This Is Fate Thursday 26 November 2020 Update Zee World

This Is Fate Thursday 26 November 2020 Update
This Is Fate Thursday 26 November 2020 Update

This Is Fate Thursday 26th November 2020 Update: On This Is Fate Thursday 26 November 2020 Update, Shrishti mentions that she is very happy to see Samer, Janki comes asking if Karan did not come with him, he says that Karan will not come, Shrishti, however, refuses to accept mentioning that she is sure he will come, Samer starts have hiccups, both of them wonder what has happened and then Shrishti takes him to have water, Janki gets curious she thinks that it is only when someone is keeping a secret.

Karan comes to the mandap, Sarla takes his hand Karan starts to cough they get him water, he thinks that he will have to drink it without lifting his veil, When they try to remove it Pandit asks them to stop as no one can see his face before the bride, Sameer gets relieved going to hug him and asking that they all accept it to be true, when they are about to go to the Mandap, Rakhi stops them both explaining that she came to bless them both asking that they give their hands to her, she takes Karan’s hand and gets curious, Preeta gets tensed as she feels something is really odd when she finishes Samer cheers them a lot and they take her blessings.

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Rakhi gets emotional and places a protective mark, she mentions to Preeta that she must leave because Karan is alone and will get mad if he knows she came to her wedding, she does not want one relation to the beginning and another to end, she believes that they both continue side by side, Sarla appreciates her coming and thanks to her.
Shrishti asks Samer why he was so happy, Sameer gets tensed and leaves she thinks that she is very stupid to doubt him so must apologize.

The episode continued on This Is Fate Thursday 26 November 2020 Update as Karan and Preeta are both sitting in the Mandap, she thinks of all the moments that were spent with Karan, thinking that she never thought possible she will think of him and not be able to forget his actions, she wonders what is happening with her emotions, he also thinks that he was not like this and had a really happy life however when she came to his life everything got ruined so he will now make her life hell, Sarla is standing she is very relieved Preeta is getting married to someone who is truly made for her, someone who will always try to give her a happy and contented life.

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Pandit explains the procedure of wedding, she thinks of how stupid Karan was who said that he was a big astrologer, she thinks of what he said when they were talking with Karan who said that he was an astrologer and said awful things regarding Shrishti and then turned to Preeta explaining that she will get married to someone who is of his choosing, they all ask her to place her hand on top of Prithvi, she gets worried believing she is doing wrong when she is getting married to someone else but thinking of someone else.

Preeta places her hand on top of the groom, she notices something strange trying to see his face through the veil as if it was Karan, she thinks of when she went to invite them to her wedding. Karan also thinks of how good his time was with Preeta but that it turned into hatred. She wonders that she might be going mad as she feels it is Karan who is actually sitting with her, Karan thinks that she would forget to laugh when they get married because she thought that she will marry Prithvi but is actually Karan, he will make her just like his father in a coma, she will not be able to tell anything, he will make her something which cannot speak.

This is the end of This Is Fate Thursday 26 November 2020 Update on zee world.

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