Twist of fate Friday 18 December 2020 Update Zee World

Twist of fate Friday 18 December 2020 Update
Twist of fate Friday 18 December 2020 Update

Twist of fate Friday 18th December 2020 Update: On Twist of fate Friday 18 December 2020 Update, The Episode starts with Tanu telling Pragya that she knows her truth now and says you are using Ronnie against me. She says I thought Ronnie is scaring me being a ghost and I would have to get mad. She says but you made Ronnie scare me. Pragya asks her to shut up and asks if she has any proofs. Tanu says she will take her to court and shows the proof in which Pragya and Rachna come to her room and tell their plan. Tanu says what you will tell now, if you are old pragya, selfless and not money minded. She says I want to show this video to Abhi, but will not show. She says I won’t let you win and will get Abhi. Pragya says I was a fool to leave Abhi and went away. She says you want to give Abhi’s name to your illegitimate child and claiming to love Abhi.

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She says when I comes to know about your truth, I want to confront you and tell everyone about your doings, but I stayed silent to clear the termites in the house. She says I am not old Pragya who has sacrificed her love for you. She says my husband is the only mine. She says I brought Raj and Aaliya’s truth infront of everyone. She suggests her to move back. She asks her to pack her bags and leave and says I will not tell anyone about your secret. She says I will give much love to Abhi, that he will forget about you. She says few stories start with hatred and end with love, and my story started with our marriage and will end with our togetherness, and if you try to bring any twist, then I will write your ‘the end’, just remember. She starts leaving.

Tanu goes angrily and slaps Pragya hard. She says just look inside you. You have betrayed Abhi big. She says I trusted you when you offered your help before concert. She says you want to separate two lovers, and says you stopped us from marrying. She says you couldn’t let me marry my Abhi. She tries to slap her again, but Pragya holds her hand. She asks how can you call your relation sacred when you have someone’s else baby, and want to marry Abhi with that baby. She says you are using your baby for your selfish moves. She says you are saying that we both don’t have any difference. She says there is a difference between your and my love.

She says my love is selfless and says I used to cry all night in my room. I have to bear all my loved one’s hatred. She says I have made him my enemy to protect him, as my love and marriage is sacred. She asks her to tell about the sacrifices which she has done for Abhi. She says you are using your baby for your selfish motives and says today you are lying to Abhi, and will lie to your baby all life. She asks her to look in the mirror and asks her not to call Abhi as her husband. She says how can you say that he is your husband. She says a married woman applies sindoor and wear mangalsutra and says Abhi didn’t give this right to you, but me. She says I will wear kumkum and mangalsutra now, and says you are just his enemy.


The episode continued on Twist of fate Friday 18 December 2020 Update as Tanu says what do you think that you will get Abhi back by wearing mangalsutra. She says you might love Abhi, but Abhi loves me. You can tell him many stories, but I won’t let you succeed. She says my confidence has increased now and says I know your strategy now. I will end your game. Pragya says I will show proofs to Abhi and says you have told your story uncensored. She says the video will have much impact on Abhi, and says you are surrounded..check and mate.

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Nikhil comes to enquire about Ronnie and gives money to his room mate. The guy calls his friends and tells Nikhil that they will not tell him about Ronnie. Nikhil gets angry and says you have taken money from him. He refuses to tell him anything. Nikhil says okay, I will leave. Dadi and Abhi are sitting on a public chair somewhere. Dadi massages his head while Abhi keeps his head on her lap. Abhi tells her that Pragya is torturing her very much and is not letting me breath. Dadi asks him not to worry and says she will make Sarla beat Pragya. Abhi says Sarla is unwell. Dadi asks him not to worry and says she will make Pragya beaten by Sarla. She thinks you both will unite in some time.

Pragya holds Tanu’s hand and takes her to the temple. She asks Tanu to tell infront of God. Tanu says I don’t get scared of you and your God. Pragya says but you get scared of ghost. Tanu says you have to change and became negative inorder to bring my truth. She says you have ended love in Abhi’s heart for you. Pragya says I know that he used to hate me when we got married, but it changed into a love that too infront of love. She says my love is true and it will not take time to rebuild the love in his heart.

This is the end of Twist of fate Friday 18 December 2020 Update on zee world.


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