The Good Son full story, Plot, Casts, Summary, Teasers

the good son full casts
the good son full casts

The Good Son full story on zee world is an Indian television series created by Sobo Films Private Limited.

Rajaa Betaa is a Hindi television drama. The story revolves around Vedant, a successful 30-year-old, who was adopted by Murari Tripathi in his childhood but was never quite accepted by his family. On his death bed, Vedant’s foster

the good son full story
The good son full story

The Good Son Zee World Series Information

  • Title: The Good Son
  • Genre:  Drama
  • First Episode: 2 June 2021
  •  number of episodes: 214
  •  numbers of Season: 1
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original Title: Rajaa Betaa
  •  Country: India
  • Language: English


The Good Son Plot

Vedant is the sole breadwinner of the family but still isn’t accepted by the members.

Suddenly one day Murari got injured in an accident and on the deathbed,  Vedant promised that after him he will take care of the whole family.

Will Vedant be able to keep his promise?

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Vedant finally accepts Niyati as Purva. Pankhudi tries to kill Vedant and Purva during their wedding but Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi save them. Later, they tell everyone the reason behind Purva’s return. Pankhudi asks for forgiveness from everyone.

Niyati tries to prove to the family members that she is Purva. As she is leaving, the members of the family say kind words and accept her but a reluctant Vedant doesn’t. During the evening ‘puja’, Urmi narrates a story.

Vedant accepts the woman as Purva. She agrees to marry him. Later, Pankhudi comes across a man who recognises the woman. He informs her that the woman’s name is Niyati.

the good son full casts
the good son full casts


The Good Son Casts



  • Rrahul Sudhir / Dishank Arora as Vedant Tripathi – Poorva’s Husband (2019)
  • Fenil Umrigar as Pankhuri Mishra – Vedant’s Love Interest/ Poorva’s sister (2019)
  • Ankit Bhardwaj as Rahul – Poorva’s Boyfriend (2019)
  • Shambhabana Mohantey / Pranali Ghogare as Poorva Tripathi – Vedant’s Wife (2019)
  • Anil Mishra/Sagar Saini as Ramesh Tripathi (2019)
  • Geeta Udeshi as Dadi (2019)



  • Jatin arora as Sanju Tripathi (2019)
  • Mahjabeen Ali as Sumati Tripathi (2019)
  • Reshma Merchant as Manjula Tripathi (2019)
  • Sharan Preet Kaur as Gomti Tripathi (2019)
  • Akansha Bhalla as Radhika (2019)
  • Sarvesh Vyas as Narendra Tripathi (2019)



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