This Is Fate Thursday 13 August 2020 Update

This Is Fate Thursday 13 August 2020 Update
This Is Fate Thursday 13 August 2020 Update

This Is Fate Thursday 13 August 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Prithvi thinks that he is gone and now they both will land in jail, he advises that they both must go away from the place as otherwise they will get caught, they leave.

Bi Jee says that Rishab loves Preeta but Sara; does not listen, Bi Jee says that if this is the case then why does Janki see Prithvi in her dreams, she because of being scared does not answer, Sarla gets angry and says that Prithvi is to marry Preeta and Rishab with Sherlin, she says that she also cares for her and when they find the person who did this to her then they will make him go to jail but it is not |Prithvi.

Preeta and Karna try to unlock the phone but are unsuccessful and just then it shuts down, they decide to go to their house and charge it after that they will get help of his friend who will help to unlock it.

This Is Fate Thursday 13 August 2020 Update

Prithvi ask Sherlin to stop moving her legs, she says that he does not understand how bad the condition is but he does not understand, she says that he must have listened to her at the first and not included Manisha in his plan. He says that she never betrayed him and always did everything for her, she changed false allegations on Karan for molesting her to Protect Sherlin, this was the only reason he included her, She says that he must have Karan killed, he make fun of her saying that even if Karan coughs it becomes a headline so he cannot be killed, they start to figure out a plan to save themselves.

He begs her to protect him, she says that she will go to Manisha and try to convince her to take back the case meanwhile he must go to Billa and order him to act like a mad person so the police must figure out that he is a psycho and let Rishab go as this is the only way they will be saved.

This Is Fate Thursday 13 August 2020 Update
This Is Fate Thursday 13 August 2020 Update

Sherlin rings the bell of Manisha door, she seeing her gets angry and shuts the door, Sherlin does not leave and continuously starts to ring the bell at which Manisha gets frustrated, she drags her in and threatens to hit her with the vase if she continuous to irritates her.

Karan and Preeta come to the house, she is not able to get out, he helps her but when she is coming out her Dupatta gets stuck in the car door, she asks Karan to not help her as she will do it but he insists and in doing so ends up tearing it from the corner.

He apologizes her asking her to not scold her and he will buy her even more dupattas but she must not say anything to him, she asks how does he know which Dupatta is her best and he always ends up tearing them, she threatens to hit him really and if he tries to help her, he says that he was just trying to help her, he says to her dupatta to not come to him and he will not like to talk to her.

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Manisha asks her to leave, she says that Sherlin has gone mad thinking that Manisha will marry Karan, she says that she knows Manisha still loves Rithwik but he will not come back and she must move on, she further says that she cares for her and is always thinking of her and how she will survive in this cruel world, she further assures her saying that she knows Manisha does not consider her to be her friend but she cares of her, is also worried for her wellbeing. She says that she is also not sure that if Rishab is the killer.

Manisha says that she heard it with her ears in the police station, she asks how did Sherlin change sides and suddenly thinks that the Luthras are innocent, she says that she thinks that someone else is behind all of this and trying to take revenge, Manisha says that it could be Prithvi, Sherlin tries to disagree threatening that she will have her killed if she tries to double cross her, Manisha say that she will go to jail if they try to harm her.

Sherlin says that she must take back the case and marry Karan as he is a rich and good boy, she says that Rishab will come out as the Luthra\s have a lot of money, She throws Sherlin out of her house calling her an idiot girl, Sherlin thinks that Manisha is not listening to p her.

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