The Evil Eye Saturday 8th May 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Saturday 8th May 2021 Update Starlife
The Evil Eye Saturday 8 May 2021

The Evil Eye Saturday 8th May 2021 Update Starlife: On The Evil Eye Saturday 8 May 2021, Ansh sees Mohana on a bus with Adi on CCTV footage. He goes to find the bus.

Ansh stands on the building roof and sees a bus on road. He recalls Karan’s words to jump from a height, he says no I have to save Adi.

Ansh runs behind the bus. Mohana sees him and thinks I knew he would come behind Adi and I wanted that. Ansh calls Piya and tells her about Mohana, he asks her to come too.

Mohana takes the witch avatar on the bus, all are scared. She throws the driver out of the bus and starts driving it.

Vedsheree prays in the mandir and feels dizzy. Chitali asks what happened? She says I am fine.

Naman comes to Guru Maa and Saanvi and tells them that Dilruba is hiding something. Saanvi says we have to careful.

Mohana smirks and jumps on the roof of the bus. The bus is running away without a driver.

Vedsheree sees a wound mark that happened because of Mohana. She says I am fine.

Naman comes into the room. Sanam pulls him closer and says I have a surprise for you, he is scared. Sanam asks him to change, she tries to take off his shirt, he says I am going to change.


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Shekhar bandages Vedsheree’s wound. She says something else is bothering me like something big and bad is going to happen.

Saanvi says to Naman that you have to go to Sanam, you are a witch hunter. Naman says I am not going to die, I will ask her to leave. Saanvi asks him to go with her. Sanam comes there and leaves with Naman.

Chitali says to Vedsheree that dont worry. Vedsheree says Mohana will do something. Shekhar asks her to calm down.

Dilruba and Naman come to a restaurant on a romantic date. Saanvi hides. Sanam gifts him an archery kit. Saanvi throws an arrow but Naman moves Sanam away.

Vedsheree’s wound on their arm starts burning, she screams in pain. All family members are scared. Shekhar brings Ganga Jal and throws on it, wound stop burning, Vedsheree faints. Avi says we have to do something.

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Guru Maa says to Saanvi that why did Naman save Dilruba? Naman comes there with Sanam and says why can’t she be my wife? She must be a chudail but I love her. Dilruba tells Guru Maa that I will serve you and take care of you. Naman says she is so pretty and loving. Saanvi says she is using her powers. Naman ignores her and leaves with Sanam.

Nishant meets the family and tells them about the blood connection between a witch and Vedsheree, they are related by blood and it created rakt relation when Vedsheree used Mohana’s hair. All are shocked. Nishant says yes. Shekhar says what does it mean? Nishant says rakt relation is still there, Mohana can hurt Vedsheree by hurting herself. Sehkhar says is there a way to break it? Nishant says I dont think so as they are related by blood. Chitali says there must be away. Nishant says I dont know anyway, we can pray that Mohana doesnt know about rakt relation as she will use it for her benefit.



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