This Is Fate Saturday 30th October 2021 Zee World

This Is Fate Saturday 30th October 2021 Zee World
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This Is Fate Saturday 30th October 2021 Zee World: On This Is Fate Saturday 30 October 2021, Shrishti was worried what if the phone gets locked, she will lose a chance. She succeeds in unlocking the phone and calls Preeta for the proof.

In the room, Preeta rejects Shrishti’s call and apologizes to Akshay. Akshay tells her to take the call. Shrishti tells Preeta that the phone was unlocked, and Akshay had an affair with Ruchika. She reads messages of Akshay and Ruchika to Preeta. There, Akshay finds his phone and asks Kritika to ring it. Preeta whispers to Shrishti to hide somewhere and not to tell anyone about the phone. Shrishti leaves the phone on the floor. Akshay finds his phone on the floor.

Sherlin comes to Mahira and says she told Mahira that her patience will now reap the fruit. She found out how to take revenge on Preeta now. Shrishti was angry at Preeta for all the anger and disgraces. She insulted them and married Karan as well. Now, she will show Preeta her right place. She has a key now, it is Kritika. Preeta took Kritika to the guest room without a doubt that Akshay was with his girlfriend. Preeta insulted Akshay. Now it is time to fill Kritika’s ears, that Preeta has a problem with their marriage. Kritika will take the news to her mother. And they will see Preeta disgraced in front of everyone.

Shrishti comes to Preeta in the kitchen and says Akshay isn’t the right guy for them. Girish hears this and tells Preeta to go, he will do the work here. Shrishti and Preeta go to the guest room. Ruchika was in the cupboard. Shrishti and Preeta discuss that no one cares if Akshay has an affair or not, they are extremely modern. They try to intrigue Ruchika’s interest to come out of the cupboard. Ruchika thinks it seems Akshay wants her outside and has shared with everyone about their relationship. Preeta tells Shrishti that even Kritika accepted the wedding of Akshay and Ruchika. Ruchika gets a message from Akshay that they will meet at night. The look in the room.
Preeta had just opened the cupboard where Ruchika was when Shrishti finds a dupatta hanging from the window. They run outside. Ruchika jumps out of the room and hides behind Sameer’s car. Preeta and Shrishti tell Sameer about Ruchika. Ruchika gets in the loading car and leaves. Sameer and the girls spot her to flee.

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Sameer also doubted Ruchika. Shrishti says she saw their chats and phone records and had the proof. She had to leave it at the last moment. Preeta was worried that they need to bring the real face of Akshay to everyone.

In the hall, Akshay gets a message from Ruchika to be cautious of Preeta. He spots Preeta. There, Sherlin comes to take Akshay. She and Mahira speak to Akshay about what Preeta said.

Preeta was looking for Shrishti and tells them they must tell Karan everything about him.

Akshay says he felt bad about whatever Preeta said, still he is helpless. Mahira says no one would have ignored it. Kritika and Rakhi join them. Kritika was happy that Preeta has taken all the responsibility for their wedding and Rakhi is free. Akshay’s mother compliments that Preeta does not forget anything.

This Is Fate Saturday 30th October 2021 Zee World, On Shrishti and Sameer whisper that Akshay’s parents are nice. But they are ignorant of their son. Sameer was happy that Kareena does not know about this.

In the room, Karina shows Dadi the gifts she brought for Kritika’s in-laws. She shares her wishes and dreams for Kritika’s wedding. Ramona stood at the door. She comments that this is a new face of Karina. Dadi says she is a mother today. Ramona says she is happy for Karina and her daughter, she can gift anything to anyone, but she must not trust Preeta. Karina was quizzical. Ramona says Karina might feel she is speaking against Preeta because she wants a place for Mahira. But Preeta blamed Akshay for cheating on Kritika.

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