This is Fate Thursday 2nd December 2021 Zee world

This is Fate Thursday 2nd December 2021 Zee world
This is Fate Thursday 2nd December 2021 Zee world

This is Fate Thursday 2nd December 2021 Zee world: On This is Fate Thursday 2nd December 2021, Preeta exclaims she would break down, Karan pulls her closer hugging her, she pleads with him to not do such an act, she leaves explaining he should not show this care, she asks the police to one the handcuffs because he is innocent and she has also not performed any crime, she mentions that he doesnot care for her because he did not understands that Karan and Preeta cannot live away from each other, Karan questions if she thinks he doesnot care for anyone.

Preeta explains he doesnot care for her and even his family including Mahesh Papa who has just recovered and he did not think what he would feel knowing that Karan is in jail, she starts crying saying that he should not do this because she was going to jail, Karan pleads with him to listen saying that he made of a vow to always stand with her in any kind of trouble so he is just fulfilling that vow, Preeta exclaims there is no such vow, she questions who taught him to be so caring as he is The Karan Luthra, she once again hugs him pleading that he do not take this step.

Karan pushing her scolds her questioning what should he do because if she was in his position then would also have done the same for the family so he is also protecting them, Karan mentions he never said it before but now is saying that he is very lucky to have married her, he asks her to stop crying explaining that if she cries he would not be able to control his tears, everyone is watching which will cause a lot of embarrassment, Karan asks Rakhi to help Preeta assuring that he would come back really soon, he calls her Baby doll but she explains that she is not talking to him so he must not call her, he then calls her another name but she is still crying.

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Sarla standing wonders that she always used to think Preeta does a lot for the family and Karan but he is not there for her however when he said he is lucky to have married her proved that she is wrong and her daughter is the luckiest person to have married him.
The inspector exclaims he has given then all the time he could, he orders the constable to take Karan away, Preeta doesnot leave his hand so is forced away by the lady constable, she constantly tries to break free and is able to when the car starts driving off, she starts running with it but is stopped by Shristhi so Karan leaves.

Sarla also calls Preeta who is constantly demanding Shristhi to leave, she turns to slap her questioning why is she pulling her away from Karan as she is trying to ruin their marriage, Sarla is also weeping, Rakhi comes and so Sarla questions what she has done, Rakhi mentions that they both are the mothers so must understand what their children are doing is because of the love which they have for each other. Rakhi mentions that just as Preeta is her daughter, Karan is her son, Sarla explains she is right because Karan is her son in law who is greater than a son and the best they can do is pray for their children because the prayers of a mother are never unturned, she hugs Rakhi after seeing Preeta who is hugging Shristhi, she asks Sameer to take Preeta home.

This is Fate Thursday 2nd December 2021 Zee world: Rakhi asks Sameer to take Preeta back home, Sherlin also starts walking when Prithvi gets a call from the blackmailer, he gets tense when Kritika asks him if they should also leave, Prithvi explains she should leave for the parking while he would come after attending the call as it is totally unavoidable, Prithvi walks when he hears the ringtone of the blackmailer, he is shocked to see that the blackmailer is at the court so then is amazed to see that it is Megha.

Rakhi asks Preeta to sit in the car then gets a call from Pammi who explains that since the doctor said they must do something to make Mahesh regain his memory, so they have brought him to their old house, Rakhi explains that Pammi has taken Mahesh to their old house and they must also leave for the house.

Prithvi reaches the side of the car when Megha is talking disguised as a man, she explains that she would present in the court that he was also present in the same hotel the night Akshay was murdered so he asks her to not blackmail him because he is the one who has that job so she should not blackmail him, Megha explains he doesnot know him but he then says he will show her so knocks on the window, Megha is shocked and opens it when he threatens her to never blackmail him ever again, she however reveals that she still has the mobile of Akshay with his text messages and she can easily present it in the court, she threatens to also in form Kritika about his intentions, signalling that she is searching for him, Prithvi is shocked to see Kritika who questions what has happened with him, he is however startled and request some water, she asks him to come back with her as they are going to their old house, she asks if he is okay when he replies that eh just needs some water, they both leave.

Pammi is in the old house when the door bell is ringing, she exclaims that she is coming as if they keep ringing the door bell like this then Mahesh brother would wake up, she opens to find Mahira and Sherlin walking in, she asks where the rest of the family is, Sherlin questions why did they not come to this house before, Pammi explains that they lived in the house long ago and karan would come and go straight to the back ground where he would play the cricket alone while Rishab would jump straight in the pool, after he comes back, Mahira explains that he will not come back, Pammi questions how can she say such a thing because Mahesh is constantly asking about Karan and they have been lying that he has gone for his cricket practice after which he went to sleep, Mahira responds he is saying this because Karan just before the court was about to pass the judgment that Preeta murdered Akshay presented himself and accepted that he is the murderer, therefore the court arrested him.

Pammi goes to Rakhi who is coming in and when she sits on the couch drinking water, Pammi exclaims that since she is the mother she should have stood for Karan as he is her son, but she did not do anything and let him get arrested, she explains that it is because of her weakness that Karan is in jail.

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