The Evil Eye Saturday 10th April 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Saturday 10th April 2021 Update Starlife
The Evil Eye Saturday 10th April 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Saturday 10th April 2021 Update Starlife: On The Evil Eye Saturday 10 April 2021, Ansh and their family are in the car. They are following a microphone that was attached to Adi.

Tara wakes up and recalls how she was attacked but sees her wound gone. She sees an arrow in Mayank’s back. She pulls it out. He winces and wakes up. Tara says there is one more. She takes it out too. She blows on his wound. Mayank looks away, jane-sanam plays.

Mother and Karan get stuck in traffic. Ansh’s car is in traffic too. Piya sees a signal going away from the microphone but hears the noise of the same traffic. She says Adi is near. They see a water tank in one car and Adi inside. All come out. Chitali says there are too many cars here. Ansh takes an advanced avatar and jumps on cars. Cars start moving. Ash tries to get to Adi’s car but the car drives away. Piya sees the microphone device broken on the road. Piya says how we will find Adi now?

Piya calls Nishant and tells him that Adi was kidnapped. Ansh says there was an eagle tattoo on car. Nishant recalls how he had put chemicals in that car. Nishant says I know how to find that car.

Tara and Mayank are in car. Tara says I know you know a lot about my father and I won’t leave till you tell me. Mayank asks her to go back.

Avi tells the police to find black car. Nishant says to Piya that I will take you to that car then do my work. She says okay. He asks them to start a fire. Ansh starts it. A fireball starts going away. They all follow it to go to that car.


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Karan’s mother says to Adi that you have to cry so we will get mermaid pearls and we will become rich, cry. Adi hits her. Karan says he is powerful. The woman tries to give the phone to Adi but her hand catches on fire. Karan laughs and says he doesnt like you. The woman says I won’t spare him now. She puts kerosene in water and starts a fire. She says you must like this water but it will make you cry.

The Evil Eye Saturday 10th April 2021 Update Starlife: Saanvi calls Tara and says your husband is a creature. Nishant takes the phone from her and says we cant catch that creature, he doesnt want to kill Tara, she is not in danger. Saanvi says what about later?

The family follows fireball and sees a woman throwing Adi in the fire but Piya runs and grabs him. The police catch woman and Karan. Avi takes them away. Vedsheree hugs Adi. Piya consoles him.

Saanvi’s message records on Tara’s phone but the evil woman deletes and leaves, her nail falls there. Tara comes into her room and sees a blue nail there, she says what is this?

The family is in the house. Chitali says how will we make Adi fine again? They turn to see Mohana coming there. All are stunned. Vedsheree says you are alive? how? Mohana tries to go to Ansh but Vedsheree comes infront of her.



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