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The Frontliners Wednesday 4th August 2021

The Frontliners Wednesday 4th August 2021: On The Frontliners Wednesday 4 August 2021, The Episode starts with Sid being with his GF. Few poor kids come to the camp and steal food. The lady stops the kids. The boy says I m hungry. The man scolds them. The boy gets hit on his head and falls in the waters. The lady shouts. Sid says sorry, duty calls. He runs to save the poor kid from drowning. He pumps out water from the boy’s body. The lady asks why is he not opening his eyes, isn’t there any doctor.

The man says the hospital is too far from here. Sir ji washes a knife and gets his GF’s string necklace. He cuts the boy’s neck to put the pipe inside. The boy starts breathing. Sid says the boy is still critical. He calls and says the home minister’s son was drowning and he is critical, I need immediate help. His GF says you have lied to save the boy. Sid says just lies can save poor people. A helicopter arrives. Sid takes the boy on the stretcher. The lady asks where are you taking my boy. Sid says where every life is precious, Sanjivani. They leave.

At Sanjivani hospital, Dr. Ishani arrives. She smiles seeing the building. The helicopter arrives. Sid says it’s an emergency, get back. He asks the doctor to treat the boy. Doctor asks how did you do this treatment using a plastic pipe. Sid asks him to focus on possibilities, not problems. He says nothing will happen to your son, I m also like your son, calm down. Ishani enters the hospital. She collides with Sid. He asks did he see your face. She asks what’s wrong. They argue. She says hold on, your BP and sugar are low, your eyes are showing, have a chocolate, you will feel better. He says thanks, sixth floor, Dr. Taneja, is a psychiatrist, you need treatment. He goes. Ishani goes and says first-year resident, where is the convection hall. She collides with another girl Asha.

They argue. They become friends being new interns. Asha asks why don’t you shake hands. Ishani says I m hygienic. Asha asks what’s your surname. Ishani asks do you want to make my kundli. Asha says Dr. Shashank’s speech will be starting, come fast.

Dr. Shashank comes and meets his patients in a caring way. He starts feeling uneasy. He gets tired and goes aside. Dr Vardaan wishes him all the best for his speech. He says I hope you have updated your speech. Shashank says some things aren’t meant to be updated. Vardaan says the guys these days are practical, being a doctor is a job for them. Shashank says that’s why I don’t want to change my thinking. Vardaan says I always wish you all the best, everyone knows you are going to leave the post. Shashank says I m not leaving Sanjivani, I will be here for you, worrying isn’t good for health, ask any doctor. He goes. Vardaan says I will be here, don’t know about you.

Sid says I remember the hospital rules and Shashank’s orientation speech, no rule is imp than this boy’s life. He says the same speech repeating Shashank’s words. Sid checks the boy’s scans. He says bleeding started in his brain, ask Shashank to come for the surgery after the orientation. Vardhaan asks who booked the OT today. Nurse says Dr. Sid. The boy asks will I die, my mum has no one and not even money, give my savings box to her. Sid says trust me, nothing will happen to you, don’t worry.

Vardaan comes to Sid and asks what’s going on. Sid says it’s Shashank’s patient. Vardaan says you can’t do this surgery. Shashank says this hospital is away from commercial things. Vardaan says it’s a private hospital, who will pay for the chopper. Shashank says human life is imp than money. Vardaan says you have sterilized the boy, send him to govt. Hospital, I heard that you are running a scam here for poor kids, if I find something about it, then God help you. Sid says I will arrange the money for the surgery, but the boy’s surgery will happen here. Vardaan goes. The lady says I can’t arrange so much money, save my boy. Sid gets a call and says I m just coming.

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He consoles the lady and goes. Asha says you are a legend, why are your resigning, who will fill your place. He asks what’s your name, what are you doing here. Asha says I m Asha. He says to be proud to say, Dr. Asha. She says, Dr. Asha. He says I m resigning as I believe that coming generations should get a chance, you will know the name of my replacement in two days, thank you very much. Vardaan waits outside the conference hall. He sees Dr. Anjali and says I was going to vote for you, you know your dad well, he is so stubborn. He goes.

The Frontliners Wednesday 4th August 2021: Ishani smiles seeing the doctor’s coat and her ID. She wears the coat and feels happy. Sid comes to meet Natasha. Ishani goes to the cafeteria. Ishani gets their uncle’s call and says maybe he remembers it’s my birthday. Her uncle asks how are you, I forgot to say, it’s Poornima today, don’t eat non-veg, don’t tell your surname to anyone. She gets sad and says I don’t want to tell anyone about my parents. Asha says it’s your happy birthday, I just read in your form. She hugs Ishani. Ishani thanks, Asha.

Asha asks for a party. Ishani asks her to put dry waste in another bin, rules are meant for something. She says I will call the police. Asha says fine, don’t get angry. She trashes the glasses in the dry waste bin. She jokes at her. Ishani sees the critical boy. Doctor asks the nurse to call Dr. Sid. Ishani checks the case. The nurse says it’s some other doctor’s case, you don’t interfere. Ishani says what will doctors do when the patient dies. She instructs the nurse to use blankets and UV light to keep the boy warm. The boy gets stable. Ishani sits with him. The nurse apologizes for stopping her. She says you have said the right thing. Ishani says I always say the right thing. Doctor thanks Ishani. She says problems get high when you focus on them, you should focus on possibilities if you want opportunities. He says even my senior told me the same thing, you should update him, Dr. Sid Mathur. She says I have to report on duty. He says you started duty. She smiles and runs.

Sid says you should get more beautifying treatments, trust me, all the Bollywood celebrities get this done, this would cost 8 lakhs, your net worth is in crores. Ishani comes and looks on. Sid says surgery costs 6 lakhs, the commission is 2 lakhs, media won’t know when you come here for the treatment. The girl agrees. Sid says I arranged money, I m coming. Ishani scolds him for spoiling Sanjivani’s name. He says I don’t care. She says I don’t do wrong, I will complain about you, show me your name. He asks who are you. She says the first-year resident. They argue. She says it will be your last day here. He says fine, bring it on.

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