This is Fate Thursday 23rd December 2021 Zee world

This is Fate Thursday 23rd December 2021 Zee world
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This is Fate Thursday 23rd December 2021 Zee world: On This is Fate Thursday 23 December 2021, Sarla explains she knows she is not well but she is already having the medicine which the doctor will prescribe as she has been having so why should they go as he would prescribe the same medicine so what is the need to waste money, Shristhi exclaims that money is not more important then her so they have to go to the doctor, Shristhi explains that when she is tensed she goes for shopping so if Sarla doesnot want her to waste the money then should come with her to the hospital, Sarla agrees explaining it is better to go to the doctor otherwise she would waste the money, Shristhi mentions she would accept and will not tell Preeta, she even asks Janki to not say anything to anyone. Janki asks them to go while she would prepare the lunch.

Sherlin enters her room, she feels pain so immediately calls for an appointment at the city hospital so a check-up can be performed.
Shristhi and Sarla reach the reception, she asks for the doctor explaining they have an appointment for her mother, the receptionist asks the name of her mother, Sarla immediately reveals her name, they are pointed towards the reception and Sarla starts scolding her asking who does she think they are like no one knows them, they are not a superstar so have to reveal their name as they are the ethics, Shristhi says she is not that small, Sarla leans against the pillar as she is feeling dizzy and is about to fall, Shristhi asks the nurse to bring the wheelchair but Sarla refuses explaining she will feel better when Shristhi keeps on talking with her, they move towards the cabin.

This is Fate Thursday 23rd December 2021 Zee world: Sherlin has her file in the and, she calls someone, Prithvi is in his cabin when he gets a call someone on whom he starts scolding saying they are good for nothing because the company is constantly suffering losses, Sherlin calls him but he ends it, she once again calls it but then he answers it saying she must end the call if she has dialed it for time pass, Sherlin mentions she needs him but he explains that only his business needs him, she, however, explains she is not feeling well, he asks if she is suffering from pain, Sherlin asks him to meet her at the reception of the city hospital.

Shristhi and Sarla are with the doctor who advises her to perform some tests as soon as possible, Preeta enters the room greeting the doctor then asks the doctor to speed up the process, Sarla scolds her questioning why did she call Preeta, however, Preeta says that she was right to call her, the doctor asks Preeta to go to the first floor.

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Shristhi and Prithvi enter the hospital, Prithvi explains if she is feeling well they should go back and come when she suffers from pain, Sherlin responds why does he want to wait for her to have some sort of pain, she will have the check-up now as they have come, Sherlin exclaims she has an appointment, the nurse asks the name of the patient, she reveals since she is pregnant she would be the patient, the nurse replies the normal doctor is off duty so they can consult with the consultation doctor who is Roshni Desai, Prithvi is shocked, Sherlin remembers she was his ex but Prithvi tries to disagree saying that Roshni was not so clever so cannot be a doctor, he feels she would have come children but Sherlin questions how does he know all of this, he calms her but she leaves.

Shristhi is tense questioning Preeta if she doesnot feel they are teasing her as she feels sorry to tease her, Preeta questions why Shristhi is thinking like this as they both are sisters so would care for their mother.
Sherlin is following Prithvi, she asks him to slow down as she might get the pain if he doesnot slow down, Prithvi asks her to not worry as he would always be with her.

Preeta is trying to calm down Shristhi, Prithvi and Sherlin are also waking but they are not able to cross the paths, Prithvi asks Sherlin to go inside while he would wait out as he has some call to attend but she is tensed however he assures her that he would always be there for her.

Sherlin enters the cabin, Roshni is glad to see her so asks her to sit, Sherlin congratulates her on becoming the doctor, Roshni even congratulates her on being pregnant saying that she knows who would be the father of the child, Sherlin is tense when Roshni asks if Prithvi is fair with her as she feels her life would be the way she desired, Sherlin explains it is the way she planned, she says she would bring her husband.

Shristhi sitting with Preeta explains that she feels ever since Preeta got married she is not able to fulfill any of the responsibilities because whenever there is a problem, she always calls Preeta which is not right, she is not able to solve any of the problems, Preeta however asks her to not feel bad she is only calling her sister.

This is Fate Thursday 23rd December 2021 Zee world: Shristhi sees Prithvi walking to the cabin, she explains it to Preeta so they both walk to find the truth,
Sherlin walks in with Prithvi who is shocked to see Roshni, he greets her with a smile mentioning he did not think she would be a doctor and is glad, Sherlin starts getting jealous, she offers them a drink which Sherlin declines but Prithvi accepts the offer, Prithvi and Sherlin start to quarrel when. Roshni takes her to the other room, Roshni during the check-up asks where does she feel the pain, she questions if there is some tension between her and Prithvi, Sherlin in anger asks Prithvi to come but he makes her realize that she needs to have a thorough check-up, Sherlin heads back inside, Roshni thanks Prithvi, Preeta, and Shrishti both close the door, Prithvi gets worried thinking if someone has come to check on them.

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