The Insolent Heart Teasers December 2021

The Insolent Heart Teasers December 2021
The Insolent Heart Teasers December 2021

This is the official The Insolent Heart Teasers December 2021 on starlife.

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 11.

Meher finds the card ‘thank you on his office desk. Nisar heard Satish criticize his talent Meher. Meher knows that Rati keeps the card on his desk. He learned about the feelings Rati had for Nisar. Satish tells Meher about giving slots Show Abeer to a new artist.

Episode 12.

Abulu makes Satish realize that his new artist is plagiarizing. He gave Nisar a chance to sing. Satish was impressed by Nisar. Nisar thanks Aarti for praising him. Abulu told Meher Nisar that he helped to restore his help.

Thursday 2 December 2021

Episode 13.

Abulu tells his story to his audience. She shared how Kuber Malhotra, his father, had met Meher, the peak of the college, and how he then insulted neglect in front of him. Abulu Mirher remembers how she got drunk at a college party.

Episode 14.

Meher entered the recording room to stop neglecting to share their secrets. Abeer continues with the story. Going without other alternatives, Meher oversees the show. Devaki prevents Tunnu watch Show Abeer.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Episode 15.

Abeer panics because it’s morning and Meher is still in his dorm room. Meher woke up and was surprised to find himself in the room Neer and Nisar. The headmaster finds Meher in the boy’s hostel. Meher does not expose neglect before VC. Sasha asked regardless of whether he still felt Meher.

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Episode 16.

Abeer reaches home Meher vomiting and causes a scene. Kuber criticized abeer and her TV show. Meher, Tarun, and their mother take care of her after she passed out. The next day, a beer forget that he was home Meher!

Saturday, December 4th, 2021

Episode 17.

Bua Meher, Devki was very angry to see the neglect in their homes. He asked Meher about him. Fellow Meher Nisar congratulated them on the launch of his new show. Mrs. Aber met Meher and neglect in their offices. Abeer Meher warned about imposing his mother.

Episode 18.

Abulu’s mother, Madhavi, shared his grief with Meher. Meher feels a bond that can not be solved by ignoring. Madhvi call Suman and expressed concern about Meher and neglect. Nisar party celebrating the launch of the music. Abeer Chalks out a strategy against Meher.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Episode 19.

Abeer Meher to Game Dart Challenge. Meher accepts it. Meanwhile, Nisar learns from Rati about rumors about Meher and Abulu. He told Abulu, who did not seem interested. Then, ignore the beat Meher in the game and dance with him as a gift.

Episode 20.

Aber finds his name tattooed on Meher. Nisar trying to make the waiver realized his mistake. Meher damaged given the relationship. Rati tells Meher about Nisar and the accompanying argument. Madhavi question obscures saw bruises on his face and asked him to honor Meher.

Monday, December 6, 2021

Episode 21.

Satish asked his staff about an alternative between Nisar and neglect. They lied to staff their companies. Abulu does not leave a chance to tease Meher. He warned that he agreed to go to a party with him. Hits Meher ignores a match. Nisar reprimanding able to Meher Meher is annoying.

Episode 22.

Madhavi receives a dress disregard for Meher. Meher decided to tell everyone about his secret before engaging. Satish visit Meher with his wife and asked her to go with them for dinner. Meher realize that Satish had taken her to the event you’d brought.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Episode 23.

Meher certainly accompanies ignore the event. Abulu asked him to come up on stage and handed on music awards. Later, she sang on request. Meher storm irritated from the party. Then, ignore rescue when he accidentally fell into the pool.

Episode 24.

Meher Satish refuses help. Abeer forcibly took Meher to his car, to drop her home. Suman Madhavi calls to ask about Meher. Meher out of the car and forget the car keys in it. Abeer and Meher locked inside the ATM. Blurring panic.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 25.

Mir Mocks blurs to see his fear. Abeer and Meher found a way out of the ATM. They spend the night under a tree. Devki Meher’s question saw the picture from the party by ignoring it. Kuber criticized Abeer. Meher told Devki and Suman about staying by ignoring before marriage.

Episode 26.

Meher blamed ignoring newspaper articles about them. Meher revealed his past by ignoring employees. Blurring harsh words on some employees to gossip about him and meher. Near criticized ignoring his behavior towards her. Meher’s father visited Kuber.

Thursday 9 December 2021

Episode 27.

Kuber asked his guard to throw Shyam Meher’s father from home. Abeer and Nesar did not appear for meetings. Meher announced in a meeting that he didn’t stop from his job! Abeer and Meher rushed to the police station about learning about the problem between Kuber and Shyam.

Episode 28.

Devki defends his brother, Shyam while ignoring and Meher enters the argument that retains their families. Rati praised the singing of the emperor. Shyam insulted Devki for calling him greedy. Abulu told reporters that his former ex-wife.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Episode 29.

Meher’s watches ignored talking to reporters about his relationship with Meher. Kuber criticized Meher and his family. Meher asked Rati not to talk about her problems. Rati will have lunch for the profit. Abeer plays a joke at Meher. Then, he saved Meher from several thugs.

Episode 30.

Kuber became angry at Shyam speaking against him before the reporters while ignoring attacking thugs because Mr. Kuber decided to teach lessons to Shyam. Abeer and Meher Escape in Auto. Meher packed about his past by ignoring

Saturday 11 December 2021

Episode 31.

Meher was Irritated to see Susan talk by ignoring. Shyam appeared with a new idea against Kuber. Goon, handed the fight, returned with his brother to find it in the office. They made scenes in the office and solve the guitar of Nisar.

Episode 32.

Aber decided to go underground for several days. Devki broke the laughter watching Shyam’s video. Kuber refused to help ignore when the Nisore called him looking for help. Abulu changed his mind and decided to stay in Meher. Suman received Kuber’s call to ignore.

Sunday 12 December 2021

Episode 33.

Kuber told Madhavi that ignoring was at Meher’s house. Abulu tried to irritate her. Rati tried to comfort the presidency. Abeer explained to Madhavi the reason behind changing his mind when he asked him for lying. Pinky Thakur visited Kuber and threatened him.

Episode 34.

Devki became angry seeing ignoring in their homes. Suman asked Devki to let you score. Meher, Suman, Devki, and Tunnu thought that a thief had violated the house, but was found ignoring a gargle in the middle of the night!

Monday, December 13, 2021

Episode 35.

Meher will stay home for ignoring. Kuber refused to take the help of the police. The neighbor of Susan came to visit him and was eager to see ignoring. Meher’s question ignores him to appear for his neighbors. Then, Meher and ignore the fight, picked up each mistake.

Episode 36.

The Suman console ignores, seeing it upset. Abeer remembered his past with her when he tried to learn to cook ‘Dal Makhani’. Mrs. Sahani suggested placing the skit show in the Abeer slot. However, the Pregnancy suggested recording the ABEER program at Meher’s house. Meher argued with Suman.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Episode 37.

Meher was trapped when Susan took the side of the bus. Rati tried to increase the trust of the Nisar. Pinky Thakur insisted on extracting money from Kuber, to let ignore away. He decided to chase her. Abulu saved Meher from Piny Thakur thugs. Meher argued with ignoring. The Nesore sang songs for hemp.

Episode 38.

Madhavi and Suman talk about Abeer and Meher. Abeer played a joke in Meher to scare him. He was angry with her because he refused his help when he cut his feet. Kuber gave Shyam money and asked him to throw it away from Meher’s house. Meher plays a joke on Abeer.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Episode 39.

Satish told Nesar to ask Meher about recording Abeer’s program at his home. Shyam visited Suman and asked for a bracelet. Pinky Thakur’s colleague found Meher’s address. Abulu asked the Nisor to send Meher’s house safely. Near tried to cheat meher to send him back home.

Episode 40.

Meher was angry when I ignored her room with her luggage. Devki blamed Meher for the situation in their home. Abeer Tunas for the show at Meher’s house. He remembered the time spent with Meher. Meher stopped ignoring when he saw him read his diary hard at the show and burn it.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Episode 41.

Meher stopped the photoshoot and asked everyone to leave. He faced ignoring to reveal his details to everyone. Satish worried about the episode of Abeer. Lovelyn offered to help Nisar to complete the ABEER episode. Rati gets rid of Indahn. Devki tells her how much he cares for him.

Episode 42.

The Thakur pinki and the thugs reached the people of Meher. He told his colleagues about his plans for Abeer and Meher. Meher was scared at Thakur’s pinch with a thug and hiding in his house. Pinki Thakur’s proves looked for her at his home. Meher told Suman about thugs.

Friday 17 December 2021

Episode 43.

Thakur Pinki threatened to kill Suman. Meher told Pinki that Abeer was his partner. Pinki and his colleagues kidnapped meher. Devki slapped and blamed him for Meher’s condition. Abus convinced Suman to bring her back.

Episode 44.

Damage to Thakur’s pinch colleague ignores. Susan stopped Devki from telling the police about Kidnapping Meher. The wife of Pinki Thakur slapped his brother for persecuting Meher and made him apologize to ignore. Meher returned home with Nisar.

Saturday 18 December 2021

Episode 45.

Suman asked to ignore to live with them until he recovered. He told Madhavi that he would send to ignore after he recovered. Tunnu is happy because Abulu agrees to pay for it. Near has an argument with Kenny for giving insults. Then, Satish faced the nights of fighting with Kenny.

Episode 46.

Tunnu and Tillu won some money in gambling. Meher asked Rati about the battle of Nisar with Kenny. Tillu asked Tunnu to steal some money. Shyam intends to blame ignoring tunny gambling habits. Suman found a shopping bag at the Tunnu locker. Aber beat that he gave Rs 20,000 to Tunnu.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Episode 47.

Tunnu is worried, after losing all the money. Shyam shared his plans with Tillu to take Meher’s house. Madhavi visits Suman. Shyam tells Kuber about his plan to separate Meher Meher and ignore him. Tillu asked Tunnu to get a sleek signature on blank paper.

Episode 48.

The question Devki Suman saw Madhavi at home. Madhavi and Suman were happy to see Abeer and Meher together. Tunnu failed to get Meher’s signature. Abeer and Meher Find out that Suman had sent them an apology card! Abeer and Shyam enter the argument. Tillu asked Tunnu about the signature.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Episode 49.

The cravings at Meher’s house began. Meher stopped Shyam for embarrassing Suman. Blurs also do the same. Shyam added the broken pieces of glass in Dal cooked by Devki, to send out of the house. Meher cut her leg.

Episode 50.

Abeer and Madhavi face Devki, finding broken glass pieces in Dal. Susan fell unconscious when Madhavi raised his house with him. Shyam was annoyed to see the unity between the Meher and Abeer families. Then, Madhavi apologized to Suman. Meher urged Suman to participate in Harron.

Tuesday 21 December 2021

Episode 51.

Madhavi and Devki apologized to each other. Tunnu managed to get a dark signature on the stamp paper. Tillu handed the property transfer paper to the buyer and collected Rs 60 lakh. Tunnu lost his part of the money after gambling. Tillu told Shyam that Tunnu had fled.

Episode 52.

Abeer called Tunnu’s friends to ask him. Tillu told Abulu that Tunnu had lost all his money in gambling. Abeer found Tunnu walking near the train track. Tunnu told him that he had put their home on a mortgage! Abulu did not tell her about tuning’s actions. Meer binds Rakhi to Tunnu.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Episode 53.

Cannot handle guilt, Tunnu told Susan about his mistakes. Neer heard their conversation and convinced Suman to handle the situation, however, he refused to take his help. Abeer set Rs 60 lakh for Suman and restore property transfer paper to save the house.

Episode 54.

Suman is relieved to see property paper. Tunnu is grateful for his help. Ignore the invitation to the party. Near told Rati that Abulu would handle the show when he returned. Kuber knew that Abeer had sold his company’s shares. Abeer, Meher, Tunnu, Nisar, and Rati danced at the party.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Episode 55.

Kuber beat Shyam for failing in his plan. Abulu quarreled with her and told him that he left home. I called Meher late at night and asked him to meet him. Devki accompanied Meher to Kuber’s house. Kuber criticized meher and asked him to Rs 60 lakh.

Episode 56.

Meher and Devki learn the truth about Tunnu from Kuber. Meher met with an accident and was taken to the hospital by Devki and Abeer’s aunt. Aunt Abeer called him and told him about Meher’s accident

Friday 24 December 2021

Episode 57.

Devki slapped Tunnu because of his mistake. Tunnu begged forgiveness. Devki limits it from seeing her. Slapping Suman ignored to lie about money. Suman prayed for herher’s life. Meanwhile, the comfort of the prosecutor was ignored.

Episode 58.

Ignoring Kuber’s confrontation. Tunnu asked Suman for forgiveness. Aunt Abeer told Kuber to stay calm about the incident. Meanwhile, Abeer begged Devki to let him see Meher. Abulu has a flashback of his life with her.

Saturday 25 December 2021

Episode 59.

Abeer remembered the time he spent with Meher. Meher’s condition deteriorated. Abeer was afraid of losing her. Meanwhile, Aunt Kuber and Abeer were happy with Meher’s condition. Kuber reminded several past incidents.

Episode 60.

Aunt Abeer told Kuber about the superiority of marrying a girl from a poor family. Then, he turned on their servants for insulting. Meher and ignore their love from each other. Madhavi and wiped the Welcome to Suman and Devki, while Aunt Abeer was surprised to see Devki. He remembered a car accident.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Episode 61.

Aunt Abeer learned about the farewell of her husband. He approved the marriage proposal. He revealed to Kuber, the plan was to embarrass the keher’s family. Susan and Devki are financially struggling to meet the engagement list.

Episode 62.

Abeer’s aunt insulted Susan. Abeer and Meher are engaged. Meher was worried when he saw Susan annoyed. Susan shows the second list of Abeer’s aunts to Devki. Devki decided to tell her about it; Susan stops it.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Episode 63.

Meher said ignoring his family’s demands and that his family was unable to fulfill them. Meanwhile, Aunt Aber convinced Kuber that he would stop the marriage. Madhavi was surprised when ignoring the conversation about delaying marriage. Sasha told meher about Abeer’s accident.

Episode 64.

Meher, his family, and Madhavi met ignored learning about his accident. However, blurred surprised them with a proposal to marry Meher in a temple. Meher and Abeer married. Kuber seemed to ignore wedding clothes. Abulu tried to convince his aunt.

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Episode 65.

Ignoring apologize to his aunt. His aunt asked Kuber to welcome her. Then, he gave a necklace to Meher. He told Kuber about his plan to destroy Abeer and Meher’s relationship. Aunt Abeer destroyed a gift brought for a wedding.

Episode 66.

Aunt Abulu pretends to care about her. He eavesdropped by Abeer’s conversation with Meher. Then, Madhavi told ABI ABEER that Meher took good care. Abulu tells his aunt that Meher will continue his work. Aunt Abeer gave a house key to Meher. He decided to destroy Meher’s life.

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Episode 67.

Meher apologized to Abeer’s aunt. Aunt Abeer asked him to stay away from ignoring until they did puja. Meher told ignoring the same thing and asked him to cancel their honeymoon journey. Near tried to make neglect realize his mistake. Blurs apologize to Meher.

Episode 68.

Aunt Abeer found her in heather’s room. Meher agreed to sleep in Abeer’s aunt’s room for the next seven days. Meher swept a glass deliberately broken by Aunt Abeer. However, Aunt Abeer made a piece of glass and then, rebuked meher when leaving his leg. Meher has a video chat by ignoring.

Thursday 30 December 2021

Episode 69.

Aunt Abeer told Kuber about his plans to separate Abeer and Meher. When I wanted to know about bad health, he deliberately sent it in a business agreement. After telling her, Aber left home. Meanwhile, Aunt Abeer did puja in the temple.

Episode 70.

Aunt Abeer found the questioner at the temple. Abeer and Meher spent a while intimate together. Kuber rebuked ignoring because he ignored his work. Aunt Abeer told Kuber about his plan to use the Near to separate Abeer and Meher. I fired a rise from his work. Nisar refused to help Kuber.

Friday 31 December 2021

Episode 71.

Aunt Abeer told Kuber to use the Pregnancy in separating her and ignoring them. Kuber asked the Nisor to resign, according to his plan to separate meher and ignore. Meher tried to entertain ignoring. Kuber told the emperor to separate Abeer and Meher, to defend his job.

Episode 72.

Meher was surprised to see Susan and Devaki apologize to Abeer’s aunt. Meher made him not happy to ignore; He apologized to him. Susan and Devaki are happy to see Abeer. Meher decided to give her savings to Suman, to pay for the installment of the education loan.

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