The Evil Eye Monday 7th June 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Monday 7th June 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Monday 7th June 2021 Update Starlife: On The Evil Eye Monday 7 June 2021, Nishant gives Devi’s jal to Piya to use on Dev. Piya comes to Dev and asks him to do the ritual. He is about to light up the diya in the box that Nishant brought. Piya gives him the plate to put on Devi’s feet. He does it. Ruchi goes to rest. Dev leaves. Chitali says he was able to lift that plate and it didn’t light up, he is not devik. Piya says I will prove it.

Piya comes to the balcony and throws Dev off. He is about to fall down, all are shocked but Dev flies up and says yes I am devik. Piya says I knew.
Dev comes to the mandir and prays to Devi. He says to Piya that I am Devik like you but I am more powerful than you. Vedsheree says two deviks? Ansh says I didn’t know a man can be devik too. Dev says I knew that Piya is a devik. Ansh says why did you hide this from us?

Naman tells Dilruba that we have to go on a honeymoon, we keep fulfilling our duties but it’s time for us to spend time. They open the door but birds enter the house.

Dev tells Piya that I hid it because of marriage, I was alone and didn’t get a companion, Ansh got a devik as a davansh but I didn’t, I have been fighting off evil powers but I need a companion now. Shekhar says you have found Ruchi. Dev says she doesn’t know about me. Vedsheree says you should tell her. Dev says you are right, he looks at Piya and says people should know each other when they are going to spend their life together. Ansh says you should tell Ruchi and her mother. Vedsheree says we are happy that you are here. All leave. Dev looks on.

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Piya tells Ansh that he had to tell us the truth, I am not comfortable with the way he talks and looks at me. Ansh says he is fine, you might be worried because of some other things.

Dev puts Shekhar under a spell. Shekhar tells the family that marriage will happen this week only. Ansh says we will start for the functions. Chitali says we will do the shopping. Piya says to Ansh that they seem too excited about Ruchi’s wedding.

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At night, Piya hears something. Dev leaves the house.

Dev meets a mysterious person and says everything is going as per the plan, I won’t let anyone come in between my mission.

Dilruba tells Naman that her mother is coming so we need to clean the house. She throws everything around and says now it’s fine.

The Evil Eye Monday 7th June 2021 Update Starlife: Dev comes back, Piya stops him and asks where were you? Dev says I went for a walk, why do you doubt me? I am a devik, I can be useful, I can make your powers increase. Piya says I was never greedy for powers, she shows her powers. Dev uses his powers and shows a fireball to her, he asks if she can handle this? Piya looks on.

Dilruba tells Naman that my mother doesn’t like humans, she will be angry if she knows that I married you, she can eat you alive.

Piya tries to touch the fireball but gets shocked and falls back. Ansh holds her and gets shocked too. He asks if she is fine? Ansh tries to touch her wounded hand and gets shocked again. Dev says how will you heal her? Ansh says I will, he glares at Dev and touches Piya’s hand, he gets shocked and screams in pain. Dev says I can make her fine. Ansh heals Piya’s wound and says I can take off my Piya. He takes her from there. Dev says not for long.

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