These Streets Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee world

These Streets Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee world

These Streets Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee world: On These Streets Wednesday 13 October 2021, Asmta says fine I will go on honeymoon. He is my husband. Who are you to tell me anything. Ridoy is there. He hears everything. Ridoy says really asmita? Thank you so much. You will go in honey moon with me?
Asmita is silent. shan says I think she doesn’t want to go with you. asmita says prepare for it Ridoy. we are going on honeymoon. Ridoy says wow that’s great. Let’s go and prepare. We will go where you want. I want this to be the best trip of my life.

Nevi says in heart I can’t let this happen. I want ridoy to kick this asmita out.
Ridoy finalizes everything. He says to Nevi mom we are going to Mumbai. I decided that. Nevi says why don’t you ask her. Ridoy says why she decides everything? I will decide it. Nevi says only shan can stop Asmita.

Beauty slaps Paro and says Shan is your wife. Paro says enough even if you kill I wont do all this anymore. Beauty says I have a surprise for you. HEr thugs hit Mohit. Paro hugs him. She says are you okay? Beauty says if you want him alive, do what I ask you. Paro agrees.

Asmita packs her bag. Shan comes in her room. He says people who really want to on honeymoon don’t go to Mumbai. I would take you magical places. Asmita says shut up. I dont’ want to hear anything. Shan says I will go but no matter what you do, I wont let you go with Ridoy.

These Streets Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee world: Nevi says to Asmita you have to take care of Ridoy. Make sure he eats all his meds on time. Asmita says I will be careful. Nevi says in heart Ridoy will make your life hell when he takes these meds. Ridoy says to Shan I will go with asmtia right in front of you. Shan says shut up. ASmita says dont’ shout at my husband. she holds Ridoy’s hand and says let’s go. They leave. Shan says this can’t happen.

Shan packs his bags. He says I can’t let this happen. Paro says where are you going? After asmita and ridoy. Nevi says shan stop. Shan leaves. Nevi says in heart this is what I wanted. This game will ruin Asmita’s life. Shan in on his way. He tries to chase Asmita and Ridoy. He hits his car in a truck.

Ridoy and Asmita reach airport. Asmita feels something. Ridoy says lets go. Asmita says something is not right. He says please stop. He pulls Asmita and says I have booked entire plane for you. It will be only us.
Beauty says shan met an accident. He is in hospital. Ravindra rushes to hospital.

Asmita and Ridoy reach Mumbai. Ridoy holds Asmita’s hand in the car. She takes her hand back. He says you must be thinking why are we here. It gave me the best gift, you. I found you here. This is such a beautiful city. He makes her stand in sunroof. He says we will always be one. No one, not even shan can come near you.

Shan is being treated. He says Asmita.. Asmita.. He says I want to go. I have to stop my wife. Ravindra asks doctor how is he? Doctor says he has lost blood. He is calling asmita’s name. Beauty says poor Shan. She is enjoying with Ridoy.

Ridoy says let’s shop. He picks a short dress and says you shouldn’t wear saree on honeymoon. You should wear clothes like these. He says this dress is perfect for you. ASmita says I.. All this. He says you are my wife. You have to wear this for me tonight. Shan calls asmita from hospital. He says asmita please you are in trouble. You are getting yourself in pain. Ridoy says not asmita Her husband here. Dont’ dare calling my wife again. He blocks Shan from Asmita’s phone.

Asmita comes out of trial room. He says you didn’t try it? He says didn’t you like it? Shan tries to leave the hospital. Everyone stops him.
Asmita and ridoy go on a ship. He says I have a surprise for you. He puts a gift on floor. He says this is for you. Please don’t open it right now. Asmita says I have to go to restroom. Asmita comes to corner and says why do I feel like something wrong is going to happen. Should I call Shan? Ridoy comes there. She says I was just coming. Ridoy comes close to her.

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