The Frontliners Friday 13th August 2021 | Starlife

The Frontliners Friday 13th August 2021 Starlife

The Frontliners Friday 13th August 2021 | Starlife: On The Frontliners Friday 13 August 2021, The Episode starts with Sid coming to the hospital. Rishabh taunts Sid. They argue. Sid says you are scared that I may speak up, you are so cheap, how did you get an expensive car. Rishabh says I have bought it with my money. Sid says you chose a tough competition. Sid takes the tea and praises it. He says tea gets upset without the cream bun. Ishani comes to the cafe and sees Sid. He says you came to sit with me, truth idol Ishani. She says my wish, I can sit anywhere, you have your food. He asks why are you making me out. She says you are eating vada pau today. She says it’s my present and future, I will miss this a lot tomorrow. Ishani says this vada pau is the best thing for your job. He says no, that’s my intention, I can use my power to save people’s lives, I don’t care if anyone fires me, and then this vada pau and tea. He signs to the man.

Ishani looks at him. Sid asks her to eat vada pau. She says I m from Chandigarh. He jokes and asks her to have it by hand. She asks are you, my friend. He feeds it by his hand. She likes it. Vardaan says we are ready to start, ethics…. if any doctor goes against ethics, he should be punished. Juhi gets Shashank there. Shashank says I agree with Vardaan, but I believe that just doctors can’t be held responsible. Vardaan says I agree, the matter is of doctors, we would have managed without you. Juhi says Shashank is fit and fine to manage the CEO post. Vardaan says Sid has gone against the rules. He shows the video. He asks Ishani to tell them about the video. She thinks of everyone’s words. She says I m sorry, it’s my mistake, not of Dr. Sid. Vardaan asks what.

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She says this video is wrong, I have done this to take revenge on Sid, sorry. Vardaan says you will get the punishment. Juhi says I agree, I want to decide her punishment, we will not suspend her, we can teach her a lesson, Ishani knows our work is teamwork, she should team up with her boss Dr. Sid.

The Frontliners Friday 13th August 2021:  Shashank says absolutely, team up, let’s settle, the meeting is over, Sid I m sorry on her behalf. They leave. Ishani sees Sania. Sid says she will be fine. Ishani says she won’t get fine, such wounds are always painful. She cries. He says I was thinking to take Kaka on a date, you changed your statement by having his vada pau. She says you will be gone one day, I did that for Shashank and others, why people love you, I won’t support your lies, I won’t support you next time. Sid says rules stop us from saving the lives of such patients. Ishani says it’s easy to say. Sid says I believe in doing it, thanks for saving me. He hugs her. She gets shocked and runs. Sid smiles. The nurse says congrats, your patient got a donor. He says you found a donor for Neeti, thanks, when can we do the surgery.

She says today itself. He says thanks, I will call Neeti. Sanju gets Neeti there. Sid takes her and says we found a donor, we will have the liver transplant surgery today. A man flirts with Ishani. She scolds him. She says you are dying by jaundice and you are flirting. Rishabh comes and says how are you Abhay Sir, my staff doesn’t know you. He asks Ishani to prepare the ward, it’s Abhay’s liver transplant surgery. Abhay says I want her in OT. The boys look for Neeti. Sid promises Neeti that she will get fine. The boys come there. Neeti asks why did you come here. Sid says they love you a lot. Sid asks Sanju to take the kids out. Asha says I m assigned to another surgery. Sid says show me Neeti’s scans, I will go and check the donor’s liver. He calls. The man says sorry, Abhay’s name is first, your patient has to wait. Sid thinks how can this happen, Neeti won’t survive without a liver transplant.

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