True Love Update Monday 21 January 2020


This is True Love Update Monday 21 January 2020.

True Love Update Monday 21 January 2020 

Maiyya tells him she has headache. It is paining a lot. Please massage my head with your very own hands. Akash slowly starts massaging her head. She feels relieved. You have magic in your hands. What medicine cant do he can do.

She takes his hands and keeps them on her cheeks. You have my blood in you. You take all my pains away. She brings him forward and stands to face him. Now there is only one pain left. I have put you in a fake relation. Go son. Relieve yourself and Meethi from this relation from today onwards. He looks surprised. Agarth looks on intently.
Akash says I too was coming to tell you the same.

We should let Meethi go. You only said that I must marry her, bring her here for revenge. But the one we wanted to take revenge from has passed away. Everyone is taken aback.

He continues now what is the point of keeping her here. We should let her go. Ekadashi looks at her brother who looks equally shocked to hear him. She says see a son understood his mother’s wish. We both want Meethi’s freedom. He nods.

We should send her home. After all you married her to take revenge. But now that our enemy is dead then what to do with Meethi. We have troubled her a lot. End all her troubles. End her life. This sends him in shock. Free Iccha’s daughter’s soul. Take her to some far away forest and kill her. Akash has tears in his eyes.

She goes and stands next to the cage. She says free her. This will give me immense peace and relief at heart. Akash turns to look at her. She repeats set her free. He keeps looking at her in shock. She takes out the dagger from her cupboard.

She asks him what happened son? Why are you quiet?
He replies she was just a pawn for us. The one we wanted to take revenge from has gone. Conch shell plays in the background. What will we get by killing her? Ekadashi looks at him appalled. He says, I know Iccha has done wrong with our family. Has hurt you a lot. But what is that poor Meethi’s fault in this?

Agarth turns him around by the neck. Are you going to cheat your mother? Have you started loving that girl more than your mother? Remember, she is my sister. If she sheds even one tear because of you then I wont leave you. Ekadashi watches them shocked and hurt (holding the dagger close to her all this while).

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Akash removes his hand from around his neck. Mama ji your sister is my mother. My life. I can do anything for my life (says looking at her). Chant starts playing in the background.
I am only saying this that we had planned to get Meethi here by marrying her to me. I did that. Did what she said. Got her here, troubled her. Fake love, fake relations. Now what? Iccha is dead. What will we get by killing that poor girl? Tell me one thing.

When she goes home and gets to know that her mother has passed away, she would be so hurt. I have seen it. More than that she would be hurt to realize that she danced on her mother’s death (chautha – fourth day after someone passes away). She will break completely. We must understand that our revenge from Iccha is over. For Meethi the biggest punishment will be that she will have to live her whole life with this fake relation. Her punishment will be bigger than death.

Ekadashi cannot take it anymore and shouts stop it. She cries aloud. The dagger is in her hand and blood is flowing. Akash looks at her in shock. Leave it Maiyya. What did you do? He throws the dagger on floor and asks Nirbhay to give hanky. Nirbhay does. Pavitra too shouts in pain. What have you done jiji?

Akash cries what did you do? You lost so much blood. She replies I lived till date for you. Now you are no more my son. What will I do now? She takes her hand from his. Listen to me, who do you want alive – your mother or Iccha’s daughter? Agarth watches keenly. Episode ends at Akash’s tearful face.

This is the end of True Love Update Monday 21 January 2020.


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