Twist Of Fate Monday 11 May 2020 Update on zee world

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Twist Of Fate Monday 11 May 2020 Update on zee world

The episode starts with Bulbul informing Pragya about Purab coming home and asks her to send him away before Abhi sees him. Pragya says she will and asks her to stop Abhi coming out. Bulbul starts blabbering with Abhi and engages him with her talks when he tries to go out repeatedly. Pragya says Purab that time has changed and asks him to forget Bulbul, says Sarla is ill and she cannont handle it.

Purab says he came to talk about her marriage with Abhi. Pragya says she married Abhi with her and Abhi’s consent and Abhi came her happily for the rituals. Purab says if Abhi is hear, then he will leave soon. Sarla sees him going and asks him to meet Abhi and go. Abhi on the other side goes out of the room saying he wants to gift his new album to her. Abhi comes out and hears Pragya and Purab’s talks that he wants to end all this.

Twist Of Fate Monday 11th May 2020 Update on zee world

He asks Purab if he came to meet him and says Pragya that since childhood, people say Purab as his shadow and says Purab that he should have been in rituals in his place. Purab asks what is he talking about. Abhi says if he came to meet a special person and if it is him, but he is not looking happy.

Sarla comes with tea and snacks. Abhi introduces Purab to Sarla and asks if she met him. Sarla says she met him on his reception day and never met before. Abhi thinks Pragya is so clever that she did not let him meet Sarla. Purab says he will leave now. Abhi says let him go as he handles a lot of different departments.

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Tanu calls Abhi and asks why did not call or come. Abhi says he is happy between Pragya’s family. Tanu asks if he really means that. Abhi says he is stuck there and will come there right now with his clothes. Sarla sees him going and asks him to finish rituals and go, he has to stay tonight as per the rituals. Abhi says he forgot to bring his clothes and does not feel comfortable with these clothes. Purbi says he can wear mamaji’s clothes. Abhi thinks mamaji’s clothes are too big but agrees on Purbi’s insistence. Mamaji jokes that he will not wash his clothes after Abhi wears it.

Twist Of Fate Monday 11 May 2020 Update

Twist Of Fate Monday 11th May 2020 Update

Bulbul and Pragya comes to a boutique to buy Abhi’s clothes. Pragya sees a tie and reminisces gifting a tie Abhi. Bulbul asks shopkeeper to show good clothes as she is buying it for rockstar Abhi. Suresh comes there and gives his opinion. Bulbul scolds him for interrupting and giving his lousy suggestion and asks him to finish his work and go from there. He sadly stands there and asks Pragya if she is happy. Pragya says howmany should she say that she is happy and her whole family is happy.

Twist Of Fate Monday 11 May 2020 Update on zee world

Once Bulbul and PRagya reach home, Purbi says jiju is looking very handsome and asks them to see Abhi. They start laughing seeing Abhi wearing Mamaji. Bullbul jokes that jiju is looking like a drum beater than rock star. Pragya wierdly looks at him and walks in while he tries to adjust his pant.

Purbi asks Pragya to ask Abhi to adjust today in their bed. Bulbul asks her how is Abhi. Pragya says he is wierd. Abhi comes there and says he wants to talk to Pragya. Bulbul says didi is badmouthing you. Abhi says he knows she must be telling that I am wierd and once Purbi and Bulbul go from there, he starts scolding Pragya. Pragya says she knows he wants to be somewhere else, but she cannot let him as her family will be sad. Abhi says she must be happy thinking of sharing bed with him. Pragya says she does not want to share even room with him.

abhi goes to terrace and sees daadi drinking alcohol. He asks her what is she drinking. Daadi says Sarla does not allow her to drink, so she is drinking hiding from her and says her last innings are going on and she wants to enjoy life. She asks what is he doing here at this time. Abhi says her grandaughter is very pakao/boring and then says she talks very less. Daadi says Pragya is very boring and does not laugh on her jokes. Abhi says he would have enjoyed whisky/beer.


Daadi gets happy hearing that and suggests him to have her desi daru/local liquor. Abhi drinks desi daru and asks daadi to give it to her daadi also. He comes down with stooped gait. Purbi and Bulbul asks him where is he going. Abhi says he wants to go to Pragya’s room and says he will gift them his album, says their daadi is rocking. Bulbul and Purbi run towards terrace and asks daaddi why did she give alcohol to Abhi. Daadi says he himself drank it. Bulbul asks she don’t now how will Pragya react. Daadi says he is a very nice kid and will handle Pragya well.

Abhi enters Pragya’s room and calls her chashmish/kishmish. Pragya asks why did he drink. He says he drank daadi’s cough syrup and says daadi is a rockstar. He says she is chasmish and her daadi is too good. He falls on bed and asks her to switch of lights. Pragya says it is not his house and to go and sleep on terrace if he wants to shout. Abhi gets up and asks what did she tell, whose house it is. He pins Pragya towards wall. Pragya asks him not to come near her, she will switch off lights.

inebriated Abhi pinning Pragya against wall and asking whose house is it. Aaliya asks him to go away and says she will switch of lights. Abhi imagines her as Tanu and tries to kiss her. Pragya pushes him. He realizes she is chashmish and says she looks like a horror film heroine. He removes her glasses and says lets see how she looks without glasses. He carefully looks at her and says she is not that bad, but to bear her, he needs cough syrup and asks her to tell Sarla to gift him different cough syrup in shagun/ritual. He wears her glasses and says she must be confused wearing it and thinking of Abhi, Purab, money.

He says let us see how the world looks from her window. He sees Suresh watching them from window and says he is the same person whose sister had an affair with Akash, why is he peeping like this, hope she closes windows while changing, else boys will say shame shame puppy shame. He says why is she still staring here and asks howmany friends she has in this area. He starts removing his clothes. Pragya says he cannot do this in her home. Abhi lifts his vest and shows it to Suresh, who gets shy and closes his window. He falls on bed and says her daadi is rockstar and falls asleep.

Rachna sees Suresh watching out from window and says she knows what is he looking at and says Pragya got a better guy than you, why did he want to marry Pragya as a sympanthy and insists who was that girl for whom he rejected Pragya. Suresh asks her to go and sleep and sleeps on his bed while she continues to insist.

Abhi wakes up with a hangover while Sarla’s whole family gather around her. Sarla asks if he is having hangover and what he needs. Daadi suggests her to give lemon water. Abhi requests to give him coffee. Pragya reminisces Daadi preparing coffee for him. Sarla scolds daadi for giving alcohol to Abhi. Abhi asks Sarla not to scold Daadi as she is his favourite now and says Daadi he will send scotch once he reaches home. Bulbul jokes daadi will start her wierd jokes drinking whiskey. Abhi asks her not to joke with daadi. Pragya brings him cofee. He drinks and thinks daadi has come and goes in search of her. Sarla thinks he is still inebriated. She says Pragya made this coffee. Abhi smiles and asks Pragya to pack up as they have to leave now.

Twist Of Fate Monday 11 May 2020 Update on zee world

Akash sees Rachna coming out of hospital and tries to talk to her. Rachna says she does not want to talk to him. He tries to hold her when ladies see that and start scolding Akash for misbehaving with a pregnant lady. Akash says he knows Rachna. Rachna rescues him saying he is the father of my child. Akash thinks Rachna still has feelings for her.

Abhi sees Purab’s pic in room and asks Pragya when Purab does not want to have any relationship with her, why she is still keeping his pic. He says she trapped Purab for money and then she trapped him, ruined Aaliya’s life. He says he will ruin her life now and will inform everything to her family and will see their reaction. Bulbul who comes there with gifts is shocked to hear their whole conversation.

Sarla comes there and asks why is she still standing outside door and enters in. She gifts Abhi/Pragya her gifts and says she is feeling like keeping Pragya at home. Abhi says Pragya he will wait in car and goes out. Bulbul insists Sarla that she wants to talk to Pragya once, but Sarla does not hear them. Abhi thanks daadi for her cough syrup and says he will send whiskey. Pragya also walks out. Bulbul remembers Abhi’s words and starts crying loudly thinking Pragya’s life is in trouble because of her. Sarla comes there and thinks she is crying for Pragya and tries to console her.

Pragya and Abhi are in car. Beggar kids requests Pragya for give them money as they are hungry. Pragya gives them money and smiles seeing kids having food. Abhi asks how does she get money, if her ex-boyfriend gives it to her. He gets a call from Tanu who informs she is coming right now. Tanu comes there and asks Pragya to shift as she wants to sit in. She hugs Abhi. He asks from where she was following him. She says from that third class area and asks how did he spend his night. Abhi says when reality is so horrible, he felt too good. Tanu asks Pragya to move from there and let Abhi sit next to her. She gets up but sits on Abhi’s lap. Abhi scolds her and drops her to the next seat. He asks her if his girlfriend cannot come to be with him.

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