinks Pragya will come soon. Abhi is called for the performance. Abhi sings Tujhe Hai Toh Main Hun.

He is tensed and thinks if that message is genuine. He thinks if he shall continue with the concert or go and see Pragya. The goon along with others tell that the show is a waste of time and asks to return the money. They throw big stones on him hurting him.

Abhi sits down on the stage, taking all the stones on him.. Aaliya and Raj smirk. Pragya reaches there and sees people bombarding the things on him. She tries to stop the crowd, but when they didn’t stop she rushes to him. Aaliya throws a big stone on him, hitting on his chest. Pragya asks the guard to let her go as she is his wife. She goes on the stage and covers Abhi with a hug. The dupatta falls on his head, and they have an eye lock.

Saiyyara Re plays.

The episode continued on Twist of fate Monday 21 September 2020 Update, Later Pragya makes him sit and asks the organizer to enquire who brought the stones in the concert. The Organizer tells that Abhi stopped singing in the middle, and the crowd got hysterical. Pragya is surprised and says how can you be so careless? You could have gone to back-stage.

Abhi tells that he got her message and couldn’t perform on the stage. He thought that there is nothing left in his life, but now as she came back……..Kaisa Yeh Ishq plays.

Abhi says you know what I am talking about? Pragya reminds him that she will go from his life soon. Abhi promises to confess to him today in his heart. He puts her hand on his heart and asks her to feel. He says I love you in the heart. Pragya looks at him emotionally while the song continues to play. The Organizer tells that some of them are goons who were given money, and others are still angry.

Dadi watches the news that the crowd threw stones on Abhi at the concert and Pragya protecting him. Dadi tells Dasi that she is hopeful to see them together, and feels they love each other. Abhi comes on the stage and tells the crowd that he made them fools before. He says he never believed in love and thought that he will fool his fans with the romantic songs, but he never felt the love in the singing. He says he has a confession to make and says he is a loser. He says this evening is for the losers who want to ruin this evening like me. He sings Main Tenu Samjhawa Ji and confesses love in his song. Pragya gets emotional and looks on with teary eyes. He goes to her, hold her hand and takes on stage. He bends on his knees and proposes her while singing. All the fans enjoy the performance. They hold hands and dances. The fans get happy.

This is the end of Twist of fate Monday 21 September 2020 Update.

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