The Evil Eye Thursday 22nd April 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Thursday 22nd April 2021 Update
The Evil Eye Thursday 22nd April 2021 Update

The Evil Eye Thursday 22nd April 2021 Update Starlife: On The Evil Eye Thursday 22 April 2021, Shalaka says to adi you can’t fool me with your powers. Your parents took my child so I will take theirs.
Mohana says chutki where are you. Vedeshree is scared. She hides in a closet. Her phone rings.

Shalaka says I will make your parents suffer. Aadi throws trees on her. She throws them away. Adi enlarges.
Vedeshree calls Nishat and tells him everything. Mohana throws away the closet. He says I am coming there don’t worry.

Piya and Ansh are worried for Adi. Ansh says he is very smart and has powers. Piya says yes but Shalaka is very powerful. They see enlarged Ansh.
Mohana takes Vedeshree out of the closet. She says you can’t even hide. Vedeshree screams. Avi puts a gun on Moahana then says, stop there. Chitali and Shekhar come too. Vedhree runs. Mohana says this ganga jal wont work on me. they throw it on her. It burns her for a second but she is fine.

Shalaka says you can scare me? I know how to fix spoilt kids like you. SHe breaks the doll. Aadi cries. Ansh and Piya come there.
Avi says I will shoot you. Mohana says it won’t work on me. Chitali takes the gun and shoots Mohana. Nothing happens to her. Mohana throws away her gun.


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Guru ji says to Nishant lets go. He says we have to read first. Ganga jal isn’t working on Mohana. Something is wrong. Vedeshree comes to her room. Her hand is blue. She says what is happening. Mohana says this is just a beginning. Mohana throws her in the water. Vedeshree says please let me go. She drowns Vedeshree. Chitali comes and stabs Mohana with a trishul. Chitali says you can’t fight against this. She takes Vedeshree out and says let’s run. Mohana takes it out and says nothing can beat me now. You two will die.

The Evil Eye Thursday 22nd April 2021 Update Starlife: Pana says Eera. Eera.. Tara says I sent her. Pana says how dare you. Tanu comes in. She says what happened. Sanam comes. She says Tara freed it for me. I am allergic to pets. They leave. Pana puts the sword on Tara and says where is it? Tara says happy somewhere.
Pana looks for Eera.



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