This Is Fate Sunday 8 November 2020 Update Zee World

This Is Fate Sunday 8 November 2020 Update

This Is Fate Sunday 8th November 2020 Update: On This Is Fate Sunday 8 November 2020 Update, Rishab goes to Mahesh, he kisses his forehead then sits beside him, asking if he felt angry when he send the nurse away, he explains that felt worried because he knows that his father is really handsome so might try t flirt with the nurse, he must wake and talk with him and he should at least place his hands on his forehead, Risahb mentions that karan has agreed to marry Maira but he will not say anything to him as he doesnot want to get into a lecture, he only likes Preeta for Karan as she is the only one who can make him come back to the right track and she is best suited with him, he can only be cured by Preeta. Karan comes in, Risahb sees him then immediately changes the topic, karan asks Rishab what he is doing to which he mentions that he is complaining to their father.

Karan mentions that she has once again harmed Mahesh, the entire family believes and knows that she is the one to be blamed, she ahs once again deceived them, Rishab asks him to look into his heart and think that Preeta is capable of doing such a thing, Karan mentions that he knows she is the cluprit. Rishab says that he cannot believe she is capable of doing such a thing as she was the one to call him at the place of the accident, Rishab tries to convince him that she is innocent, Karan mentions that he only knows one thing that Mahesh is again gone into coma and leaves, Rishab mentions that he has heard what Karan said, he now feels that something really wrong is about to happen.

Preeta is sitting in her bed thinking of how she was once again blamed for harming Mahesh, she felt really painful when she came to know what the Luthra’s thought about her, Karan also enters his room, he remembers the moment he spent with Preeta earlier the same day after seeing the scatterings that are all over the room. She thinks of how he kissed her on the cheek, he kneels and lifting the droppings thinks of how she hit him with the pillow, he starts to weep,
Preeta also sitting on her bed remembers when she woke up beside karan feeling really nice, karan thinks of he threw Preeta out of his house, Shrishti comes hugging Preeta, they both start crying.
Karan is not able to control his emotions, then picks the pillow again reliving the moment which they both shared in the morning. Preeta cannot control herself.

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In the morning, Sherlin instructs the worker to set the lamp on the upper side, Ramona asks the guests to arrive as soon as possible to the Luthra mansion, Ramona asks Sherlin why is she not ready, Sherlin mentions that she ahs already gotten ready but now is asking why has she not prepared the Thali for Maira she also pleads to accompany her as she is really excited to see the dreams of her daughter fulfil, she gets a call then Sherlin thinks that she doesn’t know her daughter who is really a smart person which is why she is really happy, Ramona ends the call then asks Sherlin what she is thinking, she explains that she is really happy to know that Maira will soon become a part of their family.

The episode continued on This Is Fate Sunday 8 November 2020 Update Ramona and Sherlin enter Maira’s room but she is not in her room, then they also check the room of Kartika and Dadi but she is not there, Rakhi comes with jewellery then is shocked when she does not see Maira, both of them explain that she is not I the house, Rakhi explains that she might have gone to the Mandir as she told her in the night that she would go there, Ramona feels that she might be in trouble after which leaves the room, Rakhi thinks that she gets tensed very easily.

Shrishti asks Preeta to come and heave tea, she explains that she is dusting but seeing her sister says that she will first drink tea with her, there is someone at the door, Shrishti is shocked when she opens it to see that it is Maira, she tries to throw her out of the house but Maira forcefully enters, then she explains that she wants to talk with Preeta, Shrishti is not convinced but Preeta gives her the chance to talk as she mentioned that she had something important to say.

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Karina and Dadi are looking after the guests when Ramona comes running asking if thge6y have seen Maira, they both explain that she would be in her room to which she answers that she is not in the house, Kartika hears the conversation, she thinks if Maira might have left the house, she ask if Maira has left any note, she explains that whenever anyone leaves their house without informing anyone then they leave a note, which is why she said it, Dadi and Karina both scold her saying that she should have not said anything like this, Rakhi also tries to calm them both, Ramona inquiries from Kartika what she meant, Sherlin mentions that she should not worry as Maira wanted to marry Karan but would never do anything of the sort, she hints to the fact that Maira might have been kidnapped, Ramona thinks that she might have been kidnapped by Preeta, Rakhi tries to say that she cannot do this, Ramona is adamant that she would try to harm Maira as she also did the same with Mahesh, she wonders if her daughter is safe, everyone gets tensed hearing her exclamation.

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