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This is Fate Teasers September 2021

On This is Fate Teasers September 2021, Shrishti says to Aurora that she is nervous, Janki also says the same, Srishti mentions that she is feeling that the relations will resolve as they have been invited as the family of Preeta for the reception function, Rakhi see them then goes to meet them, Sarla hands her the gift she calls her in the house but then her friend comes to meet them and they greet the Aurora family, Rakhi is once again called after which Janki mentions that she must not worry as they are now family members so she should not worry about anything.
Sarla also walks in but then Karina stops her explaining that she is the lady who taught her daughters that they should marry those who belong to rich families as this is the only way they can become wealthy, Karina explains that Preeta married Karan while in disguise because she is the one to teach them those things, Sarla explains that she has said what she desired but now she will tell her that she should not hate Preeta as she loves the entire Luthra family but she desires that Karina not think bad of Preeta.

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Monday September 13, 2021
Episode 1.

It seems like everything finally fell into Karen and Preeta. However, Mahira tried everything to ensure there was always tension and unhappiness.

Tuesday September 14 2021
Episode 2.

Maira asks Preeta if she got scared after what she has told her, she again repeats that the world will see who the wife of Karan is and they will see her, she mentions that she is Seeta but Karan is not Ram and she has also found a Rawan for her.

Wednesday September 15 2021
Episode 3.

Rakhi is once again called after which Janki mentions that she must not worry as they are now family members so she should not worry about anything.

Thursday September 16 2021
Episode 4.

Sarla was excited that her daughter came to visit them with her husband.

Friday September 17 2021
Episode 5.

Rishab began to be truly disturbed by Sherlyn’s behavior.

Saturday 18 September 2021
Episode 6.

Pawan and Mira come with a plan to make sure he gets what he wants and it’s Karan.

Sunday 19 September 2021
Episode 7.

Much happens to ‘Moohdikhai’ and a shared reception.

Monday September 20 2021
Episode 8.

While Mihra wants to win Karan and get Prithvi to marry Prteeta, Sherlyn begged Pawan that Make sure Prithvi did not marry Preela.

Tuesday September 21 2021
Episode 9.

Mahira wrote a letter and gave it to Karan, acting as if it was Preela who wrote it.

Wednesday 22 September 2021
Episode 10.

Sanjana and Sarla had a fight that made her ask her away.

Thursday September 23 2021
Episode 11.

Prithvi recognizes his love for Preeta and will struggle to get it back

Friday September 24 2021
Episode 12.

Pawan broke Prithvi’s excitement tried to return with Preela.

Saturday 25 September 2021
Episode 13.

Shisti stressed that they went to the police station to report crimes against thugs who tried to hurt Janki and Preura.

Sunday September 26 2021
Episode 14.

Mahira showed off her marriage to Karan for Preela.

Monday September 27 2021
Episode 15.

Mahira became very emotional about the way Karan and Prteeta acted when they were together.

Tuesday September 28 2021
Episode 16.

Prithvi knew that Mahira had been expelled from home, and this made him very nervous.

Wednesday 29 September 2021
Episode 17.

Pawan steps out of his car in the Luthra house and takes the cap from a waiter after paying him money.

Thursday, September 30, 2021
Episode 18.

Preeta further explains that she does not feel bad when Karina scolds her because she has also lost her brother, so she feels that they both have been married because god wanted to take revenge on Maira.

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Karina telling Karan and Sameer to go to a police station and make Sarla suffer. Shrishti cries that her mother can never do such wrong. She runs to the police station, Rishab, and Sameer behind her. Dadi faints.

In the room, Mahira hugs Sherlin in excitement and victory. Sherlin says she owes Mahira a favor, for what she did today. Mahira was cheerful that they got rid of both mother-daughter. Sherlin says it was fun to revenge both of them today. This was revenge for Sarla’s slap, and everything was possible because of Mahira. She is her soul sister. Mahira was flattered. She was determined to break and shatter Luthra’s family as well if she does not get Karan. Sherlin was thoughtful. Mahira did not want to share her plan, she intended to play this game emotionally and win it.

In the room, Karan and Rishab tell Dadi not to take tension. Karina assures Dadi that Sherlin is saying right. Rishab tells Karina to stay away from the matter for now. Karina says Rishab must take care of his wife. Rishab says he feels reports were changed, and he also feels lonely. Dadi and even Rakhi believed that this time Sherlin was right. Karan defends Preeta that had she known the sweet was poisonous she wouldn’t have eaten them. She fell ill. As much as he knows Sarla, she cannot harm her daughter for anyone else. Karina says the truth is, sweet was poisonous. Karan leaves the room. Rakhi says maybe Sarla unintentionally mixed an expired ingredient. Sherlin and Preeta both fall ill. Sarla can never harm anyone. Karina again taunts Rakhi for defending Sarla. Rakhi says she only feels it is a misunderstanding.

Dadi tells Rakhi she did whatever she had promised her. But Sarla’s laddu left their heir’s life at stake. Karina insists Sarla is the culprit. Dadi tells them to bring everyone to complete the rituals of fast. Rakhi says they must wait for Preeta, as it is her first Karwachot. Dadi insists that Preeta did not respect the relations or her husband.
Shrishti was crying and tries to stop the auto-rickshaw. Janki tells Shrishti that like always, they will solve the matter. Shrishti says they got a report as evidence that laddu was poisonous. Janki says they will stay determined and prove someone else is the culprit. Shrishti was sure it is Sherlin and Mahira who mixed poison in laddu. Sarla is also hurt, and Preeta had no energy to talk even. Preeta is all broken from the inside.

Janki says Preeta does not understand what she should do. She is even unable to cry. She couldn’t even sit with her mother, because she had to return to her husband for Karwachot Pooja. Preeta never forgets her responsibilities. Shrishti was emotional if Preeta will not save their mother. Janki says her responsibility towards Karwachot is more important right now. Shrishti cries asking if Preeta will be a good mother or a good wife. Preeta reaches home in an auto. Janki says Preeta is fasting, she also looks tired; she tells Preeta to go and take care of her family. Preeta wipes her tears and goes inside. Shrishti tells Janki they must do something to save Sarla. Janki says God will surely help them.

Preeta thinks about Sarla’s advice from the jail to take care of her marriage. She comes to Mahira and Sherlin’s room. Preeta says they must be happy, but they must remember that those who make others suffer cry themselves as well. She knows well what Sherlin did, and why. Mahira asks about her mother. Preeta shuts Mahira up. She blames Sherlin for purposely getting her mother to jail. She understands Sherlin’s enmity with her and thought about hurting her mother. She questions why Sherlin holds such enmity with her, what Sherlin wants. Sherlin asks why she would be enemies with Preeta. Preeta forbids Sherlin to do all this drama again.

She clarifies to Sherlin to stay her enemy, hurt her and then see how she replies; but atleast stay away from her mother. Mothers are all alike, they hold big hearts and a lot of love. When her maa brought the laddu, she told her to give them to Sherlin because she is pregnant and the laddu is healthy. But she thought of Sherlin as a mother. And it is Sherlin who sent Sarla to jail. Mahira says she is pleased to see Preeta cry. She agrees that Sarla is nice and did not intend to kill anyone. Sherlin says her blame was right, she ate poisonous laddu. Mahira says they need to accept their plan was really good, she (Mahira), Sherlin, and Ramona made the plan.

In the flashback, Mahira put the phone on the loudspeaker. Sherlin was in a state of shock. Ramona told Mahira that every mother will be terrified to do so, but Sherlin’s readiness shows she is ready to do anything to revenge Preeta. Sherlin tells Mahira her mother wants her to eat poisonous laddu. Ramona says there are doctors to handle her situation. Sherlin was determined to do this in spite of the risk.

Preeta asks Sherlin how she could eat the poisonous laddu. Why did she play with her unborn child? Sherlin says she is a strong mother. When her child will be born, she will tell him that she took his support and won a fight for her self-esteem. Sherlin says Preeta has no proof against them, and courts only want proof.

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