The King’s Affection Season 1 Episode 13

The King's Affection Season 1 Episode 13
The King's Affection Season 1 Episode 13

He carefully reveals her secret to Ji-un. Lord Sangheon unleashes his royal ambitions and makes way for the future king.

The King’s Affection

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 13

Air Date: Nov 22, 2021

Language: Korean

Subtitle Language: English

Source: The.Kings.Affection.S01E13.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-LoveBug


When the night walks deeper, both try to talk about everything. Lee Hwi approached Ji-Woon who was confused and confused. He told him about his past and he was with the final twin brother, the original crown son, and how he turned out to be the crown prince. Lee Hwi asked if he felt grudge against him where he quickly admitted that he felt hatred but not towards him; It was for himself because he didn’t know him faster and let him bring all the burden and difficulty alone. Ji-Woon faces his fear by convincing him that the person he is now is the most important and goes for entertaining hugs.

Amid the chaos that occurred in the palace, both of them fell asleep with their hands in the forest. They even plan for the future and promise to stay together. Well, characters are allowed to plan but the author is the person who decides. So, let’s hope their plans come true.

Raja’s death

Of course, we have seen this coming but it still, hurts us when it happens. Someone pressed one of his servants to poison his herbal tonic. What he always drinks before going to bed. Meanwhile, he was not the only one who came for relatives. Other men also have businesses that have not been resolved with him, Kim Ga-on us. He put his sword on his noble neck. Ga-On requested an explanation of why the king helped him escape from Seok-jo with the help of Yoon’s commander. So in the previous episode, they did not work together but it was intentional assistance in unintentional situations.

The king deals with his truth. He explained how he failed to protect his good friend who was Ga-On’s father who was beheaded right in front of him while Ga-On was still a child. His sword went down after hearing his words about how he tried to take his father’s deceased inheritance by fulfilling their promises to build the world they believe. Just about time, Hanting carrying a toxic herbal tonic comes. Ga-on hides and sees the king of drinking toxic herbal tonics. After the servant left, the king called Ga-On with his real name, “Eon-SEO,” and gave him the direction of his father’s grave as a way to resolve misunderstandings. “You have to visit it,” King said.

Unfortunately, not long after, the king also explored his own grave. He died when you coughed up right before he slept. Ga-on looked surprised about what happened. The next day, news about the death of the king was spread throughout Joseon while Lee Hwi and Ji-Woon slept well in the middle of the forest.

Express the life he wants?

After separating the course from Lee Hwi, Yoon’s commander became a prisoner. He asked for water from The Guardian, fired him on his face, and dropped it. Perfect time, Hyun came to save. He helped him escape. Yoon’s commander urged him to find Lee Hwi first because Seok-jo was looking while getting his blo*d stain in the middle of the forest. Meanwhile, Lee Hwi and Ji-Woon took a walk in the valley together. They headed to Mount Bukseong, a place where he would reunite with everyone. After seeing his blo*d stain, Ji-Woon suggested he changed clothes first. He caught Lee Hwi seeing women’s jewelry.

Lee Hwi returned after changing her clothes. He returned with the clothes he used to use; Menswear. “Clothes feel more familiar to me,” said Lee Hwi. Everything still feels real for him and after years of living the lives of others, he finally gets a chance to live his own life as a woman. Ji-Woon smiled and was convinced that after everything settled in the future, he would buy his beautiful clothes and he could dress whatever he liked with all his hairpins and flowers. He also offered a snack and asked him to wait for a little because he would buy a beautiful hairpin for him.

Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan. A group of men wearing black clothes, which is not besides Seok-jo

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