Twist of Fate Friday 24th September 2021 Zee World

Twist of Fate Friday 24th September 2021 Zee World

Twist of Fate Friday 24th September 2021 Zee World: On Twist of Fate Friday 24 September 2021, The Episode starts with the neighbor coming to Ranbir’s house and asking him to give him some sugar. Ranbir says ok. Aryan asks the neighbor if the grocery store is far that she asks for sugar here. The lady says she is the house owner of this house and can ask him. She scolds him and tells Aryan that he likes to spend his Papa’s money. The lady asks Ranbir to do the job and says it is not good to live on their wife’s money.

Ranbir says I don’t feel bad that my wife earns money as she brings prosperity home. Pragya regrets coming to India as she couldn’t meet Abhi. Abhi comes there. Pragya turns and looks at him, but he is not there. Does Sushma ask what happened? Pragya says I thought that. The manager asks Abhi to come, as guests have come. Does Abhi say what shall I do? He sits to sing. Sushma asks Pragya if you don’t find Abhi then? Pragya says then everything is a waste, if I don’t show my power to him that everything is useless to me. She says my sole purpose is to make him feel low. Abhi sings song apne karam ki tarah gaaye….sunraha hai na tu….Pragya hears the song and recalls Abhi singing on the stage, the same song. She gets emotional.

Sushma asks what happened? Pragya asks who is singing the song. The manager says there is a bar nearby and someone is singing songs there. Pragya excuses herself and goes from there. Abhi thinks of his moments with Pragya. Pragya is coming there. Abhi continues to sing. Pragya stops on the way and then continues walking. Abhi continues to sing. She comes to the bar and looks for Abhi. Abhi completes the song. Everyone gets up and applauds for his singing. Pragya tries to see his face and comes infront, but he turns to go. Pragya looks for him. Sushma waits for Pragya and thinks she might have gone out. Abhi comes to the Manager.

Pragya asks the waiter who was the singer who was singing here. The manager says Prashant is the local guy, who stays here. Pragya gives him money. The waiter shows someone’s else pic and keeps the money. Pragya comes there. Another waiter comes there. The waiter tells that someone asked for the singing and I showed Prashant’s pic. The waiter says Abhi was singing a song here tonight. The waiter goes to tell Pragya.

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The Manager gives 500 to Abhi. Abhi asks for more money. The manager gives him another 100 and asks the waiter to give him wine. Abhi returns the money and asks him to give the money to his kids, as today is his birthday. He takes the wine bottle. The waiter comes behind Pragya, but he is stopped by the hotel security guy. Pragya tells Sushma that she thought it was him who was singing, but it was someone else. Sushma says he is just in your mind.

Twist of Fate Friday 24th September 2021 Zee World: Abhi is going from there with his friend Sumit and says Chal chal mere haathi. Pragya says it is his voice. Aryan tells Ranbir that Prachi went. He says even I am going. Prachi tells the house owner that they will leave the house in a month. She tells that she can bear anything, but can’t bear anything against her husband. Ranbir gets angry with Aryan and says it is not the landlady’s mistake, she didn’t know about her husband’s dreams. He says I will go to her and tells them that very soon I will work. Prachi says I will not stay here.

Ranbir asks her to sit and have food. Sumit and Abhi are talking when Pragya is coming there. Abhi and Sumit talk about Prashant and his wife. Abhi asks him to call Gaurav. Pragya is coming there. Abhi senses her presence and turns around, but he couldn’t see her as someone is taking board from there. Abhi and Sumit run away from there. Pragya comes there. Sushma comes behind her. Pragya says sorry. Sushma says if I ask you not to think about him, then I won’t work for you. She asks shall we eat food or sleep hungry. Pragya says let’s go.

Dadi asks Tanu if Abhi came? Tanu says no, your Abhi hasn’t come. She taunts Dadi taking Abhi’s name. Dadi says leave him today on his birthday. Tanu says your grandson brought me here. Dadi asks why did you marry him? She asks Tanu to go and bring Abhi.

Ranbir tells Prachi that the roti is cold so he will keep it on her head to make it hot, to save gas. Prachi says you are mad. Ranbir says you gave 1 month’s notice, you did right, and asks if we will leave this house. Prachi says your family refused to accept me and give me respect which I shall get, and you left your home. She says you are my husband for the world, but for me, you are my everything. Rab ne bana di Jodi plays….He says I didn’t regret even a single day, since I left home. He says I am always grounded because of you and praises her, for being with him always. Prachi says you have left your family for me and fought with all the family. She says my biggest happiness is you. Ranbir says yes, I am. He asks her to give him the best husband of the year award.

Pragya and Sushma are in the hotel. Tanu comes there and says it is my favorite hotel, to get inside it is a dream, don’t know when it will complete. She thinks she has to go to a cheap hotel now. She sees Pragya in the mirror and says Pragya.

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