This Is Fate Sunday 30 August 2020 Update

This Is Fate Sunday 30 August 2020 Update
This Is Fate Sunday 30th August 2020 Update

This Is Fate Sunday 30th August 2020 Update: On This Is Fate Sunday 30 August 2020 Update, Sherlin calls Prithvi and tells him that they’re in big trouble because all of the Luthras are against Manisha and they must do something, he says that whenever he feels that they are winning something bad happens ruining it, he says that then he will marry Preeta, she will be with Rishab and Karan with Manisha, she gets jealous and says that she now thinks that she must marry Rishab, she say bad things to him and leaves from there, he says that he doesn’t know how to tell her that he wants both of them.

Manisha is with her cousins, Karna comes and she purposefully says bad things to Shrishti, he gets very mad and asks her to say it to his face, he walks away, she goes after him and says that she does not like this decoration, he says that it was not Shrishti but the best decorators of the city, he asks her to be polite because he doesn’t like the way she talks about his friends she says that she wants him to follow her directions because she does not want a husband but a slave.

This Is Fate Saturday 29 August 2020 Update

This Is Fate Friday 28 August 2020 Update

Billa comes to the Luthra house and thinks of a way to enter their house in disguise and make Prithvi pay.
The ceremony is about to beg, Pandit asks Karan to come and sit with his bride, he is hesitant, then he is forced to come and sit with her.

Sherlin is seeing him and feels happy, Prithvi comes and stands with Preeta asking where she was, she asks the reason, he says that he got sad when she was not in the hall but now he feels happy.
Billa comes to the hall, the police comes after him, Mahesh seeing them goes to question them and ask why they are here, they tell him that Billa has escaped from the jail and they are trying to find him, he gives them the go-ahead to check their house.

Billa thinks that he is ready to be killed but will do what he intends to and that is to kill Prithvi, he sits in the place of his disguised person, The ceremony begins and the Pandit calls her mother, her relatives say that they are in London and ask permission if her cousins can perform the ceremony, he agrees, Manisha seeing the opportunity start to create a scene, trying to taunt Rakhi, she understands what Manisha is trying to do.

The episode continued on This Is Fate Sunday 30 August 2020 Update as Manisha turns to Rakhi saying that she is thinking correct that Manisha is angry with her and she loves her even more than her real mother, she says that so what if she was not given the mehndi function but will be blessed to know that she must be the one to do her ceremonial obligations, Manisha thinks that she has played a trump card because now Rakhi cannot do anything.

She calls her on the stage but when she tries to help Rakhi stops her and does everything by herself, Rishab and Preeta cannot bear the sight of this. She looks angrily at Karan. The Pandit concludes the ceremony.

Rakhi heads back and they start another ceremony, she picks Preeta to be the one to perform it, she calls her in the front, Prithvi asks her to go in the front, she makes her wear the jewellery, Rishab thinks that she is getting strong with each ceremony and what if they are left watching while she becomes a member of their family, Preeta is about to complete it when there is someone yelling asking her to stop.
Karan is left shocked to see Sophia standing at the door demanding some answers from him.

This is the end of This Is Fate Sunday 30 August 2020 Update.

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