This is Fate Tuesday 21st December 2021 Zee world

This is Fate Tuesday 21st December 2021 Zee world
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This is Fate Tuesday 21st December 2021 Zee world: Shelrin reveals she met Akshay in the hotel because as she found out Akshay was blackmailing Kritika because he had some photos and videos of him, she apologizes to Kritika saying she saw her mobile in which it was written that he would make the videos viral if she doesnot give him the money, Sherlin explains the Luthra family knew Akshay was blackmailing Kritika but they do not know she was helping her, she reveals she doesnot know how to express her love and so was not able to inform them but she kept on meeting Megha and finally got the proof that Karan is innocent, Mahira thinks she is clever because she ruined the entire plan of Preeta and also became the best daughter in law of the family.

Sherlin once again explains she met Megha just to protect her family as Megha was also blackmailing her with the photos of Kritika, after meeting her finally got what she desired so knows Karan is innocent, the judge questions why did she not say anything when Preeta was blaming her, Sherlin responds she is aware the court doesnot believe on emotions and she did not have any proof, she thought she would reveal everything just as she got the video but she did not think she would have to save herself while trying to protect Karan.

Sherlin showing the mobile mentions that there is a video in which Megha explains the reason she murdered Akshay, she took some time to get the video but it is relieved the reason she murdered Akshay was that she could not resist Akshay being with another person, Megha wonders when did she say such things, Sherlin shows the proof, Megha thinks when did she say such things as she only meant to scare Megha, she requests the judge to give the decision after because Karan has a whole life ahead of him, Sherlin goes to sit back on the bench.

The judge gives the verdict against Megha by ordering the police to arrest him on the charges of blackmailing and murder while freeing Karan because he is proven innocent, Megha tries to plead to say that Sherlin is telling a lie and whatever Preeta said was the truth.

The doorbell rings, Ganesh walks to open the door but Dadi stops him ordering that he bring the thali, in excitement opens the door to find Karan standing, they both hug each other but then Dadi starts performing the Arti, Mahesh questions why is she perform the arti as Karna is not going on a fight while Dadi mentions she is performing the arti to welcome him, they all come inside when Karan starts meeting everyone, Dadi exclaims she is relieved Karan was able to come back, Karina advises her to also praise Sherlin as Karan is free because of her, Dadi responds that Kritika told her some other story that Preeta was trying to free him.

This is Fate Tuesday 21st December 2021 Zee world: Karina answers she is right but Preeta was not able to find the proof while Sherlin while making the excuse of going to the doctor, Dadi immediately praises Sherlin mentioning she has proven to be a daughter of this house as she saved Karan, Sherlin coming in front of Preeta mentions there is no need for her to apologize as she knows the tension with which Preeta is going thought, Karina scolds Preeta mentioning she should have at least some sense of shame as she must now apologize. Dadi also asks her to apologize if she made a mistake, Rakhi advises she remove all the hatred she feels it was all just a small misunderstanding, Karina however scolds her, so Preeta apologizes saying she doesnot have any problem with apologizing, Shristhi is not able to bear it so leaves for her house.

Dadi asks everyone to leave and take the rest because they must be tired, Preeta tries to leave but Sherlin stops her.
Shristhi enters the house, Janki is tense so asks what has happened because now Karan is released, Shristhi mentions that Preeta tried her best to help Karan but was not able to and Sherlin, however, brought the proof that Megha murdered Akshay thereby saving herself which is why she is tensed.

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Sherlin questions Preeta what is she thinking, she warns her to never try and blame Sherlin as she can very easily snatch the person without whom she cannot live just as she snatched the position of the favorite daughter in law, Preeta answers she knows Sherlin is the real murderer, she accepts she was there when Akshay was murdered but it was all an accident, she says she went to meet him because he was blackmailing her with Kritika’s photos, Preeta was even right as the contact Bakra number 3 was none other then Sherlin.

This is Fate Tuesday 21 December 2021 Zee world: Preeta replies he was blackmailing her because of the pregnancy report, Sherlin is stunned, Preeta reveals she saw her pregnancy report in Akshay’s house so all that she has to do now is find the reason he was blackmailing her, she will reveal it to the entire Luthra family, Sherlin warns her to step back as she has just snatched the position from her but can also ruin her, Preeta is not scared by her threats, she leaves saying she would find the proof against her, Sherlin is tensed but then decides to call Prithvi and Mahira to her room as they both need to be taught a lesson for not helping her.

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