This Is Fate Wednesday 11 November 2020 Update Zee World

This Is Fate Wednesday 11 November 2020 Update
This Is Fate Wednesday 11 November 2020 Update

This Is Fate Wednesday 11th November 2020 Update: On This Is Fate Wednesday 11 November 2020 Update, Sameer tries to get the register, Shrishti comes from behind warning the receptionist to back off as otherwise she will make sure that she gets fired from her job, Shrishti asks her to come with her in the corner as otherwise it will create a lot of problems for her, she takes her aside providing Sameer with the opportunity to steal the register and then she also apologizes before leaving.

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Preeta wonders that the room might be off the kidnapper and she then is about to go and talk with him but her dupatta is stuck and while she is trying to free it, Prithvi locks the door, she is about to walk again but it is stuck meanwhile Sherlin comes from behind her seeing that these women do not even control their dupatta than how can they take control of their boyfriends.

Shrishti and Sameer are walking when he says that he was amazed by her, they both start to quarrel and when he says that it was because of his charm but she does not agree to say that it was because she fought with the receptionist, they then very angrily stop each other from fighting and go to check the register, Sameer is very slow which irritates Shrishti who takes it and finds an entry which is suspicious so they both try to check into who that man is.

Prithvi opens the door to find Sherlin standing there, she very angrily walks in and he wonders why is her surname Khurana as she is always angry,

Preeta meanwhile comes from behind and tries to sneak into the room but she is not able to look and thinks that it will not be off the kidnapper so she will go to the reception.

Prithvi pulls Sherlin asking her why is she continuously irritating him and everything that she had planned is ruined because she could not stop calling him, he was about to get the papers signed but was not able to because of her, she should stop teasing him and let him do what he wants to do. She answers that she has come to save him because he is now in a lot of trouble as both Sameer and Shrishti have arrived at the hotel to catch the kidnapper who is Prithvi. He says that it is not possible, but then when he is proven wrong, he wonders why the manager did not inform him as he gave him money to not let anyone come on the floor, they both are in a flex, she asks why did he tell him that they are having a party, Prithvi mentions that he had to because karan was unconscious and he had to book the entire floor, so he gave him a lot of money and booked the entire floor. Prithvi starts scolding the manager. He wonders what he will do now.

The episode continued to unfold on This Is Fate Wednesday 11 November 2020 Update as Sameer agrees with Shrishti and they see that the room is booked by the name of Khurana industries and someone by the name of Malhotra has checked in, they even think that it is a suite and has more than one room so the kidnapper has chosen it, which is why they should check the same room.

Shrishti and Sameer agree to check it, as they might find Rishab in the room, also they wonder if they will be able to see Preeta and Karan, they both leave, Sameer gets a call from Rakhi who is asking him to tell the name of the hotel, he says that he will come to her room but she says that he must not lie as she knows that he is also in the hotel, he must tell her as she is also the mother of them both, he finally gives her the name, she asks him to not worry as she is coming and she will not let anything happen to them and will come as soon as possible, Karina asks her to tell her the name as she will go instead of her.

Maira is also listening to their conversation, she remembers that she heard the name of the hotel on the phone and so will go and talk to Sherlin as she feels that she is trying to do something awful.

Rakhi stops Karina asking her why is she leaving her because she wants to see her children and she cannot do anything without them as she is their mother.

Preeta sees the manager with the MasterCard and so thinks of taking it from her but is not able to think of a way to get the card from him, he sees her than asking her who she is he thinks that she is not a client so he calls the authorities.

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Sherlin asks Prithvi to go and get the papers signed, he explains that it is not so easy which makes her nervous and she asks why is he talking like this as she only wants to help but he explains that she is only teasing her which Is causing more stress.

Preeta stops the manager from calling the authorities and explains that she is from the housekeeping and was only showing a client the room when some wine spilt on her uniform so she had to change and she then had to wear the informal clothes, she also makes him give her the MasterCard by mentioning how committed she is to her work which really impresses him, he hands her the key but when she is about to leave he mentions that she doesn’t seem like she belongs to the housekeeping.

This is the end of This Is Fate Wednesday 11 November 2020 Update on zee world.

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