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The Frontliners Friday 6th August 2021 Starlife

The Frontliners Friday 6th August 2021: On The Frontliners Friday 6 August 2021, The Episode starts with a couple getting their daughter home. The man says it’s just her drama, nothing happened to her, she is fine. Rishabh says guys, she is my patient, Asha gets her. Ishani looks on. Shashank says fear is within us. Juhi says I used to say, I do the thing which I m scared of. He asks will you do this surgery.

She asks will Anjali have any objection. He says I have signed the consent form, doctor’s name is yours, it’s your wish. Ishani and Sid see Shashank’s reports. They discuss it. She says I have full faith in Dr. Juhi. The nurse comes and says Juhi wants reports. Ishani says she has come. Sid gets the scan reports. Shashank says Sid is one of the best doctors. Sid says nice to meet you. Shashank says Juhi is my savior. Sid says we all have much hope for you. Shashank says I also have a lot of expectations.

Ishani says you both did a surgery together and saved the patient, you have to perform the same surgery on Shashank uncle. Juhi says okay then, I will do this surgery, Sid I need your help, you will have to arrange a team. Ishani says me too… Sid says excuse me. He takes her out and taunts them for nepotism. She says it’s not Bollywood, but a hospital. He says you are taking advantage as you know Shashank, I m your boss. She says it’s my misfortune. They argue. He says it’s my order that you stay away from this surgery. Vardaan says you too, I got an official complaint, I will ask Juhi to keep you away from this. Sid asks really. Sid and Ishani argue. Ishani says Natasha is still in the hospital, you can come and talk to her. Vardaan says fair enough, we shall get a proof now.

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Anjali comes to Shashank and says so many bouquets, why do people waste money on flowers. He says it’s their love, maybe they know I m going to die. She says nothing will happen to you. He says I spoke to my lawyer. She asks him to talk to her as her dad for once. He says sorry, I m your dad, I fail to express my love for you. She asks don’t you think I m a good doctor. He says you are the best, you have my blood and genes. She says if you give approval, none will have a problem. He says doctors should have the quality to stand against the politics that exist in the hospital. Natasha says what, Sid can never do this. Ishani says you are lying, are you scared of him.

Natasha says he doesn’t scare me, I flirt with him, he is such a cutie. Vardaan stops Ishani and says next time I want proof, instead of this overconfidence. Sid thanks Natasha for her time. He asks shall we go if you are done. Vardaan says enough, I’m so sorry, about this inconvenience, if you need any help, you can call me directly, I m Vardaan, the CFO of this hospital. He gives his card. She says I love this hospital, everyone here is funny and good-looking. Sid laughs. They leave.

The Frontliners Friday 6th August 2021:  Vardaan says your charm saved you, the helicopter bill is still pending. Sid says don’t worry, the kid has an uncle, he will handle it. Vardaan says you have some hours to clear the bill. Sid goes. Ishani comes. Vardaan says nice try, but you need to focus like Arjun. She asks who Arjun is. He says one of the pandavas. She says oh that focus. He says yes, like focussing on fish’s eye, I hate people who break the rules, one who breaks rules face a bad outcome, none knows this better than you, Dr. Ishani Arora.

Anjali says Sanjivani isn’t allowing me to become chief of surgery, but you aren’t allowing me, being your daughter is punishment for me. Shashank says I wish you could understand me, take a seat, don’t get angry. She hugs him and says you won’t be leaving me. He says I was joking, I won’t joke, if anything happens to me, I don’t want you to blame Juhi.

She says, of course, you wouldn’t want anyone to point at your fav student, everyone is laughing at me, you are worried for Juhi, get ready for surgery, stop joking around. Juhi comes and says you know the surgery is risky, he will need your support. Anjali says he just needs your support. Juhi asks what’s your problem, you called me here. Anjali says I wish you had not come. She goes.

Sid comes to the cafe and thinks this burqa woman looks rich. He goes to see and says I can’t target a middle-class hardworking father. Ishani asks are you finding wealthy people to take bribes, look there, ask how much they will pay you. He says we will have to arrange for Shashank’s surgery, follow me, let’s do some serious work. He asks him to follow up on his post-op patients. She asks who will assist you in Shashank’s surgery. He calls Asha and asks which case are you handling now. Asha says Harleen’s case, she is a 19-year-old girl, it’s nothing serious. He asks will you assist me in Shashank’s surgery.

She says sure, but I m in Rishabh’s team. He says I will talk to him. Ishani says I m in your team. He asks her to finish her work first. Ishani gets busy at work. She sees the girl Harleen. Shashank is taken. Sid asks, shall we. Shashank says yes, we shall, no choices. Juhi is in OT. She cries. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays…. Everyone asks Shashank to get well soon and wishes him. Shashank cries. Ishani comes to him. Shashank says everyone, so much love, maybe they feel that I…. She says no, I know that you are a fighter, you will fight this battle and win it, all the very best. He says I m proud of you. She hugs him. Sid cries. Juhi and everyone cry.

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