The Good Son Thursday 22nd July 2021 Update Zee World

The Good Son Thursday 22nd July 2021 Update Zee World

The Good Son Thursday 22nd July 2021 Update Zee World: On The Good Son Thursday 22 July 2021, Purva coming to the jewellery shop. The jeweller tells that he can give 11 lakhs if she has a bill and if she doesn’t have then she will give 6 lakhs. Purva asks him to give the money. She brings money home and asks Ramesh to help her with 4 lakhs, says please. Ramesh says what do you think that I will give 4 lakhs for a Servant. Purva says he runs the Servant and says you will not get money without his signatures. Ramesh says now I will not give the money. Purva says I have no more jewellery to sell and requests help.

Ramesh laughs and says this law is special and says you are our bahu legally so the jewellery is mine, and says I can get you arrested for stealing the jewellery. Gomti appreciates him. Purva apologizes to him and requests him again. She says I will return the money. Ramesh tells that you are a Servant’s wife and asks her to lower his eyes. He tells that this is my condition. Purva accepts his condition and lowers his eyes.

Ramesh asks him to bend down infront of him and touches his feet and apologizes to him. Purva bends down and touches his feet, and apologizes for her mistakes. Ramesh asks did you touch my feet and says I didn’t feel. He asks if someone sees? Gomti and Sanju say no. Purva cries and touches his feet again. Ramesh sits and takes tea and throws on his shoes. He then asks Purva to clean his shoes. Gomti says you don’t have much time to tea. Purva checks the clock and is about to clean his shoes with her dupatta. Ramesh asks her to do it with her hand. Purva is crying and cleans his shoe.

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Ramesh humiliates her and tells them that she shall be faithful to them like Vedant. He asks her to clean the stuck tea from his shoe. Her tears fall down on his shoe. Ramesh says one drop is fallen on his shoe and asks her to hurry up fast. Purva cleans. Vedant asks Gomti, how much he shall pay him, 2000.


Just then doorbell rings. Purva is sitting in shock. Sanju acts to feel pity for Purva and makes her get up. Vedant comes home. Dadi hugs him. Purva is sitting in shock. Dadi says you have returned home. Pankhudi says there is no doctor best than him. She says she has convinced Jha somehow. Dadi blesses her and says today you have saved my life. Sumit says it is good that everyone’s money is saved. Vedant thanks her. Pankhudi says I can do this for my family and specially Vedant. Purva comes there and hugs Vedant, cries.

The Good Son Thursday 22nd July 2021 Update Zee World: Dadi says she was trying to get money for your bail. Purva cries badly. Vedant says why are you crying so much, I have come and asks if something else happened. Purva looks at Ramesh and nods no. She says I was worried and asks her not to worry. Dadi asks Vedant to go to the room. Vedant asks Purva to come. Purva faints. Vedant holds her. He lifts her and takes her to the room. Pankhudi thinks Di always takes all the attention. Gomti tells Ramesh that Purva will tell everything to Vedant. Ramesh says how did he come out? Gomti says we were stopping Maharani and small maharani got him freed. Sanju tells that they need new blood’s ideas now.

Vedant asks Purva to stop crying. Purva tells that today was the worst day and tells that she was shuffling from here and there to get the money. She sold her jewellery, but couldn’t get enough money. Vedant says we will get it back in the morning. Purva asks him to give her medicine and let him sleep. She rests on the bed. Vedant asks her to show her hand, but she refuses. He thinks Purva made her eat laddoo. Pankhudi comes out of the room. Sanju tells that he messaged her and she came running. Pankhudi asks him to leave her, seeing Vedant.

She acts and cries. Vedant asks what happened? Pankhudi tells that Purva tried a lot to get you freed and tells that she wants to take you away from his family. Vedant says she knows that I can’t leave them. Pankhudi says I understand, but she doesn’t understand. She says Purva can’t handle joint family and tells that she didn’t stop you from having bhang laddoo, she is practical and lives her life separately. She says I am her sister, but different from her and holds his hand.


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