The Evil Eye Wednesday 7th April 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Wednesday 7th April 2021 Update Starlife
The Evil Eye Wednesday 7th April 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Wednesday 7th April 2021 Update Starlife: On The Evil Eye Wednesday 7 April 2021, Jaya calls Avinash and says Tara is missing. She says I looked everywhere but she isn’t here. we looked everywhere. He says please try to find her. She must be there. Jaya says Koyal asked everyone. she isn’t home. We are really worried. He says don’t worry and come home. I will come and check.

Vedeshree and Chitali check jewelry. Chitali says this one is loud. Vedeshree keeps looking at it. She says I really like it. Shekhar says should we get it for Koyal? She says no I want it for myself. He says but you never wore such heavy jewelry? She says I want it. If you don’t want to buy me this then don’t. she shoves it on table.

Avinash comes home. He tells Shekhar Tara is missing. Shekahr says take him home. I will look for Tara.
Vedeshree sees the jeweler and does magic on him. HE walks out. shekhar sees him leaving. He says take the payment. He comes in. Shekhar says why did he leave without payment? Vedeshree is trying her new necklace. He says Jaya and Koyal are downstairs. She says I will meet her. She is going to be here. Shekhar says they are really worried. Tara is missing. Vedeshree leaves.

Vikram says is where the devil did his magic. He says we can find out where that girl is. SHe might have left traces. We can find her from there.
Vedeshree comes to a room. she cries and screams. She becomes a demon again. She says Vedeshree this blood yours now. She comes in senses and screams. Vedeshree turns off all the lights. She breaks the light arrow. Her real self keeps crying. She stands up as Mohana. Avinash is with police. Someone tells him they found a dead body. He says I am coming there. Jaya and Komal are praying for Tara. Shekhar says don’t cry please. We are all here with you. Vikram and other two are in jungle following the traces.
Pivya says please don’t worry. God is there for us.

The Evil Eye Wednesday 7th April 2021 Update Starlife: The light in Virkam’s hand gets brightened. Sawi says it is very important to find her.
Police and Avinash come to the jungle. The body is of Tara. Avinash is dazed. Puya says Tara must be fine wherever she is. Avniash checks her pulse and says she..

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Piya says maa arti. The candles blow. Chitali says how did it blow? Vedeshree says that is a bad signal. Jaya starts crying.
Sawi says she is nowhere. Vikram says I wont let the devil succeed in her mission. Sawi says but we can’t kill him. Vikram says but we can stop him.

Jaya gets a call. She says yes sure. She says the boy’s family is coming. Koyal says why didn’t you say no? Jaya says how can I.. Koyal says how will we even talk in all this tension? Call them and ask them not to come. Piya says let them come. Tara will come back home. She will be fine. Jaya says but they will find out something is wrong. Chitali says let me call Avinash. I am sure he must have found Tara.
Avinash has picked up Tara’s body and is coming home.

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Vikram says that girl has run. sawi says I am sure she ran. We hide the sign. Naman says let me speak too. She says speak now. He says she must have given the devil signals. She is a girl, she might have showered. Sawi says are you crazy. My sign isn’t removed. He says your sign is made by you and hers is made by the devil. If he can give her that sign, he can remove it too.

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