The Evil Eye Teasers June 2021

The Evil Eye Teasers June 2021

This is the official The Evil Eye Teasers June 2021 on starlife.

Tuesday 1 June 2021

Episode 370

While Nishant concocts a magical remedy, the Rathods make arrangements for a Christmas party. Later, Pari electrocutes Vedashri to blackmail Ansh.

Episode 371

Abhay shoots Ansh while Piya attempts to stab Mohana. Later, Abhay seeks Nishant’s help to solve a mysterious case.

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Episode 372

Piya saves Ansh from an unknown threat while Nishant refuses to help Inspector Abhay. Later, Nishant sets out on a mission.

Episode 373

Mohana puts forth a demand to Naman after mesmerizing him. Elsewhere, Abhay holds Nishant at gunpoint while the Rathods are attacked by the evil entity.

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Thursday 3 June 2021

Episode 374

Piya and Ansh hatch an ingenious plan to make Adrishi visible. While Saavi breaks Naman out of Mohana’s spell, the Rathods are stunned by Nishant’s revelation.

Episode 375

The Rathods learn about Adrishi’s origin while Abhay shoots her. Later, Piya manages to save Adrishi but gets emotional when asked to entomb her in a chest.

Friday 4 June 2021

Episode 376

Ansh and Piya run into a familiar face when they hire a tutor, Barkha Kumari for Adi and Pari. While Abhay holds the Rathods at gunpoint, Dafli goes missing.

Episode 377

Mohana uses Dafli to obtain her braid while the Rathods reveal dark secrets of the family to Barkha. Later, Naman challenges Mohana to a fight.

Saturday 5 June 2021

Episode 378

Pari uses her superpowers to save Barkha from the goons. Later, Barkha and Abhay try to prevent Ansh from using his divine powers.

Episode 379

Naman makes Barkha unconscious when she learns about Mohana’s intentions and kidnaps Pari. After learning the truth, Ansh sets out to save Pari.

Sunday 6 June 2021

Episode 380

Mohana attacks Ansh after acquiring her braid from Pari by using her devilish powers while Piya arrives to rescue him. Later, Ansh suspects Abhay’s intentions.

Episode 381

Ansh comes up with a plan to target Mohana by involving a reluctant Barkha. Later, Mohana learns the truth when she is ambushed by some mysterious strangers.

Monday 7 June 2021

Episode 382

The Rathods devise a plan to stop Mohana after she ruthlessly kills Abhay. Later, they embark on a dangerous quest while Dafli goes missing.

The Evil Eye Saturday 1st May 2021 Update Starlife

Episode 383

Barkha disguises herself as Mohana, leaving the real Mohana bewildered. After completing Prathamayan’s challenge, Barkha gets injured while Mohana goes missing.

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Episode 383

Five creatures called the Chandraveshi to enter the house with the Chand Raat Ras Pyala. Later, Ansh and Piya are helpless when Barkha is hypnotized by them.

Episode 384

During a desperate attempt to save Barkha, Pari falls prey to the Chandraveshis. Later, the Rathods implement a risky plan as the creatures close in on the family.

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Episode 385

Ansh comes up with a plan to outsmart the Chandraveshis while the rest of the family find Barkha. Later, he makes a sacrifice to try and save his family.

Episode 386

As Ansh regains his senses, the family is shocked by his completely transformed personality. Later, they come up with a plan to drug his food.

Thursday 10 June 2021

Episode 387

Naman writes his final will while Piya tries to stop Ansh from hurting Adrishi. On finding an opportunity, Piya attacks Ansh with a knife.

Episode 388

Ansh and Piya share a romantic moment while Mohana’s return leaves the Rathods baffled. Upon Mohana’s instructions, Ansh prepares to kill Piya.

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The Evil Eye June Teasers 2021 on starlife

Piya shouts that now war will happen.
Naman meets Nishant and tells him that my wife is bringing that mani, she is with us. Nishant gives palai sword to Piya. Piya attacks all zombies. Dilruba tries to give mani to Piya but Mohana snatches it from her and says now we can use this to win this war. Someone strikes with her and mani falls away, all run behind it. Ansh tells Piya that he can fight these evil powers.

Mohana is climbing a mountain to get that mani but Ansh pushes her away. Mani falls and gets stuck in Piya’s forehead, she lights and becomes big.. all are shocked. Piya takes Mata’s avatar. Mohana is scared. Piya becomes Kali and burns Panna and all zombies. Dilruba tells Piya that Om is on your side. Piya doesnt listen and attacks her. Vedsheree tells Mohana that I told you evil always get defeated, Devi won’t spare you. Mohana tries to run but Piya pushes her back and takes palai sword. She is angry. Nishant says she is in Kali’s avatar so she doesnt recognize us, we have to stop her.

Vedsheree falls down. Piya is about to attack her but Ansh falls down on her feet. Piya puts a foot on him and realizes her mistake, she gets in her real avatar back. War ends. Piya says, I killed them all? Nishant says you put an end to this war. Piya says sorry to Vedsheree and says I didnt know what I was doing, she tells Ansh that till when destruction will happen? She looks at Divya and says she just wanted good to win, her way was wrong.

Ansh and Piya light Divya’s pyre and do the last rituals for her. Piya cries Ansh holds her in his arms. All are sad. Chitali says we keep getting into one trouble after another. Vedsheree says Ansh and Piya have defeated everything evil coming in their way.

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Naman wakes up in his room and recalls war. He comes to look for Dilruba. He sees her in bed and asks her to wake up, Guru Maa says she won’t wake up. Naman says she is doing drama. Guru Maa says she is not breathing, she is in deep sleep as chudails dont die.

Nishant asks Ansh and Piya if they are ready? Ansh says yes. Nishant says once you donate your powers to this fire then you cant get it back. Piya says yes we want this. Nishant says then get ready to donate your powers to someone else.

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