The King’s Affection Season 1 Episode 3

The King's Affection Season 1 Episode 3

Hwi spares Ji-un his life thinking they won’t ever cross paths again. Later, she’s startled to see him lurking inside the palace walls.

The King’s Affection

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 3

Air Date: Oct 18, 2021

Source: The.Kings.Affection.S01E03.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-HBO


The episode starts with Ji-Woon, once again, is fascinated by the beauty of our dam. The difference is that he is no longer a dam – I know. He is now the Crown Prince, Lee Hwi. After Lee Hwi fired a knife at him, Ji-Woon convinced him that he had not seen anything and only passed to hunt herbs. Because he did not know about his identity, he offered to help him get out of the royal hunting area or he would be wrong as an animal. Lee Hwi hesitated but then had no choice to protect his identity. He went behind his kingdom clothes.

The pair fated escape while all the royal guardians pursued them until they reached the tip of the cliff. Because there was no other way out, Lee Hwi pushed Ji-Woon to jump from the cliff. But Ji-Woon we didn’t want to jump alone so he also grabbed his hand. In case he sank again. This was a parallel scene for their first meeting when both fell into the pool. After the situation was safe, Lee Hwi saved Ji-Woon who sank. He suddenly visualized Lee Hwi as the same girl he fell and saved him from drowning in the pool. Then, he found himself waking up alone on the river.

On the other hand, Lee Hwi found the way back to the Royal Hunt Basecamp. He witnessed how his father smiled proudly at his half-brother. His memories returned to younger days where his father was happy to play with his half-brother. With sad eyes, he asked the kingdom about his father’s reaction after seeing him for the first time. “Did Daddy agreed to kill me because I was a woman and there was no use for him? Asked Lee Hwi. Lady the court replied that the command came from the king so he didn’t have the power to obey him. He finally returned to reality after feeling that someone targeted him from behind. Apparently, a killer who wore a blue uniform shooting arrows at him. Hyun came out of nowhere and managed to protect it while Guardian Royal chasing a killer. It’s a life that you live, Dam-i.

Prince Lee Hwi reported an attempt to murder him to his noble with Hyun’s help as his witness. The palace counselor suspected that the murder was held by an insider because it happened during the Royal Hunt that was very guarded. No one can enter the forest, judging that our ice prince almost lost his life to pursue. All speculations lead to a new crown princess, Lee Hwi’s stepmother. Because the Royal Hunt event was not something that the Crown Princess attended. Unfortunately, the injured killer chased by Lee Hwi’s Royal Guard played it well. He exchanged his body with the body of the dead and easily cheats The Palace Guardian including His Majesty. But not everyone.

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