This is Fate Saturday 25th December 2021 Zee world

This is Fate Saturday 25th December 2021 Zee world
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This is Fate Saturday 25th December 2021 Zee world: On This is Fate Saturday 25 December 2021, Preeta exclaims Sherlin is clever and acts as If she is the best daughter in law, Shristhi replies she has been doing it from the start, she not only lies but also plays with the emotions of the family member, Shristhi questions how can someone do so wrong to Rishab jee, Preeta replies it is because she doesnot consider the Luthra family to be her own family, she is wrong, Shristhi mentions whenever they have tried to reveal the truth, Prithvi and Sherlin have managed to turn the tables but this would not happen again and Preeta must promise to not step back, Preeta explains she would not let anything happen but would make sure Kritika knows the truth about Prithvi otherwise she would feel hurt, she cannot let that happen but would make sure the truth is revealed.

Sherlin places the jewelry in the wardrobe when she turns to find Mahira standing at the door, Sherlin questions what has happened and does she feel jealous, Mahira explains she could have been the best daughter in law of this family but everything was ruined because of Preeta because she was not able to marry Karan, Sherlin mentions everything that happened was because of her because she ruined the lives of everyone, Mahira mentions she did it for the sake of the family, Sherlin is, however, mad but Mahira requests for her help saying she must say to the family that Preeta is not worthy of living as a family member but Sherlin says she would think and only help her when she desires, Mahira leaves crying, Sherlin thinks Mahira has said the truth as she did not know when she became the best daughter in law of the family.

This is Fate Saturday 25th December 2021 Zee world: Karina and Dadi are finalizing the list, Karina invites Sanjana on the mobile, Rakhi is instructing the cook to make sure all the dishes are made according to the taste and there should not be any delay. Dadi explains she has finalized the list, she says to Rakhi that only the relatives and close friends have been invited, Karina taunts at Preeta mentioning it is glad she finally arrived.

Rakhi asks Preeta how is Sarla feeling and what was in the reports, Dadi asks what is she saying as the reports could not have come so early, Rakhi explains Preeta took Sarla to the city hospital and she used to practice there so knows a lot of people, Sherlin listening from upstairs is shocked as she also went to the same hospital, Preeta tries to reveal the truth that Sherlin did not go with anyone from the family, Dadi before listening to the entire truth starts scolding Karina and Rakhi questioning why did they not go with her because Sherlin is pregnant, Sherlin is tensed that Preeta saw her with Prithvi.

Preeta tries to reveal the truth, Dadi questions why no one went with Preeta even if they are preparing for the functions, Rakhi apologizes saying that it would not happen again, Shristhi tries to explain when they hear Karan scolding someone on the mobile, they all question what has happened, Karan tries to say that it was nothing but he then says that he was not able to play well so got into a fight with the coach, Dadi explains there is nothing to worry about as he is the famous Karan Luthra. Sherlin is relieved that Preeta did not reveal the truth as if she had known about it then would have revealed the truth.

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Preeta is in the kitchen when Shristhi comes questioning what did Preeta think to reveal the truth, Preeta is tense so explains she would expose the truth but they have to wait because the only proof which they have been in their conversation is because Sherlin wrote the name of her husband as Rishab while she went with Prithvi, she is clever so they would have to find some proof against her but not know because she knows Karan is frustrated so she doesnot want him to feel tensed so they will find the proof against her, Shristhi agrees but asks if Rishab is going to come to the function, Preeta explains that he should come, Shristhi mentions that she has something planned.

Mahesh and Rakhi are in the room, Mahesh is looking at the photos of the new-born children, Rakhi questions what has happened, Mahesh mentions that he feels the child of Rishab would just joke them and will be cute, Rakhi says she desires the child be a daughter, but Mahesh mentions he doesnot care if it is a son or daughter but just desires a grandchild who would be like Rishab.

Mahesh is amazed as Rishab called him, he asks how Rishab is feeling, and after the greetings Rishab asks if Rakhi is in the room before explaining she would be angry to know he cannot come to the function, Rakhi takes the mobile saying she is really angry to hear this is what he thinks of her because he doesnot care for the embarrassment she would have to suffer if he doesnot come, Rishab assures he only cares for her, she demands that he come back as soon as possible saying when he would come she would make the paratha which he likes, she feels he doesnot eat anything, Rakhi ends the call before listening to what Rishab had to say, Mahesh questions why did she end it, Rakhi asks him to wait and see how he would come back home to his mother, Mahesh exclaims she emotionally blackmailed him but Rakhi doesnot consider it to be blackmailing as this is a love between a mother and her son.

Preeta in the night wonders why did Ganesh not close the front door, she sees Karan with the kit, she asks where is he going so late at night, Karan explains that he was not able to play well so the coach was also angry, he promised he would come back as his routine is all ruined because Rishab is not here, Preeta assures that she would help him with everything and would also wake him in the morning so he must not worry about anything, Karan leaves after appreciating her but when she walks in the house, Preeta turns questioning what Is Prithvi doing here, he mentions he feels bad for her because Karan is not giving her the due attention which he desires, Preeta scolds him warning that he should not meddle in the matters, Prithvi asks why does she think so wrong of him and must have a conversation as she would feel light.

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