This Is Fate Wednesday 28 October 2020 Update Zee World

This Is Fate Wednesday 28 October 2020 Update
This Is Fate Wednesday 28 October 2020 Update

This Is Fate Wednesday 28th October 2020 Update:  On This Is Fate Wednesday 28 October 2020 Update Zee World, Sherlin explains that she has just informed karan that she will be on the ninth floor so they both will go and set fire to that floor, Maira is left stunned to which Sherlin explains that she just said that Maira must make herself as fire and burn karan in the same fire, they will call karan and he will come running because if he does not then she will die, she convinces Maira that they will set the fire in their limits and if he does not come then they will run away, they both go to set fire to the floor.

Karan and Preeta are having dinner where he starts to tease her asking why is she behaving like a woman and is so shy, he pushes her hand which ruins her clothes so she runs to clean it up, he asks her to not apply any makeup.
Sherlin prepares the room explaining that she has set everything and she must only set fire to a single portion and plead with Karan to come and save her as she is locked on the ninth floor and if he does not come then she will die, then she will also call and he will come in a panic to help and if he does not arrive then she must run to save her life, then they call karan according to their plan, he gets tensed and immediately runs to the hotel, Preeta wonders why he has gone to the hotel in such a panic so decides to follow him.

Sherlin hands Maira the kerosene and advises that she must set fire to only half of the circle and when he comes to her then she must set fire to the other half, Sherlin says that she must go and call karan to further pressurize him.
Karan is driving very fast towards the venue wondering why has she gone to the ninth floor, he gets a call from Sherlin who asks him about Maira, then tries to act as if she is shocked to hear about Maira then says that she will go to try and save her but when she turns Kartika is standing behind her who runs to save Maira thinking that she might be in trouble, Sherlin decides what she must do so texts Maira who after reading it starts to pour the kerosene in the room, she then lights the match and drops it setting fire to the furniture, Maira starts to call for help but Kartika comes seeing whom Maira is shocked so he asks her to go and call Karan, Sherlin also comes so she takes her away, Sherlin plans to do something to stop Kartika from informing the hotel management so she makes her fall then acts as if she is trying her best to call the management, Preeta arrives to the hotel and immediately asks Kartika what has happened, she runs after hearing that Maira is trapped on the ninth floor.

Preeta reaches the ninth floor where she calls Maira, who heard her voice sets another fire, then seeing Preeta asks her to leave as she doesn’t need her help then hearing that Preeta is adamant to help her she asks her to go and get Karan as he will be the only one to save her, Preeta then runs to the room from the backside where Maira is sitting on the chair, then she is shocked to see that she is sitting calmly.

Karan enters the hotel where Sherlin asks him to run to the ninth floor where Maira is trapped and seeing that Kartika is also going after him she acts as if she is about to faint, so Kartika goes to help her.

This Is Fate Wednesday 28 October 2020 Update Zee World: Preeta pulls Maira asking that they must leave but Maira says that she will not go with her and she must leave as she will only go when karan comes to save her, She stops Preeta then asks her to leave as she always calls from karan by pretending that she is in trouble and so karan always saves her so she will do the same and has set the fire to call karan to her, she warns Preeta to stay away from karan, who says that she will not do anything by her orders and will not meet Karan, Preeta says that she will meet karan whenever she wants to and so will meet him whenever she likes and she does not any sympathy to uphold her relation with anyone as they are made with respect and understanding, Preeta explains that she has no problem if karan marries any girl but she will not let him marry her as she is a mad girl so she must leave and so opens the door, but Maira stops her form going as she thinks that if Preeta will go to him she will tell the truth about the fire and try to convince karan that Maira is not an honest person but she will not let her do anything of the sort so she will make sure that Preeta does not leave the room, hearing this Preeta is stunned to witness the madness in Maira’s plans.

This is the end of This Is Fate Wednesday 28 October 2020 Update Zee World.

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