This Is Fate Friday 19 June 2020 Update


This Is Fate Friday 19 June 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Preeta pushes Karan away, She asks what the boy said, he says that he said that he has delivered the parcel and some women yelled at him and told him to go away, She gets confused and plans to go and check the house, he is about to leave when she pulls him back and asks how did he says that she looks pregnant because she is not fat, they both start to fight, he then says that she will be the mother of his children, she gets really annoyed and he is having fun, they then move towards the house.

This Is Fate Friday 19 June 2020 Update

Karina is holding Sherlin’s reports and is thinking of opening it and trying to find what is inside it, just then Rakhi comes and says that she must come with her, she then explains everything to her regarding the plan that they have put in place, she says that Dadi wants to go to the washroom and she wants her to keep Manisha in Rishab’s room, they both are very determined to win the battle for Karan.

Prithvi enters the hall and is very worried that he has come because Manisha threatened her to come in fifteen minutes.

Karan and Preeta in the car, they both are wondering what will happen when they finally win the battle.

This Is Fate Friday 19 June 2020 Update
This Is Fate Friday 19 June 2020 Update

Shrishti and Rishab are in the room and trying to connect the cameras, they are able to succeed and see Prithvi, they are left shocked, Dadi is not letting Manisha go away from the room, she stops her and doesnot let her leave, Rishab asks Shrishti to go and follow Prithvi, she agrees, then she makes fu with Sameer, Rishab notices it and says that they both are having something, because they are interested in each other, they both try to deny it but Rishab is not convinced and asks what is the matter with them, they both say that they are just good friends and nothing else, she then looks at Sameer and smiles, Rishab starts to make fun of her and she leaves.

Karina comes into the room and Dadi leaves, she makes Manisha stop and says that what she has is Sherlin’s reports, she gets a call and is scared to hear it, just then she leaves out of the room, Manisha tries to call Prithvi but his phone is not reachable, she then texts him hoping that he will see it and come directly to the room.

Prithvi calls Kartika and asks how she is, she asks where Karan and Manisha because it is the time for the engagement, she says that she is in Rishab’s room, Kartika leaves, he thinks that it is right because he was able to find the whereabouts of Manisha, he goes to meet her.

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Karan asks Preeta why she is mad, she says that she is not talking because elders says that it is sometimes wise to remain quiet in some matter, she says that she knows he does not like Prithvi because of what he has done in the past but this does not mean that he challenges him in every matter, Karan makes her occupied and places ear pieces, he does not want to hear Preeta praising him.

Prithvi is being followed by Shrishti, she knows that he is going to meet Manisha and that he Is the one who is behind everything that is happening, he gets curious and tries to look for her but is not able to find her just then she is sure that it is him, he enters the room, Manisha is very angry and says that she will not marry Karan because everything the Luthra house are after her, she is about to leave, Prithvi stops her and sees Shrishti standing there, she comes in and makes Manisha say the truth, just then Prithvi thinks of running away and is about to but stumbles when Shrishti puts her feet in front of him making him fall. She starts to call everyone, he pushes her away, and Preeta catches her from falling.

This Is Fate Friday 19 June 2020 Update



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