The Evil Eye Sunday 9th May 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Sunday 9th May 2021
The Evil Eye Sunday 9 May 2021

The Evil Eye Sunday 9th May 2021 Update Starlife: On The Evil Eye Sunday 9th May 2021 Update, Mohana jumps on top of the bus and starts directing it towards the cliff. Adi is inside the bus. All people are screaming on the bus. Ansh runs behind the bus and grabs it. He tries to stop but the bus is still driving. Piya comes there and shouts at Ansh to move back. Ansh moves away. Piya uses her powers to create tree roots around the bus and stop it.

They come to the bus and bring everyone out. Ansh comes inside the bus and doesnt see Adi. Piya says where did he go? Mohana stands on the roof of the bus and says looking for Adi? Ansh glares at her. Mohana says he with me. She shows Adi clutched in her braid. She says dont come near me, you people trusted a witch? She throws Adi from the cliff. Ansh and Piya are shocked. They both look down. Ansh jumps from the cliff. Piya is stunned.

She glares at Mohana and moves the bus away from her. Piya stands on the bus roof and says you did wrong by hurting my son, Ansh will save her but nobody can save you from me. Mohana says you have no idea about my powers. Mohana tries to attack her but Piya throws her away and goes behind her. Mohana is scared. Piya grabs her neck and lifts her in air. She throws her to the ground. Mohana coughs and gets back up.


The Evil Eye Sunday 9th May 2021 Update Starlife: Piya kicks her in the stomach and throws her in a tree trunk. Piya says you have no idea about your mother’s power. She goes near the cliff and screams for Adi and Ansh. She starts leaving but sees Ansh flying with wings and Adi in his arms. She is stunned. Ansh says this happened because of Karan, he transferred his powers in me when he died, he said that he will be with me whenever I jump, he is with me. Piya calls out to them. Mohana thinks that I wanted him to realize his powers too so he can give his wings to me.

Naman tells Dilruba that my aunt is coming, she is very strict so you cant be laughing like a chudail, please do it for me. Dilruba agrees. Mausi comes there and greets everyone. Dilruba meets her. Mausi says wow, she is not even wearing pallu and glaring at me. Dilruba gets angry at her. Naman asks her to calm down and asks Mausi to go and take a rest. She tells Guru Maa that I will make her learn all good things.



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