This is Fate Tuesday 30th November 2021 Zee world

This is Fate Tuesday 29th November 2021 Zee world
This is Fate Tuesday 29th November 2021 Zee world

This is Fate Tuesday 30th November 2021 Zee world: On This is Fate Tuesday 30 November 2021, Sherlin is in the house thinking that she is forced to give such an expensive necklace to Chachi because there is no other option, She gets scared after there is a knock on the door so rushes to open it exclaiming that she is coming, Sherlin asks what is she doing when Sarla asks her to call Rakhi because she has to talk with her however she starts saying bad things to her, Karina also comes asking who is yelling and then exclaims she knows who can it be other then Sarla because she has a habit of creating a scene.

Kritika also comes asking what has happened when Karina scolds her to stop talking in between however Kritika pleads with Sarla to not be tense when Sarla responds she must not worry because she knows how to fight with the problems so she must just call Rakhi, Karina doesnot even let her complete her sentence before pulling her away from Sarla, she asks Sherlin to show Sarla the way out of the house because she might have forgotten it and also to lock the door as she has a habit of coming back, Sherlin tries to pull her when Sarla responds that she will not leave until she meets with Rakhi.

Rakhi entering from behind asks what is happening, Sarla says that she is in dire need of her help, Kritika tries to calm down her mother when Karina says that she wants to explain that Preeta herself exclaimed how she had hit Akshay in the head when she met to meet him, Sarla warns her to not call Preeta a murderer when Karina says that she will call her a murderer as she is suitable for only that when Sarla says she doesnot want to even talk with her and will only ask Rakhi for help, she turns to Rakhi pleading for her help, Rakhi asks why does she think she would not help Preeta because she is her daughter in law and needs their help, Rakhi assures to help her when Karina stops her asking why does she want to help Preeta and who is Kritika because she is not thinking what Kritika is feeling as then she would not have supported Preeta, she exclaims that until Kritika is married Preeta would not be allowed to enter the house as she is murder and must not enter the house.

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Sarla stops her exclaiming that it is not like this because Preeta is not a killer, Sarla turns to Rakhi asks why has she come to them when they would have come to her house explaining what they were doing to save Preeta, however she was forced to run to the lawyers but no one is even accepting the case and they don’t know how bad she is feeling in, she would remain her mother till she dies, Sarla says that she considers Rakhi as her mother but they have not accepted her and even if someone stays for some days there is a connection but they have still not accepted her, whenever something bad happens she is forced to come and beg for her, Sarla asks why can she sleep when Preeta is in jail and how are they able to sleep, she sits down crying while Rakhi tries to calm her down when she is sitting.

This is Fate Tuesday 30th November 2021 Zee world: Shristhi and Sameer are watching Mahira, Shristhi is mad wondering why is Mahira not stopping as they have been waiting for a long time and she is constantly applying the makeup, Shristhi, however, exclaims that she is getting tried so is closing her eyes, just then the mobile rings and Mahira turns to pick it up however the call ends, she gets irritated and also receives a message, she gets mad after reading it and exclaims how can he dare blackmail her, she leaves and both Sameer and Shristhi follow her.
Prithvi is also walking in the hall wondering how he can be so careless because he is getting late, he bumps into Mahira and they both get in a fight when Prithvi calms down, Shristhi and Sameer exclaim that they have bumped into each other, Shristhi secretly walks near them and picks the mobile.

Rakhi asks Sarla why she thinks they do not care for Preeta because she considers Preeta to be even greater then Kritika because Kritika is only a daughter and Preeta is also a daughter in law to her, Rakhi asks why does she think they are not doing anything for Preeta because she is coming back from the lawyer whom she went to meet with karan, Karina gets mad asking why did she go to the lawyer when she warned that no one would help Preeta but she doesnot even listen to her, Rakhi calls her Di however she asks Rakhi to not even call her because she tried to explain that they must not help Preeta and if she doesnot value her then why is she staying in the house, she takes Kritika’s hands vowing to leave the house however Kritika stops them saying that Preeta is in the jail because of her and had nothing to do with it, everyone gets shocked upon hearing what she is saying.

Preeta is sitting when she sees Mahesh coming, she immediately stands asking why did he come and how is he feeling, Mahesh says that she must not worry about him because he has everything but what does she have and he came to ask how is she feeling, Preeta asks if he also thinks she really did it, Mahesh responds that he knows she is not capable of doing such a heinous act, Preeta starts crying and when he asks she explains that she cannot say how much courage she has gotten because of his arrival, he says that he doesnot remember most of the things from his coma but knows that she is his daughter so she must not worry because he will not let anything happen to her, Preeta asks if he has come to know what has happened, Mahesh asks what is she saying so Preeta says that she ahs mistakenly made a big mistake, Mahesh however doesnot believe her saying that she cannot do anything wrong and asks her to not weep saying she has two fathers, one who is with Bhagwan je and the other him who is with her so asks her to calm down and exclaims he has to leave, there are a lot of pending work.

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