This Is Fate Monday 2 November 2020 Update Zee World

This Is Fate Monday 2 November 2020 Update
This Is Fate Monday 2 November 2020 Update

This Is Fate Monday 2nd November 2020 Update: On This Is Fate Monday 2 November 2020 Update, Sherlin and Maira wondering what they did and they made a mistake trusting Shrishti words, Sherlin explains that she ahs also made a mistake coming after her, Maira starts banging on the door but Sherlin pulls her saying that she should not do this as they are locked in the store room, Maira starts pushing the items there but Sherlin says that it cannot help them, they were deceived and were played she explains that the Aurora sisters played their game on them and she is sure that both Karan and Preeta are together in the room.

Karan asks Preeta if she is ready and asks that she will not sya anything when they both are close to each other as it can happen between them both because they both are husband and wife, he pulls her closer then they both get near each other but he pushes her behind saying that he was not able to kiss because his nose is longer then her, they both start to argue then Karan takes her to the mirror saying that she can check, he once again says that his nose is longer than her, Karan starts to laugh, when she asks he says that he is looking really handsome and she is also looking pretty,

He asks her to marry him, she says that she will never marry him and he should not have thought of this, he asks if she does not like him to which she says that he is nice but she will not marry him, he pleads with her to tell him otherwise he will start crying she says that she will tell him but he must not cry, she explains that she will not marry him because he not even made a compliment regarding her, he comes to her then explains that she is really beautiful, she asks him to say something which she does not already know, he says that she is the last sixer in the match which is much needed and everything depends on it, he also says that she is his love then asks if he can hug her, they both are hugging each other, which calms them both and they rejoice in happiness, he also kisses her on the cheek, she looks surprisingly at him.

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Sherlin wonders why there is no signal in the room, Maira comes saying that she must find another way as she is even tired from banging the door, Sherlin is still trying to get network on her phone, she asks why Maira was not able to realize that they were being played, then they both get into an argument, Maira asks her what they will do and suggests that they call anyone to come and open the door, Sherlin explains that if they call anyone then they will surely ask them who did this and will not even believe them when they say that Preeta and Shrishti are after this. Sherlin thinks of who she might call, she decides to call Prithvi but it is not connecting, she therefor sends a voice note, Maira immediately inquires about the person who she send the voice note to.
Prithvi is feeling dizzy, he wonders that he might be drugged, then thinks that it was because of the drink that he had from the waiter.

Maira asks who she called to, Sherlin explains that she knows that he will come to her aid and she is waiting for the message to deliver, then it finally delivers, He comes to the door, of the store room and he asks Sherlin to open the door, she says that he must open it from the outside, when he opens it, Sherlin leaves with Maira then locks Prithvi in the room fearing that he might expose them as he is drunk.
Preeta refuses to let Karan kiss her, he mentions that he is a famous cricketer and can kiss anyone, she gets angry saying that she will not let him kiss her as she is special.

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He says that she is his love, she then again pulls herself away from him, she asks then why did he say that he could kiss anyone, he explains that he now understands that she is jealous, Preeta refuses to say that she does not get jealous, she says that she is sitting with him and so he must not tease her otherwise she will leave, he is adamant to tease her, she tries to leave but he stops her saying that he will only let her once she says that three magical words, which a lover feels to say when they see one another, she realizes what he is talking about but refuses to say them, then she finally gives in and says that she will only say them when he has closed his eyes, he says that it is because she is nervous, but she insists that she will only say them when he has closed his eyes, she comes with a pillow then says that they are that he must behave, Karan gets angry, they both come face to face with each other, he pulls her closer asking that she thinks of these words when she sees him, he again asks her to which she says that it is because he never talks nicely to her, he gets angry and so she starts shouting which irritates karan.

The episode continued on This Is Fate Monday 2 November 2020 Update asSarla comes to the house asking why did they not bring the colours as it is Holi, janki comes and Sarla asks why did she take a bath, janki explains that it is because she got tired, then Sarla says that she wanted to apply the colour and is also wondering why her daughters are sleeping, she deicides to never let them be like Bi jee who does not like the colours, she goes to wake them but is shocked to see that they are not there, janki mentions that she feels that they both are in the Luthra house, Sarla says that she tried to explain that some members of the Luthra house are not well wishers of their family and might harm them but they do not listen as they have grown up.
Sherlin and Maira are running in the hallway when they hear, Karan and Preeta together, they both are shocked to see that Preeta is begging karan to leave who is kissing her.

This is the end of This Is Fate Monday 2 November 2020 Update on zee world.

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