This Is Fate Thursday 5 November 2020 Update Zee World

This Is Fate Thursday 5 November 2020 Update
This Is Fate Thursday 5 November 2020 Update

This Is Fate Thursday 5th November 2020 Update: On This Is Fate Thursday 5 November 2020 Update, Preeta accepts that if she is asked then she will tell that she tried to create a difference between him and Maira but she will never think of harming Mahesh, Maira takes the opportunity to say that she has accepted that she tried to create differences.
Karan asks her to leave, Karina along with Maira also order to leave, Dadi asks why does she hate her son, Rishab tries to calm them down but they do not listen, Dadi explains that she did not listen to karina even when Karina tried to warn her and if she had stopped her then her son would not be in this condition, karina holds her hand saying that it Is not her fault but of karina as she let them both come, then she orders her to leave and promises that she will never let her come near her family. Shrishti gets really mad barring her from saying anything, she exclaims that they only thought for the betterment of the family but she is not capable of understanding what is right and wrong, then it is not their fault, Sherlin also mentions that they no longer need her favours.

Preeta tries to explain that she did not do anything, Karan leaves the room without listening to her, She tries to plead with Rakhi but even she asks her to leave them and never come back as whenever she has come nearer to them then they have only felt pain which is why she must leave them and never come back, Preeta leaves and also Rishab is heartbroken so follows her.

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Shrishti says to preeta that they will tell the entire truth to Rakhi about Maira and Sherlin, Preeta is not listening to her and keeps on walking, Shrishti is asking god why does he punish those who always think of doing good to others, Preeta is thinking about the incident when Maira blamed her for pushing Mahesh, Shrishti comes to hug her then takes her in the auto.

The episode continued on This Is Fate Thursday 5 November 2020 Update as Prithvi wakes up, he is dizzy so wonders how did he get in the storeroom of the Luthra house, he tries to get out but the door is locked then thinks who might have locked him there, he picks the bat then thinks that it must be Karan who would have locked him when he was unconscious, he promises to make Karan pay when he comes back, to the extent that he will always remember. There is a knock, he thinks that it is Karan so hides to hit him but when the door opens it is Sherlin whom he is about to hit, he thinks that she locked him into the room, then he asks her how he came but she insists that he must leave as otherwise they would be seen, he leaves but only after taking assurance that she will inform of each and everything, She thinks that she must go and listen to what the Luthra’s are talking about.

Bi jee is with Sarla, she pleads with her to not be angry with her daughters as when they come they would be heartbroken and so she must not scold them, then they both arrive, Bi jee hugs them, Sarla asks them to change their clothes, Preeta exclaims that all the things went wrong as they blamed her for pushing Mahesh, she cannot believe that they still think she pushed Mahesh but she cannot do it because she believes him to be like her father, Shrishti mentions that they were ordered to leave and the entire Luthra family believed on Sherlin, why is that one party is listened to and the other is asked to leave and why is that it is always them who are the other party.

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Rishab and karan come down, they both explain that they were asked to leave as the nurse said that Mahesh needs rest, so they came down, the entire family is really tensed, Rishab asks what has happened, karina says that she has made a decision, then gets up saying that she wants that no member of their family ever meet the Aurora family because he married Preeta because of revenge but she wants that they not keep any relation with them, karan leaves, Dadi also agrees with Karina and asks her family to forget that they ever knew the Aurora’s
Shrishti and Preeta are explaining that they were not even listened to, even karan did not listen to anything that they said, Sarla explains that the Luthra’s were not the one who were wrong but it was them both who did wrong because they know that there are some people in the Luthra family who are evil which is why she tried to bar them from entering the Luthra house but they do not listen to her, she will say it once again that if they even go near the doorsteps of the Luthra Mansion, they will see her dead body, everyone is shocked to hear her threat.

This is the end of This Is Fate Thursday 5 November 2020 Update on zee world.

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