True Love Monday 6 July 2020 Glow Tv

True Love Monday 6 July 2020 Glow Tv

True Love 6 July 2020 Glow Tv: Everyone is enjoying at Thakur House. Aakash gets a call from Maiyya but disconnects it. She is on her way to Thakur House (TH). She tells the driver to drive fast. Back at the everyone is dancing around the bride and groom. Meethi notices Aakash and gets conscious.

Its all dark. Rathore goes to Tappu and tells her to watch. He counts till 3 and the spotlight focuses on Meethi, Aakash and Mukku-Vishnu respectively. Teri Jhuki Nazar starts playing and Vishnu circles around Meethi as per the lyrics. Agarth is on his way to TH and looks quite angry. The song resumes at TH and Aakash and Meethi look at each other. Suddenly his phone starts ringing once again and he takes it out but then Mukku comes and keep a hand over his.

Sankrant (IS BACK!!) is trying to reach Aakash all the while packing his stuff in a bag. He calls Maiyya. He tells her that Aakash isn’t picking up his phone. Reach there asap. She prays to God to protect her son. Nothing should happen to him.

Agarth reaches TH. Aakash you will be finished today. Aakash is dancing with Mukku though his eyes are only focused at Meethi. Rathore is happy and so is Tappu. Damini and Kanha too watch it all from afar. Unable to take it anymore Damini leaves from there. Mukku and Vishnu start dancing together. Rathore and Tappu are super happy. Nani is pissed off. Agarth enters just then wondering as to where is this Aakash. Let me just see him. aakash and Meethi come to stand in front of each other. Agarth notices him and grinds his teeth angrily. He takes out his gun and aims it at Aakash. Meethi looks at the couple (Mukku-Vishnu) who come to stand in between Agarth and Aakash. Agarth realises something and looks at the turbans kept there. He picks up one.

True Love 6 July 2020 Glow Tv: Meethi moves from her place. Rathore excuses himself from Tappu and dances with Meethi. Everyone is happy. They are actually dancing around Aakash. Rathore swirls her round and round and she ends up swirling in Aakash’s arms. They get into an eye lock. Rathore smiles and goes from there. Everyone is actually looking at both of them….some are happy, some angry and Nani – not interested. Rathore pulls in Tappu for a dance. She tells him he dint do it right by pushing Meethi towards Aakash. He tells her to look at them and see what’s happening for yourself. They are lost in each other’s eyes. Agarth tries to shoot at Aakash once more but a few couples are dancing around them so he isn’t able to aim well. He seems frustrated. Meethi’s trance break and she moves her hand away. They both get conscious. She heads upstairs. He closes his eyes

Mukku comes and pats at his shoulder. He recalls the promise that he made to her and smiles. I fulfilled my promise by uniting you and Vishnu. She thanks him. Papa has helped a lot too. He says I am nothing without Meethi. Whatever I am is with Meethi only. Vishnu comes and asks for his fiancée. Aakash places Mukku’s hand in Vishnu’s. Now you are Mr. And Mrs. Kashyap. Mukku and Vishnu smile at each other. Mukku wonders where has Meethi gone. Vishnu thinks she might be in her room. She might have recalled something. Mukku thinks Aakash should go and meet Meethi for 2 minutes. He doesn’t want to bother her. rathore agrees. It is indeed wrong to trouble someone. Do one thing for me. It is the time for ring ceremony and I forgot them in a room upstairs. He guides him. Please go and get them. Aakash agrees to go and leaves from there. Agarth shakes his head in irritation as he sees Aakash heading upstairs. He hides the gun and stands in a corner.

Rathore announces that it time for the ring ceremony. He calls for the lights.

True Love 6 July 2020 Glow Tv: Meethi takes out the anklet that Aakash had given her and looks at it. She recalls the birthday incident. She also recalls how he had given it to her when she was leaving Bundela House. Aakash comes there and knocks at the door. She turns and smiles slightly at him.

He gets emotional. I have come here to get the engagement rings. She agrees to give and goes to get them. She holds out two small boxes in her hand and offers them to him. Instrumental music begins in the background as they both look at each other. He touches her hand mistakenly and she is surprised. They were both looking at each other and the moment breaks. He picks the boxes from her hand and keeps looking at them. He keeps his gaze lowered only. You are happy right? She is surprised by this question. Agarth is upstairs too and takes out his gun. She nods. I am happy for both of them. Atleast someone got their love. He nods understanding it. Very right! What more you want in life then getting the love of your life! She can understand his pain. Agarth is looking for Aakash.

Aakash says I too can understand our helplessness. Agarth can hear his voice and walks in the direction from where it is coming. Aakash says…the promise that you have given to Anni. I can understand everything. I only want to tell you one thing. Whether I am alive or not but my love for you will never fade away. I will always love you. Even God can’t stop me for doing that…neither till I am alive or when I am gone. Agarth is outside the door now….angry and ready to aim. Meethi gets emotional. Aakash says I respect your decision a lot. You can stop me from coming closer to you but cannot stop me from loving you. I love you and will continue to love you. Agarth takes out the revolver and is ready to shoot at Aakash. Meethi turns and notices him thus and is shocked.

Agarth fires the bullet and we can hear Meethi calling out for Aakash. She moves him aside. Downstairs Damini was asking for Meethi when they hear the sound of a bullet. The bullet hits Meethi. aakash is shocked to see Agarth (who runs away) and then Meethi. Everyone downstairs is wondering over the noises. Meethi falls in Aakash’s arms. The anklet falls from her hand.

True Love 6 July 2020 Glow Tv: Agarth runs away from there. Everyone rushes upstairs to see what’s happening. Maiyya reaches TH just then. Agarth hides somewhere. Rathore and everyone reach there and see Meethi in an unconscious state. They all want to know what happened. Damini screams out for her granddaughter.

Everyone is stunned to see the state Meethi is in. A chant is playing in the background. Even Nani looks shocked. Agarth flees from TH. Maiyya was thinking to go upstairs to see but she notices everyone coming down just then. Aakash is holding Meethi in his arms. She is a little relieved to see her son all safe. They all rush outside to take Meethi to the hospital. Maiyya thinks, this is Agarth bhaiya’s doing. He came here to kill Aakash but by God’s grace the bullet hit that Meethi. Thank God that nothing happened to my son.

Aakash and everyone bring Meethi to the hospital. Ward boy looks at the bullet mark and says this is a police case. Jogi assures them he will do the formalities but start the operation. They wheel Meethi in the OT. Aakash looks at the blood in his hands. He recalls seeing Agarth outside the room and then his warning to Maiyya.

Maiyya comes back to Bundela House. The sisters want to know if Aakash is all right. Maiyya snaps at Pavitra as she says something stupid. Till the time I don’t lay my hands on him then I wont be at peace. They think she is talking about Rathore. Maiyya explains that it is someone from their home only. No one in our family has been in any problem because of its own members till date. Now will have to find out where is bhaiya. Pavitra is still confused. Meethi has been hit by a bullet. She thinks he dint do it right. He put all the relations on stake. You started this fight but I will end it.

True Love 6 July 2020 Glow Tv; Damini holds Aakash by the collar and lashes out at him while everyone is trying to stop her. I couldn’t think you would stoop so low. You sent my granddaughter here? If anything happens to her then I will kill you. She pushes off everyone wildly and grabs Aakash again. Why did you do it? Aakash tries to explain but she doesn’t let him say anything. She continues slapping him. Meethi declined to go with you that’s why you fired at her. He denies doing anything like that. Why would I kill her? I love her a lot. I wont. She shouts at him to be quiet. Sahab (Jogi) he is lying. Call police.


Jogi tells Aakash to go from her but he spills it out that Surabhi’s father fired that bullet. He came at TH to kill me. Meethi called out my name to save me but before I could do anything Meethi was hurt. Damini doesn’t believe it. You are lying. She asks everyone if they saw his mama there. They all are quiet. She again starts thrashing him. jogi and Kanha somehow try to handle her whereas Aakash pleads for his innocence. He asks them to believe him. jogi tells Vishnu to take Aakash away for the time being. He doesn’t want to leave his Meethi alone in such a condition.


Rohini informs Nani that Meethi is being operated upon. The bullet went through her body. I am very scared. Nani shushes her. Is she related to you? Ram hi Rakhey, earlier that Iccha and now this Meethi….if something happens to that maid Damini or that Makkhi then everyone panics and can do anything and everything to help them. It is good though. Somehow the engagement stopped or my Mukku would have got engaged to that useless guy. She thanks God. Somehow break this wedding too. Rohini is surprised. Nani tells her to go do her work.

Instrumental music plays. Aakash is standing alone in the dark. He recalls when his mama ji had shot the bullet and Meethi fell in his arms; the anklet dropping on the floor. I am so helpless that everything happened in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. I just watched it all happen quietly. You proved your love today Meethi whereas I!

True Love 6 July 2020 Glow Tv: Everyone is waiting anxiously outside the OT. Mukku looks at Damini and thinks, how do I tell you Ammo Nani how much Aakash loves Meethi. He can never hurt her. He can even sacrifice his own life for her. He lives only for Meethi. The OT light gets off. They all rush to talk to the doc as he comes out. He tells them that she is unconscious right now. She has lost a lot of blood. We have taken the bullet out but we cannot say anything till she is awake. He leaves. They are all worried after hearing it.

Maiyya tells Gomti that she wont let anyone live peacefully till she gets to know about bhaiya’s whereabouts. Sankrant comes there announcing that he knows where his mama ji is. She is relieved to see him here. I was so alone. Its good that you came here. You know your mama ji tried to shoot your brother. Tell me where he is. The game that he has started, I will finish it today only. He agrees to tell but he has a condition.

Lukka Chuppi plays as Damini looks at an unconscious Meethi from outside. She is crying by now. A nurse asks her if she wants to go inside. She shakes her head. I cannot see my Meethi in this state. God please do something.

Police asks Kanha about the person being hurt and what all happened; was she alone when she was shot, etc. Kanha tells him that Aakash was there with her at that time

Aakash is praying for Meethi. Damini comes there. He tries to go when she comes to talk to him but stops as she continues talking. You know what’s the worst day of a mom’s life? It is the day when she sees the dead body of her kid! I have seen my daughter’s dead body – my Iccha’s! Iccha was the reason for my existence. After her death there is only one reason for me to live – Meethi. Maiyya and Sankrant come there just then but they are oblivious to their presence. Do not to snatch my Meethi from me. I request you please don’t snatch her from me

True Love 6 July 2020 Glow Tv: I don’t know if you love her or not, true love or not, but I know this much that she isn’t safe with you. Forget her. Leave her alone. Aakash says I don’t want to trouble you in any way but it is just not possible for me to forget her even if I try. Sankrant stops Maiyya from interfering. Damini tells Aakash to kill her then. He is shocked. Kill me before Meethi. I don’t have the strength to see my daughter’s dead body again. I have seen my daughter’s but I cannot see Meethi’s dead body or have you decided that you will realise it only after she is dead? He pulls back his hands in shock.

She says you love her right? If that’s it then leave her alone. Forget her. Nothing’s been right with her since you have come in her life. She is in hospital today. If you love her then please forget her. She can only live if she is away from you. She literally begs him (by touching his feet) to forget Meethi. Aakash stops her. Even Maiyya looks moved. Sankrant is tensed. Damini requests Aakash to leave Meethi alone. He closes his eyes in pain, turns and walks away from there. Maiyya and Sankrant follow him but Damini doesn’t see them as she is crying.

Maiyya comes to Aakash. Don’t worry everything will be fine. He simply walks away without saying a word. Sankrant says I am very worried for bhaiya as I know how much he loves Meethi bhabhi. Maiyya tells him she too loves her brother a lot. Tell me where he is. Sankrant tells her and a flashback is shown when he sees Agarth coming back from somewhere. Maiyya calls him clever. He thought he can hide with his wife and I wouldn’t know it? I am your sister after all. Now wait and watch.

True Love 6 July 2020 Glow Tv: A ward boy lets Aakash enter in Meethi’s room. He had tears in his eyes. Aakash pays him some money. He doesn’t take his eyes off Meethi. The ward boy tells him to see her quickly and leaves. He is at pain to see her thus. He keeps his hand on her head very gently and cannot hold back his tears anymore.


He tells her how much he loves her. I cannot see like this. I don’t understand what to do so that you are all fine. I don’t want to lose you. I cannot lose you. Very carefully, he places his hand over hers. Open your eyes once. See I am near you. I will do anything that you say. The ward boy comes back telling him he has to leave now. My job will be at risk if anyone sees you here.

Aakash notices Meethi coughing in sleep and blood is coming out of her mouth. He is shocked. The ward boy holds at his hand to take him out. I will call the doc. Aakash is in pain. She needs me. My job will be at risk if anyone sees you here. Aakash doesn’t let go of Meethi’s hand. He keeps on begging her to open her eyes. Piya o re piya plays. He is being dragged away forcefully and is crying desperately to be near Meethi. Ward boy goes to call the doc. He stands by the door (still inside) to look at her. He recalls Damini’s words. Nothing’s been right with her since you have come in her life. She is in hospital today. If you love her then please forget her. She can only live if she is away from you.

True Love 6 July 2020 Glow Tv: Doc comes to check on Meethi. Seems like internal haemorrhage or the bleeding wouldn’t have happened. The case is serious. He tells the nurse to get the injection ready. Aakash is watching / listening to everything in shock. Anni is right. I am a curse for my Meethi. I have only hurt her since I have come in her life. Not anymore! He goes out of the room. Doc says she is deteriorating.

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