The Good Son Wednesday 21st July 2021 Update Zee World

The Good Son Wednesday 21st July 2021

The Good Son Wednesday 21st July 2021 Update Zee World: On The Good Son Wednesday 21 July 2021, Pankhudi calling Vedant and telling that Mr. Jha filed a malpractice case against him and threatened to get his license canceled. Vedant is shocked. Pankhudi asks him to do something and tells him that she was in the hospital all night and is handling the situation. Vedant tells Purva that he has to go to the hospital.

Dr. Rashmi tells Inspector that Vedant is coming. Vedant and Purva come there. Inspector arrests him. Purva tells that Vedant can’t do anything wrong and tells that he is a reputed doctor. Vedant tells that he got his tests done and has all the reports, he got stress test and liquor test done. Inspector asks him to come to the hospital first. Purva says I will free you. Vedant leaves Purva’s hand as he is taken by the Police. Pankhudi comes to the washroom and thinks she has hurt her own love. She then how she can be selfish, and then thinks Vedant has to bear some pain for their union.

Purva comes home and tells that Police took Vedant with him. She tells about the accusation. Ramesh says it is right and tells them that let him get rotten in jail, I will handle the hospital. Dadi asks him to stop it. Gomti asks him to open his shop in the hospital. Purva gets Mr. Dixit’s call and he tells that 10 lakhs is needed for the bail. Ramesh says I will not give money and tells me that Vedant is just a Servant here. Dadi says she will give her husband’s money and brings a cheque. She asks Purva to get Vedant freed. Ramesh takes the cheque from Purva’s hand and tells Dadi that she needs his signatures to withdraw money above 2 lakhs. He tells that he will keep Vedant back on his job. Dadi’s condition deteriorates. Gomti takes her to the room forcibly.

In the Police station, Vedant tells Inspector that he was in his senses and did all the tests before the operation. He says he has the reports and he detox himself. Inspector asks a doctor to test Vedant. The doctor takes the sample. Vedant asks when reports will come? The doctor says 12 hours. Vedant tells that there are many patients in the hospital and asks him to give atleast his phone so that he can assigns work to other doctors. Inspector gives his phone.


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Purva asks Sumiti and Narendra about the money. Sumiti says Vedant brings even my bindi and tells that she has no money. Purva leaves. Sumiti keeps the money in the locker which Vedant had given her. Sanju, Radhika, and Gomti tell that they don’t have money. Purva tells dadi that she will sell her jewelry. Dadi says no. Vedant thinks the bad thing is happening with Vedant and tells that she will take him to another world, where he will be valued. Pankhudi handles the patients’ in a hurry. Vedant calls her and asks Pankhudi about the patients’ updates. Pankhudi tells him about the patients. Vedant thanks him. Pankhudi says you are best and I will take you out of this situation. Mr. Jha hears her and says I will take back my case. Pankhudi says no, and tells that if you take back the case then no doctor will take your case. She thinks to make him free and then he will fall in love.

The Good Son Wednesday 21st July 2021 Update Zee World: Purva comes and keeps their hand on her hand. Pankhudi gets shocked. Purva asks about the hospital safe. Purva says she has no keys and takes tiffin from her hand. She says she will give him tiffin. Purva comes to the Manager and asks about the finance file. He says he can’t show the file, just then it slips and Purva happens to see the file, he sees 10000 Rs, as his salary. Pankhudi comes there. Purva says she will do something. Vedant thinks about why Mr. Jha acted in this drama. Pankhudi comes to the hospital and tells that she doesn’t know where is Purva? She tells that she brought tiffin from home. She tells who has informed Jha about bhang and who made you eat those laddoos. She says I will find out, she turns and smirks.


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