The Greedy Old Man Episode 13

The greedy old man episode 13

The greedy old man episode 13

(After a week of thorough contacts and search, Benjamin, Samuel and udoka.
Udoka: (looking frustrated) long live the king of Alanta.
The traditional ruler: (nods in acknowledgment). Yes, who are you people?
Edozie: (speeks with hopeless appearance) we are the sons of the missing man, Mr king.
We were the people who came to you the other day..
The traditional ruler: have u seen him or known his where about?
Edozie: (in tears and with a cracked voice)
We have not seen him. We have moreover, contacted all our relations, but there is no clue to his whereabout.
The traditional ruler: (Thinks for a while). Have you people contacted your kindreds? If so, what have they done and want are they doing to trace his where about.

(There was silence for a while)

The traditional ruler: (looks aggressive) can’t you understand my language? I asked you, what’s the stand of your kindred men on the issue?
Udoka: (Stammering). They pay deaf ears, since my father has not been in cordial terms with them following the so called sacred land case.
(The king keeps mute for a while)
Ibeawuchi: (reveals a secret) one oracle we contacted, revealed that e was taken to a river and he cannot come back.
The oracle said that he is alive and healthy, but he was seized by some mysterious forces.
So we need your advice on what to do.
The traditional ruler: (Now speaking harshly).
What do you people want me to tell you.
Am I mysterious? Am I their Member? Go back to the oracle and seek what you people could do to appease them.
I’m The king of the living and not yet of the dead.

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