The Evil Eye Sunday 4th April 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Sunday 4th April 2021 Update
The Evil Eye Sunday 4th April 2021 Update

The Evil Eye Sunday 4 April 2021 Update on starlife: On The Evil Eye Sunday 4th April 2021, Vedsheree tells the family that Shekhar is acting weirdly, he has some marks on his body. Ansh says he must be ill. Vedsheree says she keeps eating, what if there is really a bad power here? Ansh says don’t trust Ruby.

Ruby puts food in the lounge and says Chalayan will want to eat it and I will know whose shoulder she is using. Shekhar comes there and starts eating messily but suddenly Ruby throws water at him, he screams. All come there. Ruby says there is a witch here. Ansh says stop it. Vedsheree says only Ruby is bad power here. Ruby says no.

Vedsheree says we did a mistake by calling you here, Shekhar is behaving weirdly because of you. Ruby says I want to help, there is a witch on him. Piya says you were attacking him. Ansh says the only bad power is Ruby here, he asks Ruby to get lost. She says please.. He shouts at her. She says if you don’t trust me then I will leave. Ruby starts leaving. The creature comes to a girl but it’s Saanvi. Ansh asks Vedsheree how is Shekhar? She says don’t know. Chitali asys its good that Ruby left. Shekhar keeps eating, all are tensed. Nishant is with the priest. Nishant says Saanvi left our circle, he came here. They see it burning.

Ansh says what has happened to Shekhar? Avi tries to stop him but Chalayan jumps on Avi’s shoulder. Avi starts eating messily too. All are stunned. There are two Chalayan now. Naman says to Nishant that I will keep an on girl. The creature calls Nishant and says if you want to save Saanvi then bring the girl to me. Naman says what to do now? Nishant gets call again. Ruby comes there and says I want to tell you something. Avi and Shekhar are eating because of Chalayan.

Nishant says to Ruby that you tried to kill my daughter. Ruby says you know it was because of Mohana, I want to tell you that Ansh’s family is in danger because.. Nishant says enough, leave. She leaves. Piya says to Ansh that maybe Ruby was right, there is something bad here.

The Evil Eye Sunday 4th April 2021 Update on starlife: Naman comes to Ruby and says they are eating too much in the house? Ruby says yes. Naman says there is Chalayan there. Ruby says how you know? Naman says I researched on Chalayan, they take power from the person and their hair turns black, and then another Chalayan is born. He shows her powder which can be used against them. Ruby calls Piya and Ansh. Naman tells them about Chalayan and says they will build a family in the house, you have to stop them from eating.

Ansh takes food away from Avi and Shekhar, they try to snatch it. Another Chalayan is born and falls on Vedsheree.

Vedsheree says I am feeling pain in my shoulder. They see Munna crying and go to him, they see him of stone. Vedsheree asks what happened? Ansh says there is a negative power around. Munna becomes fine again. Ansh finds white hair in his hands. Piya says Ruby found hair like that too.

Nishant says to the priest that the creature wants that girl if we want to save Saanvi. The priest says it will be dangerous for that girl, you are a witch hunter, and it’s wrong. Nishant says I am a father and saving my daughter’s life is my duty.

Naman is reading chalayan book with Ruby. Naman says I am such a genius, it says that Chalayan can’t bear witch humming near her. Ruby calls Piya and says I have to be there to send Chalayan away, be careful, she won’t leave till family ends. Ansh and Piya see the whole family eating and Chalayans increasing. You have to stop them from eating.


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Saanvi sees herself locked in a room. She finds a hole in the wall and tries to reach it but can’t. She finds a rod and makes the hole bigger by beating the wall with a rod.

Ruby asks Piya to throw powder around the house. Piya says if we use red days then Chalayan will come insight as she is a witch, remember my mother told this?

Nishant brings a girl to the creature and says you have to give Saanvi to me to get this girl. Saanvi goes to Nishant. The girl starts going to the creature, he stops her and says this is not a girl which I want. Flashback shows how Nishant marked a girl with a creature’s nail and said that I am sorry for doing this.

Diyas light, Ansh, and Piya see 6 Chalayans on all family members. Ansh says we have to stop them before they increase. Suddenly a Chalayan falls on Piya too.

Nishant says to a creature that we won’t tell you about that girl. Saanvi says she is in Studio apartment, 203. The creature says Saanvi is under my spell and will answer my questions as I want, he leaves. Saanvi says what we will do now?

Ansh asks Piya to not eat, don’t let this Chalayan feed off you. Piya says I can’t control myself, do something. Ansh says I have to use chili powder to stop their growth. He turns on the fan and puts chili powder in front of it. Nishant says to Saanvi that the creature might reach that girl before us, call her, and asks her to not open the door for anyone.
The creature comes to the apartment of the girl and opens the door. He takes Saanvi’s call and says that girl is missing.

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Chalayans become dizzy with chili powder. Ash waits for Ruby. Ruby is in lift and says they are 7 chalayans and if they become 8 then their family will be complete and we wont be able to do anything. Naman says how do you know they are 7? Flashback shows how she saw chalayan in jungle.

Nishant says I removed mark from a girl so the creature cant finds her easily, we have to find her before she gets in trouble.



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