Twist of fate Friday 28th January 2022 Zee world


Twist of fate Friday 28th January 2022 Zee world: on Twist of fate Friday 28 January 2022 Zee world.



The Episode starts with Rhea telling Tanu that they didn’t come here to reveal their relation and came here to save their dad. Prachi says we all know how is he, and that you have filed fake case on him as you are fake. Rhea asks Tanu not to tell later that they haven’t warned her. She asks Prachi to come and they leave. Tanu gets angry and recalls her friend’s words that she will talk to NGO and they will support her. She calls someone and tells that she wants to tell her story to them exclusively. She then goes LIVE and tells that she is Tanu Mehta, she cries fakely and says I can’t tell you what has happened with me. She posts it as a trailer and laughs. She says well done Tanu.

Rhea drops Prachi to her house. Prachi thanks her for taking stand for her. Rhea says I didn’t take

stand for her, but for my dad. She says I don’t love you and tells that the lady is against my dad. Prachi says our dad. Rhea says but we have no relation of sisters. Prachi says ok, I will remember that we are not sisters. Rhea recalls Prachi taking a stand for her. She calls her. Prachi turns. Rhea says nothing and goes. Prachi goes inside her house.



Mitali sees Tanu’s post on Aaliya’s phone and says she is looking helpless. She gets Tanu’s message and calls her. She says if you anything against my Rhea, then I will not leave you. She ends the call and asks where is Rhea? Rhea comes there. Aaliya asks why did you go there, don’t you know that Tanu is dangerous and can do anything with you. She asks why did you go with Prachi. Rhea tells that she meant what she said and will do. Dadi asks why Prachi went there? Rhea says Prachi had gone to do the same work like I. Mitali says both of the sisters.Aaliya says it was childish act. Rhea tells that she had went to talk to Tanu, but she called security. She tells that if anyone will go against my Dad or family then I will not bear, my blood is spoiling. Aaliya says I know how is Tanu, I will handle her. She says if Tanu files a complaint against you then? She says you will not do anything, I am meeting lawyer tomorrow. Pragya comes there. Aaliya asks her not to come inside and asks her not to return until Bhai returns. Pragya says I will go leave my husband in trouble.



Aaliya says his family is with you. Pragya says even I am his family. Aaliya says whenever you came in his life, something happened and he went far from his family. Pragya says whenever you stopped us from uniting, you went far from him. She says your relation is connected to him through rakhi and my relation is connected with him through mangalsutra, kumkum and the 7 births. She says if you try to stop me then it will be our loss and Tanu’s gain. She says this is all family’s war and if nobody wants to support me then I will not complain, but if anyone wants to stop me then I will not bear.



Aaliya says even I will not bear if anyone wants to increase my Bhai’s troubles. Pragya says she wants to know who will support her, so that the son of this house returns, so that they can defeat evil Tanu etc. She asks who will support me? Ranbir comes and says I will support you. Dadi says I am with you always and asks her to bring Abhi back. Aaliya says you are doing mistake. Mitali says no, Tanu has done mistake by accusing Abhi. She tells Pragya that she knows that she will bring Abhi back. Rhea tells that she wants her dad back and that’s why she will support her mom. Pragya tells Aaliya that they all are not in her side, but at Abhi’s side. She asks her supporters to use their contacts against Tanu, as she can make more big plan against them. She tells that this is the war against Tanu.

Doctor draws Abhi’s blood. Abhi asks why is he taking out his blood? Inspector says they need to take his swab test too and asks you know for what? Abhi says DNA. He sees Tanu there and gets upset for ruining his life. Inspector stops him. Abhi refuses to give his swab and goes to the Cell. Tanu thinks she will take Abhi home and not Pragya.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s room and recalls their moments. Allah wariyan plays…Rhea comes there and says Dadi told that you used to fight for Dad and save him for any problem, as you cared for him. She asks will you save Dad? Pragya says I used to fight for your dad as I love him. She says you are with me, we will surely save him. Rhea says you have united the family. Pragya says not me, but you. She says nothing is more than her daughter’s support. Rhea hugs her and cries.



Pragya also cries. Naina song plays…..She says do you know that your dad misses you a lot and asks her to go and meet him. Rhea says I will meet him mom. She goes. Pragya looks at the fuggi doll. Abhi also thinks of Pragya in the lock up.


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