The King’s Affection Season 1 Episode 1

The King's Affection Season 1 Episode 1

Years after the crown princess delivers forbidden twins, Yi Hwi meets a court maid who looks exactly like him, to his amazement and his mother’s horror.

The King’s Affection

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 1

Air Date: Oct 11, 2021

Source: The.Kings.Affection.S01E01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-HBO


The entire episode is all about the childhood story of Lee Hwi’s backstory and her encounter with Ji-Woon. A few years later, the twin son lives as the crown prince inside the palace with the name of Lee Hwi. He is quick-witted and intelligent. While the twin daughter is living as a low-life under the name of “Dam-i. At that time, she luckily passes the audition as the court maid lady. Fate brings the twins together again as they encounter one another at the Palace. They are both bewildered upon seeing each other’s faces without knowing the cruel reality that binds them together. Lee Hwi shares his encounter with Dam-i with the Queen which brings chills to her entire body. 

After their first encounter, Lee Hwi loses one of his most trusted Masters, Hwang-Gil, whom he describes as a father to him. To meet him again, he calls Dam-i to switch places with him. They unexpectedly become an ally. He uses their advantages to sneak out of the palace to meet the Master, while Dam-i is enjoying the delicious cakes at his palace. But, things get pretty tense since Lee Hwi leaves her with no manual book on how to face the Royal Highness that comes to visit his room. Dam-i and Eunnuch go into panic mode when her father, The Royal Highness, asks about her favorite sentences from the book of Zuo Zhuan. To avoid the crisis, Da-Mi reverses the question back to his father, asking what sentences he likes from the book. He answers with, “The benevolent shall not worry, the wise will not be cajoled, and the brave will not be afraid.”

Dam-i is fascinated by her father whom she has not yet acknowledged after hearing the sentences and straight-up complimenting him, resulting in an awkward yet endearing moment of the father and daughter. If only misogyny did not exist back in the day. 

The first encounter

Ji-Woo is the son of the head of the investigator officer. He is excitingly attending the palace for the banquet. His father smiles proudly while saying that he will also serve the King within the walls when he is ready. Later, Dam-i, who is walking with tons of laundry, catches his attention. After seeing she is dropping one of the blue cloths, he immediately goes to pick it up and rushes to give it back. He loses track of her but eventually finds her in the backyard of the palace. Loving the scenery and the butterflies that describe the fluttering encounter. The story moves at a fast pace, by this time, Ji-Woon is already seen in love at first sight upon seeing Dam-i sitting while reciting each word from the book of Zuo Zhuan. Her father’s favorite sentences.

He later approaches her and is amazed by the fact that a low-lady like her read the kinds of stuff that only noblemen read. Long story short, after unintentionally throwing Dam-i’s book into the pond, Ji-Woon stops her from going into the pond to take the soaked book. So instead of one of them, why don’t we have the two of them accidentally fall into the pond to make it romantic? Ji-Woon, who doesn’t know how to swim, drowns while Dam-i saves him. Due to his unconsciousness, Dam-i gives him a kiss or technically CPR to save him. And it works, not only to regain his consciousness but also igniting the flames in his heart.

After their first encounter, Ji-Woon’s spirit lights up. He begins to train his balance and sword skill which delight his father. To make it up for Dam-i’s book, he transcribed the book of Zhou Zhen and even added notes for her to make it easy to read. The next day, he gives her the book and says that it’s a “copy” that he finds in the library instead. He can deceive Dam-i, but not Lee Hwi. He later jokes around about the palace romance between them. 

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