This Is Fate Friday 14 August 2020 Update

This Is Fate Friday 14 August 2020 Update
This Is Fate Friday 14 August 2020 Update

This Is Fate Friday 14 August 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Shrishti is in her bed and not able to sleep, she is continuously thinking of Samer, she thinks of how he cares for her and is always there when she is in trouble with a worrying face, he is also thinking of her, he says that she is a bit stupid but very cute. She says that he is idiot.

She is not able to sleep blaming Samer for it and decides to do something.

Karan says to Preeta that she can stay with her torn dupatta and he will go into the house, she argues that she will be the one to enter the house and in the fight her dupatta gets stuck on Karan face, he brings it back getting very romantic making her wear it, he wipes her tears after which they both walk together towards the house, getting nervous they walk in.

This Is Fate Friday 14 August 2020 Update

Prithvi is drinking thinking of what Manisha said in the court, he thinks what she said in the court thinking that when she was blaming Rishab, he got angry and tried to suffocate her but when he realizes that Prithvi was the real mastermind behind ruining his life, then he will be killed as Karna would not let him get away.

He gets angry blaming that when the public sees any phone they take it but why was it not done with Billa’s phone, he thinking of it starts to blame those who hire them saying that must give more money so that they should also have good phones, he thinking of it makes a plan to steal it.

This Is Fate Friday 14 August 2020 Update
This Is Fate Friday 14 August 2020 Update

Shrishti and Samer both walk on the terrace, they both greet each other asking the reason for being there, she says that she came to enjoy the good weather, he also says that he was restless and so came to enjoy iot. She thinks it has the same feeling like her.

Samer asks her to sit with him, she apologizes him for everything that happened in the police station, he says that he had enjoyed it and she must not even think of apologizing, he says that the weather is very cold, she shares her shawl with him, just then Karina comes and orders Samer to go to his room, when he leaves she also tries to leave but Karina stops her saying that she must only focus on her work and not try to get interested in Samer, Shrishti tries to deny it but he orders her to not talk in between, Karina thinks that she is trying to marry Samer but she will not let it happen, Shristhri thinking that Karina feels that they both were romancing leaves.

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Samer is in the hall, Karina comes and says that he must not get distracted otherwise she will have him sent back to his family, she orders that he must get away from her and keep within in his limits, Shrishti comes and hears everything, Karina seeing this gets angry, a bell rings at the same moment, she orders her to open it, everyone also comes asking Karina why she was not opening the door.

Karan enters and hugs Shrishti in excitement, he comes and also starts to hug everyone but none is able to understand the reason behind it, Mahesh asks him why he is so happy.

They all ask him what happened, he says that he has found it, Preeta tells that they have found Billa’s phone and when he was planning to plot the accident, and he was constantly talking with him so they will now be able to find the real mastermind after which Rishab will be free.

Karan says that this was all possible because of Shrishti and her went to Billa and started to interrogate him during which he told her about the phone. They all start top praise her at which she gets really happy.

Prithvi and Sherlin are talking, he ask her, he says that he knows Manisha did not listen to her, she gets shocked asking how he knows this. He tells her that he knows her more than anyone else and she is the person who can make anyone win.

Karan tells everyone that he has Billa’s phone but it is unfortunately dead so he will charge it and get it unlocked with his friend after which they will be able to know the real person behind everything.

This Is Fate Friday 14 August 2020 Update

Prithvi is talking with Sherlin saying that he will go and steal the phone before anyone is able to have a look at it, she suggests that he must not take the risk but he asks her to only think positive.

Dadi asks Karan if he will be able to bring \Rishab out, he says that he will do anything to bring Rishab home, He start to hug everyone, Kartika asks Preeta why she is crying, Shrishti is about to hug Karina but then steps back.

Sherlin plans to go and help Prithvi as he will not be able to do it alone, Prithvi is thinking that he must get away with it but only fears that if he gets caught then he will be able to marry Preeta, he seeing the time gets relieved that almost everyone will be sleeping at this time.

Preeta says that she is happy because now Rishab will be free and the real person will go to jail. Karan comes to her and holds her hand.

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